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Mars Tends To It ~ 24 Oct 2021

In less than a week, just in time for All Hallows Eve and All Saints’ Day, Mars enters Scorpio... 30 October to be precise. Despite the corresponding spooky holiday with the celebrations, Mars enters the sign he co-rules with Pluto. There’s a natural affinity for things Scorpionic with Mars’ passage in the hometown sign, and with Pluto, he works to expose the boogeymen of the mind and the imagined creatures hiding under the bed. Mars exposes them by getting out of bed, switching on a light, and having a look at what’s really scary under the mattress frames. Unlikely to find monsters, he may encounter a collection of dust balls, forgotten socks and slippers and maybe some wrappers from Trick or Treat candy.

Overall, between next weekend and 12 December when Mars enters Sagittarius, the fervent urge to explore the unknown with a healthy, curious spirit rises past the point where it can be ignored. The desire to delve into what must be delved, and to commit ones soul to the cause of the full and unlimited pursuit of what fills the winds of one’s sails. These uncontrollable urges dominate the psychic landscape. No matter where in consciousness it sources, the motivation to take on the somewhat scary, overwhelming in intensity, and potentially overpowering in life circumstances rises above the “must do” threshold. Mars in Scorpio insists that all that can be pursued with unlimited passion must be pursued. The intention is to make life better in a beyond-the-beyond manner.

Mars in Scorpio challenges the perception as to what is truly tonic for the soul. He inspires the sensibilities to go after everything that can make life fuller, richer, more intense and downright better. He lights fires under dormant creativity and reminds ones inner workings that it’s all about the passion of applying all God-given attributes with unlimited abandon. It’s about feeling full... and enjoying the exhilaration of getting there.

And all this includes looking under the bed and cleaning out debris as well as all those to-do lists with lofty goals written down during wound-up emotional states, following a great meditation, or perhaps in the afterglow of a soul-revealing intimate sharing.

A handful of notable transits appear as markers along the Mars makes his way through the thick forest. A summary follows:

2 November Mars conjunct Shapley Attractor

The Shapley Attractor (Shapley 8) potentially wields more gravitational influence that the Great Attractor or the Super-Galactic Center. This galactic goodie is huge, impactful and it steers both worldly and spiritual aspirations. In real life it represents unknown powerful forces that control mundane circumstances through which one must navigate. For instance, does it bother you that the operational software in your electronic devices may have “back doors” that can be exploited? Does it bother you that online social media platforms feed you content through algorithms that drive you toward darker psychic spaces? Does it bother you that power-brokers in life make decisions in backrooms that affect your mundane circumstances?

Good. Now that you’re bothered, figure out what you want to achieve. Simply, constructively engage in the circumstances conjured by these effects, applying your best soulful intent to rise above the prompting to fall into the darker corners of the underworld and rise above to achieve what your soul believes in every fiber is the better and best approach for the good of all concerned. Such aspirations honor the very ideal of Aquarius. Speaking of which...

10 November Mars conjunct Mercury in Scorpio, square Saturn in Aquarius

Match wits with yourself. Take every idea you have... even those you’re too embarrassed to admit you thought... and find the thread that weaves those odd thoughts into superlative outcomes and consciousness. Here, you want to beat the game of life and honor Saturn in Aquarius while doing so. Your superlative outcomes must contain good, improvement and evolution. You must be on time... always... and when you can manifest a deadline early, do so. You must be competent, more insightful than everyone else, logically intact and cheerful. Knot that all into a yarn ball of you and the yarns you spin contain messaging, evocative themes and insights. Tell your tales as you get work done... the climate is prime for spinning... so get on with weaving the tapestry of your soul.

17 November Mars opposes Uranus in Taurus

So here’s the thing about a “revolution.” People first must understand what purpose upsetting the apple cart of life serves, and even more fundamental, they must grasp what amazing benefits come their way if they participate in the campaign. Failing to sustain clarity for those concepts, the great and amazing evolution planned sputters to a halt. The awareness for any campaign in life that shifts attention from the way it’s always been done takes time. It takes profound insight. It takes mapping.

Map the way it’s been done, note the benefits and more the liabilities of the results. Then state the ideal objectives and how those objectives soothe the psyches of the inhabitants of the planet by bettering their real-world circumstances, and now map how the necessary changes can be initiated and achieved.

People got to get it to get onboard with it. Period.

19 November Mars conjoins APR 220

APR 220, an anomalistic black hole system, ranks as the brightest object in local universe. Created by a collision of two galaxies, the result is an ultra-luminous, dazzling beacon that distinctively stands out amongst all the brilliance that is in the Universe. Think of this point as a guiding beacon... like the encoded sweeping light that tops the control towers of airports... or like a light house strategically positioned atop a craggy shore. Consider this guiding light to offer direction for getting around precarious situations. It could serve as the Coast Guard of your life and your consciousness.

So here, Mars transits this point and the movers and shakers will be those intrepid souls not afraid to turn on their beacon. This requires turning the rheostat of the soul up to maximum. This is a “reservation free,” “no embarrassment for what you’ve got” zone. Be the beacon. Be a guiding force. Let others know who you are and what you’ve got. Be bright. Be illuminating. Be enduring and constant.

You’ll get pushed to the center of any sphere of influence when beaming. Go with it. You’re not losing your privacy or your mystique. You’re gaining the full reveal of all the good you can render. Whenever and wherever you go, bring flashlights and batteries, symbolically and really.

7 December Mars squares Jupiter in Aquarius

This Martian square poke of the big guy... the great benefactor in our solar system is profound. It’s profound within itself and it’s profound that it occurs two days before the first of three conjunctions of Venus with Pluto (the next SkyScraping will address Venus retrograde in Capricorn and her upcoming alignments with Pluto). This is a need fulfilment axis if there ever was one.

Here are the steps: Optimistically and enthusiastically put yourself out there before the deal makers and those in the position to upgrade your life. Do so with confidence. Do so with a clear picture of the end game, without making the end game the goal. Make the goal what good you’re fixing to conjure. Make the pitch as broad and wide and inclusive as possible. No one gets ignored or left behind. Awesome. Now when the pitch brings the deal memo your way, smile, sign it, and gratefully accept the bounty of your creation.

This is the haul-ass point of the year. If you’ve not gotten where you intended this year, this is the point where you spring toward the finish line. Jupiter’s about to change signs. He does so before the year turns to next and you need to close you the agendas of this cycle. The support’s there. Extend what you have, receive what the Universe provides.

12 December Mars enters Sagittarius

More will follow on the tenure of Mars in Sagittarius in the next sequence of Sky Scrapings. Suffice it to say that Mars will transit the Great Attractor, the Galactic Center and a slew of Sagittarian galactic anomalies. Should you be overwhelmed? No more that you were fearful of the Mars passage in Scorpio that lies on the cusp of the week ahead.

More soon.

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