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A Mars Mix Now With Next March in Mind ~ 25 Nov 2022

While Ceres does its thing with the personal planets, Mars, while retrograding, whips up its own bunch of magic to the personal planets along an axis that adds a matrix of powerful and profound black holes. Add to this mix the consideration that shortly prior to opposing Mars, the personal planets and the Sun do their thing as they conjure other cosmic invocations in transit to the Great Attractor.

Here’s the rundown:

First up, on 26 and 27 November Mercury and Venus transit the Great Attractor.

On 29 and 30 November the two planets closest the Sun thicken their transits. While sextile to Saturn in Aquarius, they oppose Mars in Gemini. Concurrent with these aspects, Mercury and Venus conjoin the black holes V* V1033 Sco, V* V2107 Oph, 3U 1700-37, 3U 1658-48 and V* V2293 Oph. If this sounds like a lot, that’s because it is.

It’ll take a little time for all this to settle into brain space and work its way to infuse into consciousness. The Sun is always spot on for such assimilation. The Sun conjoins the Great Attractor on 5 December, then opposes Mars on 7 December, both pretty much spot on the degree (Mars by opposition) to the array of Sagittarian black holes noted above.

Here’s the cosmic substrate:

The Great Attractor organically spews unlimited insight in all known frequencies of the electromagnetic spectrum. It seeks to poke everyone’s grey matter in precisely the correct places to inspire getting smarter. Actually, this point captures everyone’s attention. Indeed it takes work to ignore the insights received. Ignoring insight and knowledge can be pulled off. However, a conscious decision that no new input serves the purposes of the moment must be determined and settled in the decision making control center. One must agree not to have a look see over the next horizon for a preview of coming attractions. One must concede there’s no value in knowing more in the moment, probably alleging information overwhelm and a brain full of mundane stimulation, much of it distracting.

Those who do accept the Great Attractor’s insights find their consciousness on the leading edge of what’s available out there. It’s a struggle to lead those shutting out information toward the pinpoint of progress upon which the far-reaching insights seek to converge.

The black holes noted above range between 17 and 21 degrees of Sagittarius on the ecliptic. While likely there are oodles more in the vicinity, this is a collection of singularities in our consciousness for some time that have solid delineative attributes assigned to them. Since they are all supermassive, and each can have an orb of influence of at least four degrees, they are mushed together like turkey stuffing for our palates to assimilate.

Ultimately, there are several themes within these black hole singularities:

Practice what you preach.

If you cannot put into real world action the philosophy that you claim guides you, change either your philosophy or what you do. Strongly recommended here... follow your true, pristine nature.

Seek out and learn only from experts. Adopt no mentor from a peer environment. Ask no one for an opinion about what you do if they do not regard your actions as contributive to a better world.

Disavow the idea that you teach what you need to learn. Confidently share only that which has been mastered and stored into your personal wisdom pantry.

Adhere to the “high road” mentality. However, should an adversary require engagement, engage in a way that does not devastate the terrain yet neutralizes the hostility.

That’s a lot actually. You can take tips from prominent persons in the news as they make decisions about their direction and their place in the real world. From figure skaters to opera singers to sports icons to politicians and world leaders... as well as everyone you know in your real world... all are affected and all puzzling over what’s the next best task at hand. Starting in the next few days and through the first couple days of December, work to select options for your immediate action that are consistent with the outcomes you seek. Do your dangest to include all information that offers solution consciousness even if you’ve never done it this way before. Unfamiliar and alien, of course. That’s the energetic theme underscoring these moments. Make haste to make the most of all of it.

Then, ease back on the throttle just enough as to avoid buffets from the reactions of your energy field to the array of change you embrace. Keep in mind while all this goes on that it started with an idea exchanging sextile to the cosmic taskmaster Saturn. Your efforts appease Saturn, and even better, engage the waning Saturn in Aquarius-Uranus in Taurus square. You become an avatar of integrating insight and navigating personally evolving steps.

On 5 December the Sun passes the degree of the Great Attractor. Out there things begin to make worldly sense. Changes lose their edge. And coming up to 7 December (and possibly a bit beyond), congruence between new thought, leading edge guidance, and absolute galactic direction influences the desire to make every single action taken an offering to Universal Wisdom - a potent propitiation to your commitment to fulfilling all purposes of your incarnation in progress.

Consider these new found insights holiday stocking stuffers. They’re not the end all, but they are a key for unlocking the end all. If someone buys a new state of the art vehicle for you and it’s parked in the driveway, the key fob in the stocking hung by the chimney with care will come in very handy for getting started and using that new vehicle to go places you’ve always wanted to go.

Not only are these transits key now, as we enter March, once Mars turns direct and returns to the degree of Gemini where he retrograded these insights prove invaluable for recognizing, accepting and implement the opportunities of this profound time.

More soon.


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