The Galactic Center (Z or GC)

It's true, Pluto now aligns with the Galactic Center and will through all of 2007 and 2008. Following is an excerpt from The Soul of the Sky, one of the many components of my Galactic Trilogy CD. This article is copyrighted and may be used for classes and handouts, but it may NOT be posted on other websites. To purchase the continuously updated Galactic Trilogy CD, simply click here.

Longitude (tropical): 26 Sagittarius 51 14 (all positions epoch 2000.0)
Latitude: 05 S 36
Longitude Sidereal: 02 Sagittarius 07 03
Right Ascension 265 39 17
Declination: 29 S 00

Our solar system spirals and pinwheels its way about the powerful center of the galaxy. The Sun maintains the same relationship to the Galactic Center as the Earth does to the Sun. The Sun revolves about the Galactic Core taking roughly 240 million years to accomplish the task. Some 30,000 light years from center and slightly south of the Galactic equator, our Sun resides in between the two arms of the galaxy, the Perseus Arm and the Sagittarius Arm. To view the Galactic Center, we must look through the Sagittarius Arm, also known as the Southern Stream. This stream contains a proliferation of galactic players such as stars, pulsars and the like, justifying the greater amount of stars and energy underwriting the signs of Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricorn (Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius, if seen sidereally).

The Galactic Center recently received verification that it contains a black hole as its center. The resulting energy squeeze emits a wide array of powerful radiation, most notably infrared (IFR) in this instance. This Infrared energy pressures the subconscious mind, providing the release of learned behavior and memories, both negative and positive, all in the interest of moving forward.

The energetic crowding process pushes out mentally/emotionally stored data to clear space for new information to enter both the conscious and subconscious minds. Often the information released does not follow a sequential pattern. Holes are left in one's data field. Access time to known information and stored memory increases. So periodically, it becomes time to rearrange life’s data and re-pack it. For a technical analogy, run the program Defrag on an IBM clone computer or its Apple equivalent. Observe the procedure the computer uses to effectively utilize empty space and reestablish accessing efficiency. At the end of the hard drive Defrag, all available storage capacity waits at the ready for the next inflow of information. To boot, the access time to stored information decreases.

Those with connections to the Galactic Center benefit from the same basic maintenance agenda one devotedly applies to their computer. Logically, it makes sense to apply the same respectful, regularly scheduled regard to the self, which is the source of knowledge. Every now and then a review of what is known, serves the Z personality. The first step consists of reviewing information to observe what knowledge became superseded by new information. Should the new information nullify the old thinking, then delete all obsolete ideas. If the new information simply augments the previous information, then enhance and update the knowledge/wisdom files. This would be similar to Einstein reporting to the scientific world that E = mc2. While Einstein’s equation did not violate Newton’s physical laws, it did adjust the application of those laws. A new context or dimension for the knowledge, both former and newer, resulted. Then there’s the idea of completely fresh information with no relevance (at least yet) to what is already known. Add this, too.

First, though, the process of psychic defragging remains. One must identify obsolete, wrong or undesired segments of information and knowledge. These need to be deleted. Deleted means wiped from the consciousness with no trace. Again, computer metaphors serve our purposes. You can delete a file and toss it to the recycle bin where it floats in informational purgatory. This file is not really present, nor is it totally gone. It does waste space. It gets in the way. On those glitch computer days wildly fanned by rich solar flares, Mercury retrograde or what have you, these files can even block proper access to the good, current, helpful, progressive information.

The mental process can be as simple as defining the undesired thinking and making a conscious effort to shunt it. An exercise that works well is the “I Get To Be Wrong About...” drill. On a sheet of paper write, “I get to be wrong about,” across the top. Now add the statements of fact you wish to intellectually eradicate. This looks like, “I get to be wrong about that fact that...” The second part fills in the faulty beliefs previously maintained. These fractured concepts can deal with any area of life. For instance: “the fact that men are not sensitive or don’t listen,” “the fact that I can’t make enough money being spiritual,” “the fact that sex in relationship wanes after six months (or your favorite interval),” “the fact that the world cannot live in peace,” or “the fact that people will never understand the vital life-force energy of the soul,” all offer examples. Documenting these ideas brings them out of the subconscious into the conscious. If you’re not sure what failed beliefs you have, make up one to suit any recurring obstacle you encounter in life.

