Inflation Buster


Exclusively for readers of the SkyScraping e-zine only.
Inflation Buster deals valid only through the sign of Cancer and expire at 1:06 PM MST, 22 July 2022

15 Minute Consultation $49.99

Submit up to three question in advance (with your birth data if not a previous client).
Not valid for medical question or electional work.
Consultations not recorded.
You may order multiple 15 minute consultations, which must be used with 90 days of purchase.


Galactic Report $11.99

Please provide birth information in a separate e-mail. 

Daily Ephemeris of Gonggong, 1900 - 2050, 0 Hr. GMT, $5.00

Daily Ephemeris of Eris and Sedna, 1900 - 2050, 0 Hr. GMT, $5.00

Note: Copying for distribution, forwarding or otherwise sharing of any ephemeris is strictly prohibited.