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Planets Glow Galactic ~ 22 Sep 2022

First, my thanks to all of you who voted in the audience choice awards for my film METEORIC. I will not know results for a month. Your efforts are noted and appreciated! And now...

Within the next twenty-four hours, Mercury and the Sun are about to conjoin. This means we have mercifully made it to the longitudinal halfway point of the current Mercury retrograde. As Mercurial hucksters are inclined to bark, “Wait, there’s more!” In the next day or so, the Sun and Mercury trade signs. As he leaves Virgo behind, the Sun leaps into Libra, marking the equinox. Mercury dips back into Virgo from Libra. This celestial swap out almost appears as a planetary magic trick... this at a time when Mercury is most invisible. The sensation of prevailing sleight of hand in life’s circumstances certainly applies.

As well, the Sun and Mercury each traverse the Super Galactic Center (2 Libra 22, more or less precession corrected for the 2022 position) during this handoff. And once more the cosmic barker bellows, “Wait! There’s much more!” Across the sky in early Aries, retrogrades Jupiter, who works his way into an opposition to the Sun and in doing so, soon aligns with the Super Galactic Center (ZS). Given that ZS is a supermassive black hole in gravitational control of some thirty plus galaxies, including ours, its reach and orb is broad. Jupiter the largest of the planets, who maintains superior orbs above all other planets, is now in alignment with the gravitationally grand Super Galactic Center and effectively will remain so from now until at least late February next year. The cosmic bandwidth available becomes significantly wider and way broader than normal. It’s as if there is a glow in the air... one might perceive it to be attributed to the change of seasons... but it’s so much more!

Cool. So now we enjoy Jupiterian embellishment and exaggeration of all things massively ZS nonstop for the next four and a half months at least? Totally. Literally. Figuratively. Through this opposition, Jupiter pushes grand and galactic goings on for all.

The Super Galactic Center in its early position in Libra points out many things about relationships. This cluster of galaxies points out that relationships can be complex, a bit sticky and at times, and occasionally either exceptionally in ones interest, other times at not. Finding the flow of the support of others and their recognition of your talents, causes and purposes is the ongoing quest of the cluster. The ZS always directs gravitation toward relationships that enhance ones efforts in life. This galactic core cluster encourages the discovery of ones inner clan and tribe while realizing it takes a collaborative consortium of galaxies to make a super cluster and to put in motion any sort of grand plan.

Truly, it’s about essence and energy. Energy at its most fundamental level knows as a physical fact what is attractive (as in pulling in) and what is repelling (as in pushing away). Simply this is the permitting of conscious recognition to observe and react to the urge to lean in and engage or pull back and retreat. Those supportive energetic forces unconsciously feel like a warm blanket on a chilly morning. Savor, convene and engage with those “lean in” forces. Sometimes, as ones energy internally shifts, the energetics of the dynamics with others adjust accordingly. This is not fickleness. It is aligning with where the energy lies in the moment and applying the best fit of folks around you fully in this present instance of time.

In making a film, the production team engages with the location people and costumers extensively before production. During production these interactions lessen. In post production the work focus entirely shifts to the sound mixers, editors and special effects artists. It would simply be too crowded in the editing bay for everyone previously engaged to be there. There’s an organic flow of people in and out of the immediate required actions and all participants, in theory, understand their place and part in the process and the kismet involved.

In life, in general, cosmic kismet seeks to apply its full attention under the watchful impelling guidance of ZS. The current emphasis of Jupiter opposing ZS is to be in cahoots only with those who currently support your most inspired interests. Jupiter encourages a review of these relationships periodically, especially as he changes signs in the next months. Such reviews define the in flow and out flow of supportive people. When in transition with soulful personnel, apply the best of Jupiter and give a reason for the organic evolution of the process and the current need for engagement. No rudeness need be a part of this. Simple facts and energetic flow define the process. No ghosting either. And given Eris in Aries slightly over yonder, best to communicate such things in person and not via social media.

Ultimately the Super Galactic Center does bear soul mate realizations. You know, finding that perfect one and only person who unfailingly loves you making the dedication of a devoted dog seem trite. Someone who is always there for you no matter what. Who is this wonderful soul? According to ZS, that would be you. The consciousness urgency of this galactic clustering is for you to align with you. Align with yourself in all aspects and intricacies no matter what. With Jupiter involved, align without justification. Sounds easy in theory.

So, in three days the Sun transits ZS. Hang out with yourself. Self affirm and admire all your abilities. In fact, emulate the physical configuration of ZS and find thirty-two (one for each galaxy) astonishing things about you that others should notice and be willing to confirm. Write these down. Read them and meditate upon them frequently throughout the balance of this month. Or, view yourself in a mirror and read these aloud. Give voice to the things rattling about in your grey matter. Be true and honest with yourself and state all things about you and your intentions to yourself without editing or any sort of distillation.

About the time Venus and Mercury conjoin on 26 September both stand in orb to ZS from Virgo. Realize and absorb the truth of the detailed affirmations collected during the solar transit to ZS. Venus enters Libra on 29 September and the very next day she maximizes alignment to the Super Galactic Center as she directly passes by the longitudinal degree of the galaxy in the galactic cluster assumed to be the center point. The task of these transits? Accept the facts of self as defined by the solar transit to ZS. Groove on these facts. Absorb them. Digest them. Infuse them. That is, in fact, the process of total self affirmation and mating ego with soul. Congratulations on acknowledging the affection and love for your spirit’s presence in this world. Now receptivity to good stuff becomes easier.

With all these cool beans being stirred in the pot, Eris remains in Aries and she clearly knows that all people need to reflect on the fact that all your followers, fans and connections on social media don’t mean squat in your opinion of self acceptance. Having a million followers and raves from those out there who do not know you from Adam or Eve, does not fill the void inside the singularity where self realization is the only digestible commodity. That said, post away with your blips and keep them in context.

A final notation here: Given Mercury traipses back into Virgo, curious minds want to know what are the exact conjunction dates for these noted transits. Again, ZS is so huge its orb can easily reach ten degrees, possibly more with Jupiter involved. The precise date of the aspects loses significance with this consideration. Regardless, here are the upcoming exact ZS aspects:

Mercury (conjunction) 21 September retrograde, 12 October direct.

Sun (conjunction) 25 September.

Venus (conjunction) 30 September.

Jupiter (opposition) 6 October retrograde, 9 January 2023 direct.

Enjoy the dive into self realization, acclaim and embellishment - have fun! You might discover yourself to be the most interesting person you know!

More soon.

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