After the deletion exercise is done, do the creed-building exercise. With deliberate attention, possibly over a series of efforts, define what you do intend to carry within your consciousness as an active, contributing belief. Make these specific, open-ended and clear.

This effort takes care of the mental element. Sometimes, though, the psyche insists upon clinging to old beliefs because its need for stability. It confuses familiarity with good. To address this part of the problem, the psychology and ego must be superseded. This becomes an energy evolution.

The IFR vibration strongly emanated by the Galactic Center, jostles the Root Chakra, one of the seven primary energy centers of the body according to Eastern Mysticism. The Root Chakra serves as a discharge point of one's vibrational nature connecting it with the Earth while acting as a turnaround for the kundalini, the snake-like spiraling coil of energy connecting all seven chakras with the Source. Kundalini in a totally integrated individual serves to weave all aspects of the person together. Complete creativity, unlimited capacity for healing, uninhibited creativity, total passion for life, Divine Love, Divine Understanding and infinite potential make up the by-products of kundalini. From this description it makes sense for everyone to sign for this energetic access. For kundalini to completely engage, the presence of the Root Chakra must be noted, activated and honored. A strong point of energetic power, the Root Chakra often receives deferring messages because it’s in such a sensitive and scary region of the body. Actually, this chakra deals with power and energetic potency, not sexuality. Avoiding attention to this vital energy center shunts energy overall and decreases the natural cosmic river within - and as regarding the Galactic Center, one cheats oneself out of valuable knowledge.

The Galactic Center’s infrared jolt to the energy field naturally induces the release of past memories that preclude an individual from making progress in life. Consciousness constipation passes. Often, when an emotional download of healing data completes, the body sometimes follows with its own symptoms of letting go. Ranging from shaking, chills and even the elimination system moving into high gear, verification for the inner evolution appears.

New emotional experiences may now replace previously retained ones. The mental barriers to understanding a new idea, receiving insight or just plane old "getting it" gracefully yield under this influence. How is this process stimulated? Several possibilities exist. Good, old-fashioned meditation does the trick. However, as with so many galactic points, the meditative process offers so much more when maintaining a grounded quality. Simply sitting upon the ground, tail bone connected with Earth does the trick. Mediation, if not grounded, does not support the Galactic Center. In fact, disconnected spiritual exercises make access to galactic points more difficult to integrate - especially this one.

The antidote to meditation comes through conscious channeling. Conscious channeling is exactly that: conscious. There’s no place to go, no spirit guide to meet, no specific state of consciousness to achieve. Naturally, you possess instant access to the download of Divine Insight located at this specific frequency and direction in space at any time, and in blasts taking only fractions of a second. You do not even need to go through the added effort of figuring when the Galactic Center is overhead - which it is once a day. You simply need to clear your mental decks, set the agenda and then do the hardest part of any spiritual exercise: Listen.

Often asking a question helps. Since the information freely rendered by the Galactic Center tends to be very progressive, emotionally confrontational and far out, perhaps a non-personal question serves the process better.

Without going anywhere in intentionally altered consciousness, with eyes open, senses alert, track the flow of information. A stream of consciousness begins. This stream rivals the energy of an arm of a galaxy. It’s rich, strongly logical and precisely wise. No vagueness occurs in the Galactic Center. The information is incisive, direct, informative. If you experience wandering dialogues or thin responses, your inner tracking dish needs a nudge to firm up on the exact degree. It would not yet be precisely aligned.

Should one be tracking the Galactic Center, physical sensations often accompany the flow of information. These sensations confirm the accuracy and relevance of the content. To ease one's uncertainty about new information, the Galactic Center grants the following classic physical signatures: itching scalp, burning in the palms, gurgling stomach, heat in the back of the neck or at the base of the spine, pressure on the temples of the head and overall tingling. Sometimes a light-headed feeling like that experienced after consuming an excessive amount of sugar or caffeine confirms the tracking.

