Pisces Push Into Awesome Aries ~ 22 April 2022

There’s more Aries ahead. Sure, the Sun left Aries for a stroll in the green pastures of Taurus. Before you know it, specifically 11 May, Jupiter enters Aries for the first of his two visitations. And before that, Venus glides from Pisces to Aries on 2 May.

Suspicions might indicate that Jupiter in Aries could be grand... awesome... with the improbable becoming probable. Indeed, this is the sign in which Jupiter travels closest to the Sun. It’s bright. It’s spectacular. It’s... well, it depends upon what one does to maximum returns with personal emotional, energetic and spiritual output. What if you don’t feel you have horses in the race? No dog in the fight? No inspiration to pursue. Then, standby...

Right now, Mars aligns with the dwarf planet, Gonggong. This creates the question: What is happening in China with the coronavirus? Why the lockdown? This passage further justifies the feeling that the world has been knocked asunder. Not only is the war in Ukraine stirring psychic uncertainty, the increase of solar activity and the resulting energy blasts received by Earth account for tingling apprehension of that which remains unknown.

Over the next days and up to Wednesday of next week Venus approaches Neptune in Pisces. Not only do the two planets with the roundest, most circular orbits in our solar system align, they work to stir surges of inspired passion. Whether it is passion for life... passion for loving or the passion of creating, it’s there. Despite everything else, hints of hope can be detected in the air. No matter if you’re examining freshly fallen colored leaves that note the arrival of autumn or the first flowers of spring, a scent of optimism can be detected by those with a nose for opportunity and hopefulness.

Creative whispers abound and they are about to be amplified. Feel what you feel and own it. Realize that what you feel does not mandate those around you feel similar things. Feelings and sensitivities are extremely personal. In terms of the creative output surges overwhelming your circuits, maybe keep those to yourself for the time being. Research and development would be a great assignment and reserving the propriety of your creative and intellectual property is welcomed. Realize that Pisces is the last sign of the “natural” order of the zodiac. As such, completions and results receive meritorious acclaim. Those things you want to do or plan to do, not so much.

As April prepares for an exit from the calendric stage, the last two days of the month enjoy Venus conjunct Jupiter in Pisces in a square to the Galactic Center. Creative inspiration evolves into focused ideas that can be harnessed or tinkered into manifestation. Again, if you tell people this amazing stuff you’re stirring in the pot of life, you’ll likely receive eye rolls and “whatever, dude,” in response. When the Galactic Center throbs, the inspirations of the moment take months - sometimes years - to be assessed as viable by the collective. Again, be inspired, document every insight and hope, do diligent work that leaves no task unattended.

As the first work week of May commences, Venus beams in Aries. This is like the endorphin rush from downing a heap of hot salsa. The fire inside is elevating, mood-enhancing and exceptionally motivating. Use this time wisely and with persistent focus. Remember that every note posted must be fully and completely addressed soon, or it will nag your psyche from the action corner of your planning board. Outline every thought until exhausted. Dedicate attention to ideas to give them texture and dimension. Then, get ready to rumble.

On 11 May, Jupiter enters Aries. Yes, he will retrograde back into Pisces later this year, returning to Aries nearly coincident with December’s solstice. Actually, as the Sun sees the goings on, Jupiter does not ingress Aries until 17 August. No matter when you call it from whatever point of view, Jupiter still comes closest to the Sun on 20 January 2023. What does this mean? Well, those items initiated during Aries time feel critical, urgent, so damn important that it impacts the sense of destiny. A now-or-never attitude may prevail. Remember when asking for support for your causes, these are your causes. Ultimatums to those who could possibly assist your efforts work against better interests. Put your best Pisces feet forward and present your ideas and ideals with hopefulness and the potential endgame for widespread distribution and effect. Then, step back and let Jupiter recede into Pisces, and pivot in November when he readies to do Aries right once and for all in this dang circle. Sure, the Jupiter retreat into Pisces could feel like ghosting. It’s not... it’s the collective catching up to the potency and value of ideas conjured with Venus and Jupiter square the Galactic Center and presented to those who need some time to process it out.

No slacking at the end of this year. Huge pushes forward despite the holidays, the world economy or the status of the planet. No exception. Remember Jupiter returns to Aries with all the “earlybird” and “those who hesitate” maxims appearing on bumper stickers with annoying glee. It’s time to be getting on. Those who do, seem not to mind the maxims. Those who don’t, do mind... and mind a lot.

The reality is, this year packs a potent creative punch. Those who train, innovate and do will be like ships in the harbor... raised by the tides and positioned and queued for the journeys ahead.

More soon.

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