Ruling Planetary Orders ~ 10 Jun 2022

As of Monday next week a tidy era begins in which a collection of planets transit the signs they rule. These intervals tend to feel more comfortable, natural and organic. In theory, the planets travel in increased harmony, and imply that perhaps more can be done in these windows than “normal.” In their own “easy” manner, each offers operational orders for optimizing life.

On Monday, Mercury enters Gemini, one of the signs they rule. Currently, Venus travels through Taurus, one of the signs she oversees. Mars plows through Aries (honking all the way), one of the signs he is assigned to rule. Neptune, a more recent rulership assignment in the history of astrology, transits Neptune - his home turf, shared with Jupiter. Saturn now makes his way through Aquarius, where he is assigned co-rulership on the basis of long-standing astrological tradition.

So groove on. Enjoy the ride. The personal planets all convene in familiar places to move things forward with ease and in a resistance-free zone. Use Mercury to articulate your thoughts on relevant matters - applying the best of communication skills, meaning: when a reply comes your way, stop, listen and consider. Apply Venus to assess the totality of your worth from what you have in your physical possession up to and including the intangible assets: skills, creativity, confidence, desire and positive yearnings. Count on Mars to provide all needed incendiary action to engage needs and follow-up on your mentally assigned to-do list, especially as modified by clear, bidirectional communication and a recently contemplated asset pool.

It gets better. Reaching out to Neptune now steaming through familiar waters, the greatest of dreams, visions and aspirations receive following seas. Consider that any lofty objective pursued not only fulfills a spiritual calling, it trickles down into the mundane world and heaps up accomplishments, accolades and awards. Each of these results and high bar visions, when articulated to others, reenforces self worth and rekindles the urge to continue onward with the getting onward with enthusiasm and engaged fervor.

Saturn too, offers a heap of support. Being in Aquarius, he straddles an interesting set of life considerations. Specifically, his occupation in Aquarius asks how much of the way you used to do things still applies today and maximizes progress? He queries what methods, daily drills and life protocols might you enhance or upgrade for even more efficiency and accomplishment. He urges taking time to sit down and do nothing other than conjure up ideas you’ve never considered before. He insists that once the past is reviewed and assimilated (actualized) that it be released lest it become a retarding influence in life. He points out the relevance of wrapping around the idea that was then, this is now and what occurs next happens solely because of the consciousness and action applied right here, right now, in this current reality. He urges economy of effort, application of critical thinking and careful intelligence to consider what results might occur based upon the momentum and action of now. He dares inquire: “How receptive is your psyche to good things coming about with relative ease?”

How long does this zone last where the planets function in some sort of cosmic kismet? Venus remains in one of her sign sakes until 23 June. At that point, she hopscotches into Gemini and reconsiders everything received and how it feels against the expectation of how it would feel to embellish and savor these conditions and results.

On 5 July both Mercury and Mars shift signs from home turf, marking the completion of this run of planets in their naturalized signs. Here is a check point. Take a little time out for reflection of what you’ve done since the middle of June and compare that to how it feels in the new season. Tweaks and turns may be added to the mix. When solid and good with the contrast of objectives and outcomes, re-engage with the transiting planet transmissions from above.

Saturn in Aquarius leads another intriguing interrogation: Are you good with things going smoothly? Can you make hay when the planets ease your path without looking over your shoulder or harboring some expectation that it’s going to get strange and difficult again? How cool to be in total accord.

It’s like an ideal weather pattern coming along perfectly aligned with an activity you had imagined. While advancing, it’s cool to maintain as background reaction, “how good is this!?”

More soon.

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Meanwhile, my short film, METEORIC is officially completed. Check out the trailer! We had a blast making this film based upon a true cosmic incident! Now we are submitting to film festivals and taking the theme and insights of the film to audiences around the world. Stay tuned as festival information will be posted as soon as known. Also, on the film’s website, I grabbed a series of pictures from the film itself and posted them on the On Set Pics link.