Reaching Farther ~ 04 Mar 2022

Mercifully we’re done with Venus and Mars to Pluto, which may have tinged psyches with moments reminiscent of 2020. Within the next day or two, the personal planets involved in the longitudinal logjam saunter into Aquarius. It is curious that this alignment coincided with the first in a series of Pluto returns for the horoscope of the United States (assuming 4 July 1776), a trend which continues through October 2023. Here’s the good news about Pluto activity. There is an upside - a huge upside - for the results during and after Pluto activity based upon strong actions taken that ride upon the clearest of intent. Yes, transformation does result though the path tends to be fraught with twists and turns prior to transformative results. Bad actors wading in the River Styx, whether consciously or not, engaged in corrupt efforts to grab power, financial gain or political controls will encounter Pluto down yonder in his domain. Pluto’s easy to visualize, playing with a radioactive toothpick in his mouth, arms all folded. Before Pluto awards the results that he does, he asks, “So that seemed like a good idea, right?”

Currently everyone is responding to the horrific war in Ukraine, whether they consciously attend to the goings on or not. While a person’s effort not positioned in Ukraine may be limited to sending funds to relief organizations, petitioning politicians, protesting in the streets or ignoring the war all together, Pluto remains in play and continues to work toward outcomes he favors. For each person the questions are: Are you good with what you’re doing and where you want to head? Do you have the stuff required for the journey? Are you propitiating the cosmos for the best outcomes, collectively and personally? Venus and Mars freely provide psychic post-it notes to address whatever the answers may be.

Saturn says, “It’s time to act Aquarian.” As of Saturday night for the western United States and early Sunday for most of the world, Venus and Mars align at exactly 0 degrees of Aquarius. This conjunction supports ones personal commitment to consciousness enriching awareness. They both spend the next few weeks working their way to Saturn, prior to joining Jupiter in Pisces in April where they individually offer aspired personal activity following Jupiter’s conjunction with Neptune in Pisces... aspired and unlimited in creative potential because of the shared rulership of Jupiter and Neptune over Pisces - the sign now transited.

Now specifically back to the present... in but hours Venus, Mars and Saturn transit Aquarius. Here’s a time to be filled with desire to want things with win-win solutions. Truly, it’s a time to do things that produce positive outcomes in every life circumstance encountered and those activities plotted to occur through the next weeks. Following are potential remedies for the archetypal personal planets and their engagement with Saturn in Aquarius, a sign he co-rules, according to classical archetypes. And how Saturn loves the traditional, the status quo, tried and true and the classics!

Venus conjunct Saturn in Aquarius 28 March

Update all needs and wants with your current awareness of life.

Value all personal assets, especially those that are quicky, eccentric and wildly innovative.

Assign monetary and tangible worth to your assets.

When negotiating your involvement or position and compensation for such activity, figure what your needs are, add 15 to 50%, ask for that amount in a stated assessment of the value you bring to the table.

Update tried and true methods as necessary. Stay current. Throw no babies out with bath water.

Dedicate this day (and a few on either side) to thinking outside the box. See how far you can stretch your ability to imagine the unimaginable. If you can imagine something, it’s no longer unimaginable and no longer something that cannot be conjured and designed.

Mars to Saturn 4 April

Commit to doing what it takes to get done what you throb to get done for as long as it takes to get it done.

Be cheerful in work activity. Speak up with innovations and corrections you deem as necessary.

Acknowledge the decisions and responsibilities of the powers that be.

Should be one of those “powers that be” take time to consider if you’re reaching into the untapped reservoirs of cosmic knowledge in sufficient measure.

Assess the pillars of knowledge as well as the pillars of organization and mundane life structure to verify stability, solidity and true to the Aquarian nature of real world things, resiliency and flexibility.

Figure what you initiate now requires engagement for 734 days, the time to when Mars and Saturn conjoin again (based upon orbital mean trajectory), or seven weeks or so longer than a revolution of Mars to the Sun. Says Aquarius, “That extra unusual ingredient you added to the recipe... it’ll take a little bit longer than you might expect to be ready. The good news: The proof in the pudding, if you persist, should please Pluto.

Conjure the plan, set the course, initiate the actions and stay that course.

More soon.

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