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Consultations and Questions:

Payment for all questions must be submitted in advance. Payment for all consultations must be received not later than 72 hours prior to the session.

Click here for more information on Consultations and Questions.

Full consultations are 60 minutes in length.

Recording options: All sessions are recorded and an MP3 file will be sent via or as part of the cost. Please see Consultations and Questions.

Recordings of consultations will be archived for 90 days following the session.

There are no refunds for consultations performed or for appointments not kept as scheduled.

New Client: Full Consultation $219.99

Previous Client, Full Consultation: $199.99

The Helio Report:

A 50 min session detailing your heliocentric horosope and the connections your helio planets make to the nodes and perihelion of all other planets, which defines a personal tool set you may apply which can create great global good and inspire shifts in personal consciousness.

30 Minute Consult: $134.99 (phone session only)

Consultation Packages

Two, Full Consultations $369.98

Three, Full Consulations $529.97

All sessions will be recorded and upon completion an MP3 file of the session will be sent via Please download the files as soon as they are sent.

All consultation package sessions must be completed within one year of the purchasing date.

Sessions must be used in one hour increments and may not be divided into smaller time intervals.

Quick Questions

Please read before ordering quick questions: Consultations and Questions.

One Quick Question $54.99 answered by e-mail 

Two Quick Questions $85.99 answered by e-mail  

Personal Reports:

NOTE: Please include the names and birth data in the PayPal Comments, or send a follow up e-mail to:

Galactic Report (centaurs to your natal planets, black holes to your helio planets) $15.99 

More Galactic Cool Stuff:

Galactic Trilogy & Ephemerides $69.99 (U.S.)

The Galactic Trilogy contains three astrological treatises, ephemerides for Centaurs, Kuiper Belt Objects and Galactic Objects. See product information for full details.

The Sun at the Center (included in Galactic Trilogy) $12.99

The Sun at the Center - A Primer of Heliocentric Astrology is a one of a kind breakthrough book detailing the essential components of using heliocentric horoscopes. As a PDF e-mailed to you, this book is recently updated and improved. Also includes a helio data sheet of all the planets, including dwarf planets. Before ordering please ensure that your e-mail provider will allow an attachment of 8.3 MB originating from a website e-mail.


The following options are available for Solar Fire 9.

Solar Fire software is a very user friendly astrological software on the market. Australia created, this program allows you to do most of the things any practicing astrologer will require. This new version rocks, allowing integration of the new dwarf planets Eris and Sedna into the basic chart format! Special features include a rotating 3-d Planetarium that allows use of the Galastro add-on. For technical details please visit: Prices below include a 10% savings off retail pricing.

Software is not returnable or refundable.

I am not authorized for sales in the U.K. or Australia for Solar Fire. Please contact your local representatives.

Note to previous owners of Solar Fire purchasing an upgrade: Please include the serial number from your previous software version.

Note to Apple/MAC users: Please consult with Astrolabe's website or technical people for specific technical details before ordering. You must be running Windows emulation to use Solar Fire.

GALASTRO, a Solar Fire add-on, allows you to work with pulsars, quasars, black holes and x-ray sources in the program's revealing 3-d planetarium feature. A whole sky perspective on your planets against the cosmic overlay becomes clear, opening up new doors of understanding and appreciation for the vastness of the heavens. You must have Solar Fire software for this feature to operate. $75 plus $10 shipping for CD.

Solar Fire 9 (New) with CD $ 334.00

Solar Fire 9 (New) Download Only $324.00

Solar Fire 9 - Upgrade from v8 with CD $99.10

Solar Fire 9 - Upgrade from v8 Download Only $89.10  

Solar Fire 9 - Upgrade from v7 or 7.3 with CD $126.10

Solar Fire 9 - Upgrade from v7 or 7.3 Download Only $116.10

Solar Fire 9 - Upgrade from v5 or 6 with CD $153.10

Solar Fire 9 - Upgrade from v5 or 6 Download Only $143.10

Solar Fire 9 - Upgrade from v2 - 4 with CD $212.50

Solar Fire 9 - Upgrade from v2 - 4 Download Only $202.50

Solar Fire 9 - Upgrade from v1 or Nova DOS with CD $302.50

Solar Fire 9 - Upgrade from v1 or Nova DOS Download Only $292.50

Galastro for Solar Fire with CD $85.00 (NOTE: if purchasing Galastro with Solar Fire and ordering a CD, there is no additional charge. Order as download.)

Galastro for Solar Fire Download Only (or purchased at the same time as Solar Fire) $75.00


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