Retrograde Management ~ 13 May 2022

In about three weeks, Saturn turns retrograde. Since this retrograde requires redefining the terms and conditions of every project in progress, those with their nose to the grindstones might do well to ensure that during the in-progress Mercury retrograde, this weekend’s lunar eclipse and the first sunquake of the current solar cycle do not trip up the dedicated focus. What? A sunquake? Yes, there is seismic activity on the Sun. A typical sunquake event ranges about 40,000 times more powerful than the 1906 San Francisco earthquake. What this means to us is the Sun’s solar cycle now ramps up and more frequently over the next months we can expect those unpredictable coronal mass ejections. These solar outbursts tend to feel like a sugar crash during a caffeine buzz and can mess with the body’s ability to coordinate clear signals with the brain. The antidote for any inexplicable, wild fluctuation of energy and ability induced by solar emanations is to step back, ground yourself and do what you must to collect your wits and ensure your spirit finds its perfect fit within the physical body. It’s worth the time out!

For the next couple of weeks Mercury continues to retrograde in a sign they rule. Being in Gemini is a good fit for Mercury. While amplified in mental activity, if those thoughts can be grabbed as they drift by and harnessed in a captured form whether etched in memory or on your favorite color note pad, those blips can turn out to be useful down the road... you know like when Saturn goes retrograde and seems to turn the tables on plans in progress. Retrograde received Mercurial insights might just offer the alchemical magic required by any life circumstance!

Should mundane matters press you during Mercury retrograde, on 21 May, Mercury and the Sun align in the late degrees of Taurus. This marks the midpoint of the retrograde era of the fleet-footed one. Yes, ink can safely be applied to the paper, handshakes can be transacted and electronic components upgraded. Any transactions require documentation and a safe place for such archives. But things can more fluidly occur with this conjunction of not only Mercury and the Sun, but from the solar system’s perspective, the Earth lines up with these two as well. Conscious light and attention on matters mundane... nothing slips through the cracks, no balls dropped.

Come 25 May a short surge of amplified Aries scents the air with urgency. This surge results from Mars entering Aries and joining Jupiter, Chiron, Eris and Venus in the primal sign... a sign Mars rules. This surge continues until 28 May when Venus migrates to Taurus a sign she rules. At that time we have the personal planets that bracket the Sun in signs they rule and display natural comfort as well as Saturn in a sign he co-rules and Neptune in the sign he rules. Cosmic kismet is at hand.

But back to this intensified Aries power play coming up soon for three days... Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Chiron and Eris align in Aries to ensure that a personal power grab occurs. Jupiter maintains strong healing and resolving relationships with Chiron and Eris, which mitigates any stresses those two players report for your consciousness to sort in the real world. Jupiter reaches to the ends of Kingdom come and assist a body, spirit and consciousness in selecting what’s the best arrangement of elements to assist in fixing what ails a body or psyche and what seems to have kept a person at bay from the best of aspirations. Sure, the term personal power grab might trigger instinctive reactions. As it should.

Personal power grab does not imply that one encroaches upon the efforts, energies, intellectual properties or domains of others. Saturn in Aquarius reminds us all that every single person or entity is different from every other person or entity. Such a declaration can be confirmed by the realization that every horoscope is unique unto itself. Horoscopes that are similar carry the very different incarnation histories of those blessed with that nativity upon returning to Earth. Ultimately, everyone, even doing the same or very similar things, does it uniquely. Ultimately, there is no competition. Ultimately, everyone if manifesting life in the best way their talents and skills create establishes a specific and unique signature of life effort... sort of like a fingerprint that defines incarnation accomplishments.

The Aries assertions of this era prompt self-awareness, self-realization and self-fulfillment. Selfishness and bombasticness need not apply. This is a time for making clear, distinctive determinations of what one wants and needs (Venus in Aries), confidently and promptly initiating all action to achieve realized objectives (Mars in Aries), reaffirming the mind set and philosophy behind all actions and efforts and proclaiming it for all the world to see (Jupiter in Aries). With momentum in place, then one can step back to take in what a remarkable healing process this is (Chiron in Aries) and polish off the aggregating self-realization with perceiving what an amazing fit inside the body the spirit actually is.

Amazingly, all this transpires during Mercury retrograde.

Indeed the time promotes confidence building, soul affirming and shifting all gears into forward motion such that the upcoming Saturn retrograde can be used to clarify, embellish, reaffirm and retool any aspects of campaigns that may require a tweak or three. And importantly, recall that planets do support and fortify the high road manifestations taken by individuals doing their karmic thing on the planet.

More soon.

Mercury retrograde might be inclined to inquire: “Can you think of a better way to confirm plans and plot out objectives that seek to fulfill the soul’s petitions than having an astrological consultation or series of consultations?” Since Mercury loves interrogatives, maybe asking a question or two would round out the pitch decks of life in the short term. Mercury’s curiosity certainly would be stimulated by the Galactic Report. The links below will get you where to need to be to make any of these options realities. Click away!

So this week (yes, with Mercury retrograde) the film editor and I solidified the time line of the short I directed last month (with Jupiter and Neptune conjunct), METEORIC. The film is out to the composer and this next week will be colorized, dialogue and special effects tracks edited. Soon, the film will be film festival ready... and soon there will be a trailer to show. Thanks to all for your encouragement and support. Filmmaking is a Saturnian grind to get to the point where it can become Neptunian inspiration... and there is more film stuff that will come down the pike soon! Stay tuned! The film links that follow provide more details. Check out the new METEORIC poster and pictures of the filming!