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Planet Salad ~ 27 Jan 2023

On 4 February, Venus in Pisces squares Mars in Gemini. The Venus-Mars square is one of those astrological patterns often maligned. It represents a hard collision between the best interests of one of astrology’s most significant female archetypes pitted against one of the most potentially confrontational and edgy male archetypes. That’s gotta be tasty, right?

When seen in a personal horoscope an individual possessing a Venus-Mars square stands out as a most compelling character. Most commonly, when the square is activated by the owner of the nativity, they become an “it” person. Charisma, allure, and intrigue all abound.

Collectively, during any Venus-Mars square the urge is to recognize needs and wants for what they are and then engage in the energetic pursuit of those coveted commodities as if this is ones only priority. How cool is that!? A free pass for figuring out what you want... really, really want and then taking a self-referential pursuit of attainment and achievement. Says Pisces, “I envisioned it.” Says Gemini, “So then, do your logistical thing, and stay out of the way of those running hither and yon all about you.”

The issue of this transit is, that every feels the collective impetus and should objectives between individuals not track toward the same lodestone, there’s the rub.

It’s a bit deeper this time around, too. During this transit, Venus concurrently semi-sextiles Chiron in Aries. Mars similarly matches the reach to Chiron, engaged through a sextile. Chiron in Aries is first to ask, “is this good for you? Is it really going to benefit your agenda, your body, your soul?” If the answers are affirmative all around, Chiron sanctions the quest to manifest current desires, by reminding all that desire converted to soulful need stands as a superior objective.

At the same approximate degrees are Pallas, retrograde in Cancer and Juno in Aries. These asteroids intend to have their due manifest as well. Juno undisputedly supports Chiron by displaying the banner that loyalty and fidelity to ones causes and quests amplify confidence and self assertion. Pallas squares Juno, semi-sextiles Mars and trines Venus. She favors the fulfillment of all Venusian desires. When dealing with those with divergent agendas, up goes her shield and she serves to ward off energies directed by others that may be disruptive to the second, third and fourth, chakras.

The dwarf planets Orcus, now properly positioned in Virgo, and Makemake in Libra, both retrograde are close enough in orb to want their two cents heard. Orcus offers the reminder that commencing a campaign of need gratification is more or less a promise to oneself to make life better and infinitely more fulfilling. He may also chose to comment that he has no patience for those who do not deliver on declarations that for all intents and purposes are propitiations. Says, Makemake, that’s right up my alley. I love it when people go out and honor the sky with their actions, fully believing in whom they claim to be (a no imposters allowed zone) and with the consideration of how this positively benefits those in ones personal sphere of influence.

Makemake opposes Chiron. As a result, he is adamant that one realize what affects a person impacts all those with whom that person interacts. He proposes that insight and belief be included so that the end result is win-win. Orcus opposes Venus. He supports Makemake’s agenda and offers the reminder that others expect a person to finish what they declared they set out to do.

It’s planet salad time! It’s like Venus and Mars are the traditional salad greens. The asteroids and centaurs become your favorite toppings to add flavor and texture. And the dwarf planets dare to combine dressings for the perfect blending of all ingredients. Says the cosmos, “Who doesn’t love a transit salad on a February weekend?”

More soon.

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