What To Do With Mercury Retro? ~ 6 May 2022

Ah, snap, (as they say online when trying to be polite)! Mercury’s going retrograde in four days. True that. Mercury goes retrograde often. Typically, the fleet-footed one reverses course every couple of months. Given that, you’d think people would be used to the happenstance... or at least not overly tentative about it. This next Mercury retrograde commences when they are in the sign of Gemini - a sign they rule. This coincidence allegedly intensifies the experience... and in one view, in a good way.

Often... most often... Mercury retrograde receives an overload of assignment of power by those with astrological awareness. It can be assigned as a holding pattern... a time absolutely to decide nothing... an era in which agreements cannot be signed. Yet, for those astrologically unaware, life goes on and such acts are taken on without reservation or caution. Which is better? Well, astrological afficionados caution Mercury retrograde should receive their due. Yes, it should.

With Mercury retrograde:

Review and review all data prior to promulgation. Dot i’s, cross t’s and check check lists.

Think before speaking. Play dialogue in your head before speaking it. Listen thoughtfully to it.

Exercise extreme care and patience in the utilization of any communication device, especially those that involve ink/toner and electronics.

Recognize the natural propensity of the retrograde for afterthoughts.

Allow for revisions, contingencies and alternatives.

Take extra time for all mundane commutes and tasks. Drive without distraction.

Get in your body and apply full conscious attention to any task requiring any hand-eye-brain coordination.

Get on with your life and ensure that significant transits are not deferred outside their window of effectiveness.

Recently, with Mercury’s position relative to the Sun, their “tail” could be seen by observing astronomers. Wait! What? Mercury has a tail? Like a comet? Sort of, but a tail as Chiron and the other centaurs have and probably some of the Kuiper Belt Objects, too. How should this be added to the mix? Well, perhaps treat it like an animal... how should the wagging of the tail be perceived? Is that a welcoming wag or a warning? Does the tail wag Mercury or do they wag the tail? Perplexing, unanswerable questions. Perhaps it’s more appropriate to consider what to do under this next Mercury retrograde interval, and to remain mindful of all transits coincidentally occurring during the Mercurial phase.

So, during this next retrograde cycle for the silver-tongued messenger we endure the following transits and listed are considerations for their accompanying interrogatives:

14 May - Venus conjunct Chiron in Aries

What do you want that’s really, really good for you? How can a want be transformed into a fortifying, healing need? Are you thinking of yourself first, and that getting what you want is a good thing. Are you the primary priority in your life?

17 May - Mars conjunct Neptune in Pisces

Okay, so out of all the things swirling and ebbing and flowing in your imagination space, which ones actually need dedicated, creative attention? Are you willing to rise and shine with the first light of day and endure for the duration of the fecundity surge? Do you believe dreams do become reality with hard work and disciplined effort? Are you willing to find out?

23 May - Venus conjunct Eris in Aries, the same as Mercury backs into Taurus

Are you permitting for sufficient processing/reaction time to any sensations of being left behind, shunned, excluded or ignored? Are you being ghosted or ghosting anyone else because a promise is perceived as inconvenient or not prioritized? Can you assess all your aspirations for being a part of anything or a situation, and are those aspirations consistent with your best interests?

29 May - Mars conjunct Jupiter in Aries

Do you feel that? Can you recognize the unprecedented inner surge of energy that prompts your body into action and petitions your psyche to do the right thing with courage and conscious attention? Do you believe actions taken create realities? Do you believe that you deserve to seize the opportunity at hand? Is moving mountains a concept within your grasp? Can you do the heavy lifting or fashion fulcrums in life to lift for you? Do you dare do this thing? Do you dare not to?

As with all Mercury retrograde eras, other transits concurrently prevail. It’s true that this time the Mars conjunction with Jupiter is a big deal. It’s true that Jupiter will retrograde back over the degree of this conjunction. It is also true that Jupiter will proceed direct over this same degree later this year. Do you believe that Jupiter’s conjunction with Mars requires immediate attention, and if so, are you good for the task in the impending, immediate future?

Sure it’s going to be Mercury retrograde and there is a lot to hash out and a heap of ingredients in that hash. Maybe take the next few days before Mercury turns to decide that when it feels right and in accord to take action, that’s what you will do as that’s what the transits impel people to do. One thing for sure, Mercury does not tip their hand... despite the hints and tips left behind. With the Aries transits in play, it is going to be about deciding what to do when and getting on with that within appropriate launch windows.

More soon!

One final question: Are you willing to book consultations, schedule astrological insights and process new cosmic information while Mercury’s backing talkwards? If so, here are the links to get you where you can do precisely that! Mars is coming to Jupiter. Those with a comprehensive astrological plan in place might end up further down the road, Mercury notes with a wink.