One Transit Fits All ~ 29 Apr 2022

Between now and the 23rd of April 2023 everyone on Earth will have the same transit from Jupiter. Everyone? Yes. Every single solitary soul on Earth no matter their age, their sign, their location, their disposition. Every single person receives the cosmic benefits of the same impelling force from the grand big guy above. Amazing! How often does this happen? Roughly every twelve years.

The transit is a conjunction from transiting Jupiter to natal Eris. Most people on Earth enjoy Eris in Aries in the birth chart, though those about a century old have it in Pisces. No matter when a soul saw fit to incarnate, Jupiter is coming to town to inspire all of what Eris offers... which is a lot with which to reckon.

Mythologically, Jupiter knew better than to fall into any of Eris’ ploys. That’s why he possessed the good sense not to judge which goddess - Aphrodite, Athena or Hera - was the best fit with “kallista” (the fairest) when Eris rolled an apple with that inscription to the feet of the goddesses in attendance at a wedding from which she was snubbed. That’s why he knew to summon Eris to assist with the chore of reversing the entire motion of the Universe for perspective purposes in correcting what Jupiter believed was a political wrong. As is true with Ceres, Eris deserves huge respect for her existence and acute consideration of her causes and agendas. They are, in fact, primal and impactful for each and every person... as is the transit pattern on the horizon.

Eris possesses a north node (heliocentric) in Taurus and comes closet to the Sun in the sign of Libra to mark her perihelion. Ultimately, Eris works in a horoscope to evaluate ones perception of where they fit in economically and socially. Her ultimate objective stands to create a clear perspective as to what one truly needs, wants and seeks for a sensation of a perfect spirit fit in ones skin... an alignment of soul in body.

Eris despised being excluded. Yet, with her love of discord and mayhem, others perceived her as a disruptive influence... one to be shunned at all costs. All costs indeed. Eris spares no effort, energy or expense in extracting revenge for any and all slights... according to her perception.

What is one to do with the Jupiter to Eris conjunction (or series of conjunctions) to ensure that she senses her inclusion and good place in the world at large?

Evaluate all personal assets. Go heavy on defining intangible, creative attributes.

Determine what is your ideal fit for economic involvement in the world.

Assess your social status, according to you. Determine where you want to fit in and more, if you such a fit offers any benefit to the purpose of this incarnation.

Take time to consider how important it is for you to be seen and/or heard.

Review your online participation in all attributes, especially social media. Cull the unnecessary and shun any place in which trolls may be present.

Figure out everything it takes for you to thrive. Do what it takes to gain proximity to that everything.

Contemplate the accuracy of your real world assessment in regards to your skills, talents and how fully you permit your best to be seen.

What is the world to do with the Jupiter to Eris conjunctions? Well, become inclusive, empathetic and evolving... this collective result depends upon each individual upon the planet and how each individual responds to transiting conditions intended to inspire cooperation, inclusion and parity amongst all peoples.

Jupiter to Eris seeks to point out that we’re all on Planet Earth. We all need air, water, sustenance, a sense of a safe place to exist and a belief that there’s a reason for being... and that reason stands in accord with the cosmic operating system above. All humans, humanoids or human derivatives require these basic staples. Do dolphins and cats and duck-billed platypuses need this too? Not sure. But the implication is that all entities with vibration or consciousness yearn toward the greatest good does everyone good to hold as a precept on a banner.

Twelve years ago this cycle occurred and was actually the first time since the discovery of Eris that we experienced it following our conscious awareness of Eris. Instead of global unification, the time was marked by division, separatism and exclusion. As they should say, second time’s the charm. With our individual behaviors, let’s put an end to all feelings of isolation, invisibility, exclusion, excommunication and disenfranchisement. Hold that banner high... for the entirety of the next year... it’s going to take time to get everyone’s eyes on the message and respond in a congruent, conscious manner. Here’s to that. Include all. Include the transit. Invite Eris to the party. Hail Eris! Praise Jupiter!

Should you not know bundles about Eris, maybe it’s time for a consultation, half, full or multiple sessions to rework the psychic plumbing surrounding involvement in the flow of life. The links below will get you there!

Work continues on METEORIC’s edit. Scenes are falling into place and they are absolutely beautiful! And our film was perfectly acted! Can’t wait to get this film out there on the festival circuit. Stay tuned, much more to come in filmland.