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Garnering the Galactic ~ 02 Dec 2021

Every year as the last month of the Gregorian year rolls about solar and planetary stimulation to guiding galactic influences traditionally occurs. The Sun transits the Great Attractor (5 Dec) and the Galactic Center (18 Dec) during December. Commonly, Mercury and Venus make their transits to these points in the same relative time of year.

Tomorrow Mercury transits the Great Attractor and on 11 December they transit the Great Attractor. This year, Mercury formally kicks off the year end close out galactic parade with this pattern. In but two days, the solar eclipse on 4 December aligns (within orb) with the Great Attractor. A congestion of consciousness priorities contrasts with real world requirements.

Life pulls attention in one direction as guiding insights that lead to long term progress stand aside and wave from afar at first. Regardless of the frantic season, the insights want your full attention and they inch forward until within the spectrum of attention. When ideas pop in from nowhere, that’s the Universe reaching out to drop a lustrous nugget of insight into whatever means you have for receiving goodness, bounty and expanding consciousness. Insights are likely to drift in and then out, if not captured or contained. These insights just might be the seeds of objectives for 2022 and beyond.

Within a solar eclipse, the Sun darkens. During the eclipse, if you can, or as you can around the event, consider what factors of your life demand brightened conscious attention and focused activity that may have been deferred by real world priorities. Examine the ground work before you and the steps required to proceed toward the horizon, fraught with goals, objectives and opportunities to accomplish what this incarnation intends. Then, take initial steps to activate the agenda of the insights.

Mercury’s part of this mix in a big way given their transit on the cusp of the eclipse. Make a practice to listen attentively. Take in the input. Consider all incoming data fully in that moment. Acknowledge that you heard the message. Confirm that it is embedded within. Declare that you intend to mull this matter over a couple more times before fully responding. Confirm your part in the communication transaction. When it’s your time to convey, request similar consideration.

These next few days are like the feverish unwrapping of a holiday gift by a child so eager to pop open the box on the latest electronic gizmo that the batteries for the controller are tossed in the trash with the wrapping paper. Sure there’s excitement, but control conscious attention to be in the moment, fully aware, totally attentive with all senses operating at optimal capacity. Enjoy the full excitement of every moment of incoming insight and focus upon it clearly. Let it settle in. Then, get on with its work as expediently as you can.

When a computer update for software comes in, its arrival must be noticed. Then, the update requires downloading. Next, installation wants its turn. Finally, the updated application yearns for attention and use. Pretty much the way it works with the galactic goodies up for the grabbing. When insights come, garner them and combine them with previous thoughts, beliefs, agendas. These blips when they arrive may appear to be simply garnish. The thing is, when attended, these morsels likely surpass the delectability of what’s on your plate.

There seems to be a heap of overdoing the technical side of communication these days, which can actually result in glitching. The times require heartfelt, fully-embodied communication that evoke (in a good way) undeniable emotional responses. When grabbing a new insight, instead of wondering what this piper may demand of you for this tidbit down the road, feel the excitement of the exploration and unfoldment that lies ahead. Feel the joy of illumination. Feel the thrill of new knowledge top to bottom, stem to stern. Savor the relief and restoration that follow in the moments immediately following assimilating an insight.

This year, charged by the solar eclipse to galactic wonder, the need to figure it all about before the year turns (or actually as Jupiter enters Pisces on 29 December) presses sensibilities. As the year concludes, many pending transactions complete. Those allowing the set of galactic grabs to flesh out missing pieces, conclude smoothly. While the sensation might be that of driving fast with one foot on the brake pedal, be quick, don’t hurry and let being in the moment accurately assess the urgency of the moment and what it requires. Create an overreaction free zone.

Fully assessing the blast of dangling galactic particles, while seeming a bit much at first, is key. As it’s said, the devil is in the details. So, too, it seems with the divinely guiding data bits dropping from the cosmos!

So, as we go through the waning weeks of the year, be quick without hurrying. Attend to every summons for your attention from the cosmos. Grant yourself a luxury gift: Set aside time with yourself to think through all the situations that demand something extraordinary from you. Do something extraordinary.

More soon.

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