This information needs documentation. You could write it down. Usually, the flow is so furious that you lag behind in the physical writing process. Recording it works. The use of video or audio devices captures everything. For those up to speed with voice recognition software on the computer, this method works especially well. Grasp it all without losing a lick.

The information provided by the Galactic Center often accurately addresses knowledge factors to which you have never had any exposure. Regardless, the information stands correct. When the data deals with unfamiliar, conscious, instructive knowledge factors than those to which you have been exposed, it leans toward a block diagram view. Heavily conceptual, it’s a powerful starting point. Make a course outline from the informational flow. It will flesh out later. For things you already know to some degree, the Galactic Center gets very specific. Detail it fully. Don’t miss a single lick. As with most galactic connections, if you replicate the exact environment you were in, it does not guarantee the idea can return. These surges come through periodic portals. If you return at a time when the portal is bound tight, nothing can come out of it. Use it at the time. Waste wisdom not.

Only one problem exists within Galactic Center information. It’s slightly ahead of its time.

The good news about the consciousness “lead” offered by the Galactic Center is that it’s at least workable. You can see that down the road this will work, though not immediately applicable. Typically, Galactic Center information leads by six to nine months time. Ideas you get from this nucleus today make sense to the collective consciousness and mainstream ideas of plain, old folks in a half year to a human gestation cycle later. Implement some patience. Your idea flow is like a well thrown pass by a football quarterback. The receiver only needs to catch up with it and run under it to have it perfectly plop into his “soft” hands.

Should you want immediate relevance in the real world, review your galactic wares. If you go back to the insights and ideas that others shunned during the last six months to a year, you’ll find hidden gold consciousness nuggets lying on the ground, shining in the Sun. It’s as simple as readdressing a previous idea.

If you do not claim the idea as your own, nor assure that it makes it on the agenda once again, someone else will restate your idea. Worse, they’ll act like they derived the inspiration you downloaded long before. Their subconscious finally got around to processing it, and you enacted the inspiration. They moved through their own resistance and now think it’s the ultimate ice cream of ideas. Should you have no documentation of your insights, you also have no claim.

Resistance naturally buffets against the Galactic Center flow. Progress is terrifying. Letting go of old concepts, regardless of their flaws, does not come easily. New-fangled ideas might bring some sort of curse with its blessing. Perhaps it’s better to wait and see. These time-dilated innovations pressurize the comprehension abilities of others to the insights carried by the Galactic Center endowed person. This comprehension lag intensifies if the recipient of the new information holds any emotional investment to previously held ideas. An important concept in scientific research notes that if one conducting an experiment is not willing wrong about the hypothesis underwriting the experiment, the experiment most likely leads to an inevitable failure based in mental bias.

Typically, the response of another to the nothing less than brilliant insights of the Galactic Center will be, "So you're saying I'm wrong. Right?" Not at all, but it can be taken that way. The point is: a different direction exists. A direction that holds more promise, a clearer path, fewer obstacles, focused progress and greater ease now stands before you for your acceptance. "Yeah, well, I'm still not interested." Of course not. And you're not likely to be until six to nine months from now when you're going to come back, talk about all this and act like you thought of it. No matter. At least it gets done.

Two ways of using the Galactic Center insights effectively exist. One, when imparting information to others who have an emotional charge about what's going on, give it out as if it has nothing to do with them or their situation. Let them grow into it. You have done your part by dispersing the information. Two, keep a log of your Galactic Center based insights. Keep them on high alert status, awaiting the call of a more receptive humankind.

Part of the mental resistance originates in a mnemonic overload condition I like to refer to as psycho-technological adjustment (much to the chagrin of editors). "There already are enough good words in the English language," an editor once reported to me. "If God had wanted us to fly, he would have given us wings." "A baby made in a test tube, ain't really a baby." The truthful point of all similar statements to those above is that they are biased. Full of prejudice and preconceived notions, one cannot move forward in life with an open mind (or heart). It's okay, though. The Galactic Center intends to heal those woes.

