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New!! Order Solar Fire Gold Version 8

New DVD's

Consultation Services ~ quick answers to questions and full consultation options.

Astronomy, Galactic Astrology, Dwarf Planets on CD ~ the one the only chock full of insight Galactic Trilogy CD.

Personal and Relationship Astrological Reports via e-mail ~ personal and relationship reports the likes of which exist no where else!!

Dwarf Planets, Makemake, Haumea and 225088 "Snow White" Ephemerides   (Check out the new Outer Planet Ephemeris!! A must for the modern astrologer! All of these are on the Galactic Trilogy CD)

Astrological Software, Add-ons and Report Writers ~ Solar Fire and my add-on for it, Galastro, Kepler, Pegasus, Sirius and AIR's comprehensive software.

The Sun at the Center ~ Heliocentric Astrology (downloadable e-book) ~ (contained in the Galactic Trilogy CD)

The Fairest of Them All ~ A definitive introduction to dwarf planet Eris and more manuscript!


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