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Personal Planet Prompts (Part 1) ~ 29 Jul 2022

Following is part two of Leo’s quest to assist in the process of your life fulfilling everything you want. Want? It’s okay to want beyond a need? Certainly! Venus believes in fulfillment and she’s in Leo. Beyond that, Ceres certainly expects that her whims and wishes are fulfilled by those all subject to her in life. Everything has something to contribute to you assumes Ceres from her transit in Leo.

Given the Sun’s tenure in Leo fortified belief and confidence and given that Mercury romping through the lion’s domain provided a heap of opportunities to articulate precisely want you desire, consider that Venus and Ceres remain in Leo to finish up the initiation commenced by Mercury and the Sun. Wouldn’t it be nice to start this next transit exposé some place great? Like with a trine to Jupiter or something especially that he’s recently retrograde. Let’s begin. Look at this luck...

18 August: Venus in Leo trine Jupiter in Aries, swiftly onto square node in Taurus

This combo transit platter conjures up wonderfully creative ideas that could immediately be engaged. How great is that? Then, as Venus squares the node, seems like she hits a ponderous pothole. Sure, sounds great to do your sketches, water colors, pod casts, one-person stage performances. Queries the square to the node, and this helps your karma how? The reminder appears: Everything you do is a purposeful contribution to the reason for your existence. Even hobbies end up with huge purposes beyond personal gratification. Define your purpose, apply your big ideas, and look... there’s your bliss.

22 August: Venus and Ceres conjunct in Leo

Here the most luminous and the most adamant of the planetary goddesses align. Says Ceres, “Count on this... you can count on me to make damn sure you get yours in a good way. You will be counted and everything you bring to the table will be clearly seen by all who have occasion to apply your attributes.” The Venus component of this alignment requires an individual clarify all skills, talents, attributes, etc. And this requires that one savor and absorb the potency of said personal traits and radiate them so brilliantly they cannot be overlooked and Ceres can count you in.

24 August: Venus in Leo trine Chiron in Aries

This here’s a transit for overcoming any admonishment or caution previously received in life that sounds something like “good people (or nice people) do not have the artistic temperament. Folks that fit into the society in which they exist know their place. “Screw that!” declares this transit. “I am the place... and all in my realm see and recognize the good that I bring!” “Cool,” comments Chiron, “When that declaration becomes your homeopathic remedy and is thoroughly absorbed in your body and psyche, you’re on the way to total well-being.”

26 August: Venus in Leo square Uranus in Taurus

So let’s say you write something brilliant. Excited to share your talent, you find exactly the right person to shepherd your creativity forward. As soon as that person reads it, the comment that comes back is: “What if you rewrote this and what if the protagonist or antagonist does something or other that you didn’t write?” It’s not that what you wrote wasn’t good. It’s not that it was not understandable. Simply, the matter is, those with whom you are dealing envision the fiscal end game differently than you. Bottom line, if you want to work with them, figure a way to ease your vision into their economic plan. It’s not going to be as large an adjustment as your initial resistance to the changes proposed believes.

27 August: Ceres in Leo trine Chiron in Aries

So you schedule a self care day at the spa and as soon as you do, everyone in your life needs you to participate in their thing for which you have previously expressed enthusiasm. The answer is simple. It’s two letters long. NO! This is about me and for me. After, I’ve taken care of all my needs: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, then and only then will I be fully present and attentive to your needs. This is a clearly defined “me first!” zone - one in which all healing and soothing stand as your top priorities.

28 August: Venus in Leo opposes Saturn in Aquarius, Ceres in Leo square North Node in Taurus

This double dip contains two testy transits. First, Venus to Saturn generates knee jerk resistance from all those in your world allegedly aligned with your causes and visions. Second, Ceres to the node prompts self introspection at the most inconvenient times. The introspection is not designed to stir up uncertainty or doubts. Instead it prompts perfect revision of the declared direction for all agendas. Problem is, this self analysis can leak out through the aura. If it does, others react to what they perceive is a lack of commitment and they react accordingly. Before every task, remind yourself this is what you are doing and reaffirm that you are doing this with a diligent long-haul mind set and nothing less for your benefit and the benefit of all.

31 August: Venus in Leo trine Eris in Aries

Time to define two things: Who do you fancy being around? How much money and economic wherewithal define your personal Goldilocks Zone? Organically the process is that of culling people who no longer perfectly fit your sphere of influence. A simple, “No, thank you. Not interested,” fulfills the transit needs. Ghosting someone or calling up some ancient matter of spite does not work. Quit the organizations and activities that no longer offer anything. Then, organically, figure out what you need in money and material resources such that you don’t have to think about money anymore. Seek soulful inspiration to fill your coffers doing tasks you love.

03 September: Ceres in Leo square Uranus in Taurus

It seems like people want to say that if you didn’t yell at the kids to get off the grass, they would like to sit with you on the lawn and enjoy a libation. The interpretation is that they don’t favor your crankiness or perhaps your eccentricity feels like a lot of work. Take time to determine if this is the way you want to be and if you’re good with such reactions. Should you adjust to the expectations of others? Not likely to happen with this transit. That means get good with how you are, your reactions and energy. Ultimately this is a transit to tweak individuality into a condition of ultimate cool.

06 September: Ceres in Leo opposes Saturn in Aquarius

This is a transit for fighting city hall. Go to the city council meeting and offer your two cents. A few points here to create environments in which your complaints are heard. First, be on the moral and legally correct side of issues. Point out injustices and immediately follow with solutions that work for all. Ultimately any cause pursued stems from some sort of life obstacle perceived to be crossing your path. It’s not a matter of your altruism being selfish. It’s a matter of clearing out logjams to the great, inspirational things you yearn to complete.

16 September: Ceres in Leo trine Eris in Aries

Ceres finishes up the Leo personal planet era with a polishing flourish... a panche, if you will. Here, it is not necessary to advocate for ones perfect fit in the desired strata of life. It is simply a matter of being the person that neatly fits such an elevated status. This is not “act as if.” This is be the full and whole you that you are without reservation. Then, permit the gravity of your chakra emanations and the radiance of your aura to find a perfect position for you to apply all that you are and all that you possess into the influence of the world... and ultimately, the universe in a good way.

Saturn loves an organized approach to transits. He might even render a reward or three. Uranus appreciates when a person demonstrates the mental flexibility to include new approaches. Chiron works toward improved results when he notices a person is willing to let go of resistance to making everything on every level better in life. Eris savors when an individual conjures up groovy, creative ways to be included in the perfect spheres of life. Finally, Leo loves self confidence, soulful awareness and when in place, functions from a position of magnanimity and generosity. Sounds like a superb way to engage the personal planets in Leo!

Here’s a visual treat from the Webb Telescope. Here’s to inspiration, optimism and making something wonderful from the transits in Leo!


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