Psycho-technological adjustment points out the emotional perplexity of responding to advances in science and technology. How does it strike you that another one of you can be created from what you left behind on the floor of the barbershop or beauty salon? Sex is now redundant since sperm to egg fusion occurs inside test tubes, not to mention cloning. What does that do? What happens when people realize that natural acts and qualities presumably granted through the Will of God can be done without the sanctity allegedly required? What happens if we mess with Mother Nature? By damming up the Colorado River, water comes freely to Arizona and Southern California, but the river’s natural life cycle fails because of the lack of natural flooding. Some life forms face extinction, never to reside again on this planet. Big deal, right? Maybe not. The Galactic Center issues a technical warning in the form of an uneasy feeling in the guts. This visceral reaction wants to provoke pure futuristic thinking and conceptual ability. Keeping the large view of evolution and progress hand in hand becomes the social, economic, theological and political platform of the Galactic Center.

Most importantly remember: The Galactic Center rules ignorance. Ignorance in this context does not denote a lack of knowledge. Ignorance connotes the presence of knowledge one consciously chooses to ignore. Deliberate deletion of Divinely inspired data defines a sin. Sin, by original denotation, means: "distance from God," or "missing the mark." Certainly missing the mark weighs heavily upon the source full of heart within the Sagittarian Archer.

Another more esoteric element exists in this same idea. To ignore the flow of information pouring from the Galactic Center is to ignore one of the Creator’s loudspeaker systems. Shunning the knowledge indicates complete disrespect and disregard for the Power of it All, whatever that is. Yet, from this source, the information unendingly and undauntedly flows. But it does make you wonder if things today would have been different had Moses doused out the flames of the Burning Bush with water collected from the Red Sea?

The Galactic Center carries the innate ability to single-handedly relieve the dreaded Sagittarian Syndrome. This malady best waves its ugly head when you sit next to a Sagittarian type watching television during a heavily commercialized time slot. The Sag will report, with great enthusiasm, all of his or her missed opportunities in life wherein they thought of the product advertised. "Gosh, they exclaim, “I had that idea at least five years ago." And the point is: nothing was done with the information you received.

The Galactic Center radiates brilliant insight to anyone connected with it. This insight craves implementation. This infrared information reveals how to let go of what is in the way to make a clear path for the next step. As soon as an idea is grasped and brought forward, the path of accessing new information refreshes. At all times, new and newer insights spew forth. This carries the tone of consciousness evolution. The collective aim refocuses and retargets with higher and clearer insights at each minute in timelessness. The more considered, the broader the band of consciousness acceptance, then the more assurance can be taken with the focus of life, personal or collective. All this, by the way, occurs a step at a time. One step leads to the next and so on. Extreme long range vision does not accompany these insights. You will not know how far the idea will go, how much it can change the world or your consciousness. This lack of viewing actually protects the ego from going overboard in a Sagittarian agenda - with either extreme overestimation or underestimation.

For an individual with strong Galactic Center connections, several important ideas emerge around the information received. First, the information is free and available to anyone choosing the frequency, whether astrologically linked or not. Whoever uses it first, gets the kudos, accolades and profits. Within the unlimited source of the Galactic Center, there exists a steady, unfailing, unending stream of ideas. Often in Hollywood scripts concepts get guarded with Pentagon-rivaling security efforts. Yet, again, everyone is writing the same script at the same time. A plethora of ideas exists. Therefore, territoriality, propriety and competition seem ridiculous to the wise ways of the Galactic Center. The energy applies to anyone willing to “listen” to the energetic band. Enough good ideas exist for everyone choosing to listen.

So the other person got his script about the subjugation of Inuit Indians in Alaska done first. Did they steal your script about the Indians scratching out a living making scrimshaw? No, but they got the deal. Write a different story. But write it, instead of complaining about your missed boat. Sue the other writer for stealing your idea? Not necessary if you have not documented your Galactic Center idea file. And if you have, there’s no point anyway. Your energy can be better directed in creative thrusts.

