Saturn Backpedals ~ 2 Jun 2022

Following last week’s post encouraging all to apply the grease of Mars and Jupiter and Mercury’s station to grease the gears of life, several readers wrote lamenting that as soon as Mercury turns direct, Saturn turns tail and reverts to retrograde motion. How could I neglect that!? After all, while traipsing the yellow brick road of life one meets restrictions and limits and conundrums, oh my! Not so fast. As Saturn enters his non prograde era, let’s do some reframing.

First, consider the fact that from 1700 - 2050, Saturn stands in retrograde motion 36.4% of the time. Such a notation, if Saturn is perceived as a purely limiting force, suggests that progress in life is impeded more than a third of the time. That’s the same as declaring that cell phone and wifi providers should cease operation during Mercury retrograde three or four times a year for three weeks. Yeah... no!

Simply if you meet a celestial object while proceeding on the path of file, pause, ponder, reflect and embrace the message and momentum of that amazing object... from the Moon to Makemake to everything beyond. Sort of like the image created by Dennis Taylor that follows (and check out his website!).


Saturn is no exception. He deserves consideration, consciousness shifting and course correction - especially while retrograde. Truly, Saturn stands as an ally for those who consider his guidance and protocols. He offers thoughtful deliberation for any task at hand. He remains a huge fan of editing, revising, retooling and adjusting any detail of any thing in any state of progress such that the end result deserves placement on the top shelf. Cultured and refined, Saturn’s discerning tastes demand the quest for excellence. Mostly, Saturn loves it when any individual becomes the best they/she/he can be.

So should you be feeling the throbbing desire for momentum stirred by Mars and Jupiter in Aries, ease the exertions of life by applying the liniment of Saturn. His balmy essence soothes the pulls and overextended things caused by the fervor of the frenzied Mars and Jupiter occupation of Aries.

Saturn commences retrogradation 4 June at 21:47 GMT. He remains retrograde until 23 October at 04:07 GMT. While reversing course he retreats to 18 Aquarius 35. It is worth noticing that Saturn transited the same degree on 26 February of this year.

A savvy, cosmic reflecting soul might be inclined to take the weekend of Saturn’s station (like tomorrow and the next few days) to review work logs, dream journals and any documentation one might have of their emotional and psychic state around the conclusion of February this year. What were the goals? What opportunities arouse about then? What determinations were drilled into the tablet of life? What purpose-oriented conquests demanded forward progress toward domination? Inspired by utilization of Saturn’s pivot, everything initiated during or around the end of February is now subject to review.

Go back to every plan, goal declaration, plot list, template, blueprint or pitch bible you commenced or had in progress at the juncture and put into play since that time. Do a review, take notes of spots where the project doesn’t hit the right note. Then, step back. Take another look the next day... the next Saturn day, that is. Saturn rotates on his axis every ten hours and thirty-four minutes - amazing when one considers the sheer volume and diameter of the planet! Anyway, say you check out something in progress after breakfast. Do your diligence thing with your critical (not judgmental) assessment of what’s in front of you, then take a break. After dinner, you can revisit.

Alternatively, let’s say you review a project right before bed so you can hand it off to Psyche and sleep on it. On the other side of night and after back in your body and fueled up with your morning sustenance, give it another look.

With adjustments required notations made, turn full attention toward the refinements and corrections noted. Get those going with focus, attentiveness and maintain conscientious oversight for any delegation required. Any task farmed out, when applied to your project, does reflect upon you, your attentiveness to Saturn and your personal insistence on impeccability.

Does this mean that nothing can be done until late October with refinements made? Not at all. A viable plan would be to select fortuitous aspects (perhaps with the assistance of a friendly and objective astrologer) and send them out there. The expectation would be that the receiving party’s response comes back with: “This is great, we love it... and/but... could do something with this particular element?” Such replies do not imply rejection, diminishment or dissing. Merely, it’s a statement of, “We’d love to move forward with you on this project. Here are some points that make it a more perfect fit for us and assure our collaboration with your effort(s).”

Cool. Modifications applied, things happen and down the road a piece... after an appropriate planetary provided gestation period, results occur. Good things in life take time. In our current planetary cycle, Jupiter leads Saturn. When opportunities appear, Saturn kicks in and demands the work necessary to fulfill chosen options to cash out those golden rings. When a surge begins, apply the watchful, patient wisdom of Saturn. Reflection on the tasks at hand points out valuable enhancements. When cheerfully and enthusiastically applied (Hail Jupiter), these refinements, while taking time, increase the value of all life projects in progress... which leads to a happy Saturn.

So it is! Here’s to Saturn’s satisfaction. Here’s to Saturn retrograde nitpicking and catching the nuance of every abstraction (Aquarius) requiring manifestation in the mundane (Saturn) for the benefit of all (Aquarius).

More soon.

Should you be advancing a major life project or be considering the launch of a major venture, Saturn retrograde is an awesome time to reviewing or creating a timeline for completion. Nothing like a consultation to align life efforts with the celestial objects on the road ahead. Links follow for consultations, reports and more... and, by the way, Saturn retrograde justifies whatever resources are required to get things happening... click on!

Early next week my short film METEORIC will be complete and the festival entry progress commencing... yep, under Saturn retrograde. Those last editing steps were persnickety! A trailer will be posted on the METEORIC website, so check back next week. Meanwhile, details for filming Lesley’s screenplay, UNBRIDLED, which I will also direct, are tumbling into place. More to come regarding this evocative film very soon!