The Sun at the Center ~ A Primer of Heliocentric Astrology

Once in print, this classic treatise on heliocentric astrology is now available to you in a PDF download. The Sun at the Center covers the history of heliocentric thought, chart construction and interpretation withe emphasis on the heliocentric planetary nodes, perihelia and aphelia. A must for today's modern astrologer to remain up to date on all astrology's modern advances.

Please note: This treatise is included in the Galactic Trilogy CD. If purchasing that product you will not need this stand-alone version.

Chapters include:

A New Model (history), Sunscreen (soul orientation), Plantary Persuasions (use of new aspects and plantary effects with inner planets), Planets of Persistence (outer planet effects), A Note on the Solar System at Large, Aspects to Consider (about the angles), General Quadratics (quadrant emphasis), Interfacing Priorities in Delineation, The Eagle Has Landed (chart interpretation of lunar landing), A Ban on Booze (examination of the helio charts of Prohibition and its repeal), The Heart of Don Juan (chart of Carlos Castenada), Our Ancestral Father (the chart of Copernicus), Heliology (about the Sun), Cycles (new looks at periods seen in heliocentric), and five Appendices! Now in 8.5 X 11 format. 154 pgs.

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. . . this book is written for everyone with a beginning understanding of astrology, not just the practicing professionals.

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