In mundane realms the Galactic Center maintains its place. Most typically the Galactic Core carries strong influence in technological breakthroughs. Usually the GC does not bear much influence in natural events: earthquakes, volcanoes, floods and the like, unless a major technological consideration results. If the latest technology in bridge building fell short under the stress test of seismic activity, then the GC may play a part.

When the Wright Brothers successfully flew their mechanized aircraft on the beaches of North Carolina in December 1903, the Galactic Center constituted the midpoint of the Sun/Uranus conjunction in late Sagittarius. So, the Galactic Center perpetually plays a part in aviation, especially where existing technology fails and new engineering must result. Consider that when Uranus, hand-in-hand with Saturn, crossed these degrees in the late 1980's commercial aircraft manufacturers toyed with new ways of engine propulsion. They went back to turboprop bearing Saturn’s link to the past. But now they put the engines in a new place, at the rear of the plane to honor Uranus. But to give the Uranus return of modern flight extra consideration, the propellers took residence on the rear of the engines. These ideas, though, never really got off the ground.

When Neptune slipped by these critical aviation degrees, two things occurred. First, new engines did arrive for the state of the art aircraft. Notably, these engines produced relatively little noise, minimizing the problems of noise pollution, a Neptune factor. Secondly, these engines implemented previously unknown levels of fuel efficiency, another Neptune push.

In the second half of 2001 as Chiron crossed the Galactic Center, more aviation manifestations arose. Chiron bears the heavy title as the healer who wounds. During this transit, commercial aircraft typically regarded for safely bringing people to their destinations became weapons in a yet undeclared religious war. As the jetliners plummeted into the World Trade Center buildings, a philosophical and physical attack was launched using the most ingenious weapons imaginable.

Who knows, perhaps when Pluto arrives at these degrees in 2007 and 2008, flying into the darker vastness of the skies will become a practical reality. Maybe we will find out if the top-secret Aurora aircraft capable of doing the United States to Australia in a few hours does exist. Of course, such high altitude flight, for those first embarking upon it, certainly offers an expanded view of the world. Perhaps all the world leaders obsessed with boundaries and physical demarcations on the planet should fly on these aircraft first.

The Galactic Center seeks to destroy prejudice of all kinds. Boundaries around countries disappear when viewed from high-tech space platforms. Sexual attitudes seem moot when life creation originates in a test tube. Evolution bias eases when a primate's blood provides a vital, life-saving serum. Physical excuses for not traveling somewhere release with new developments in transportation. A world wide web site destroys the complaint that one can never have global impact. Virtual reality dissipates the sense that one can never safely overcome the fear of heights.

Ultimately, an understanding of consciousness offers itself to humanity as Pluto reaches to the Galactic Center. Yes, this has happened before. But this time we know about Pluto. And this time we’ve expanded our physical awareness to include the invisible energy spectrums.

Tolerance exudes from the Galactic Center. This point knows there exists no single, correct answer. Overcoming bias must result. The strength of one’s prejudice, hatred and fear only indicates a dismal “You Are Here,” progress marker on the potential for human consciousness. Simply, sit and listen. Learn to receive the subtle essences of Heaven. Let the inspiration feed you the ways of making wisdom work within the everyday walking within the world. Of course, remember to clear the pier before offloading new goods from the freighter of previously foreign wisdom.

The Galactic Center points out several critical initial factors for us all. First, agree to not see things the same way. Second, realize that all these points of view bear a common thread to the same source of inspiration. Third, redefine the fundamental human needs from all of this. People, in general, require the freedom to receive, perceive and believe in what ever way suits them. People insist upon the right of creating their own belief.

With all of this commonality out of the way, the surges of the rich inspiration of the Galactic Center can once again be felt.

According to the non-ending energy of the Galactic Center, progress is at hand. Progress is always at hand.

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