Nudges From Neptune ~ 15 Apr 2022

We’re now at the end of the week in which Jupiter and Neptune conjoined in Pisces. One might suspect superlative (Jupiter and his knack for hyperbole) news about Neptune and maybe things that happened on the high seas at the very least.

This week CNN reported that the U.S. Military confirmed that on 8 Jan 2014 an interstellar meteorite splashed into the Pacific Ocean (Neptune). This splashdown became evident to astronomers in 2019 while researching the arrival of the interstellar object, Oumuamua, the first confirmed object to pass through our solar system known to be from way, way beyond (Jupiter). The astronomers suspect the meteorite impacted Earth in the Pacific Ocean off the northeast coast of Papua New Guinea with no notable mundane effects. Interesting tidbit here, Jupiter rules publishing and the astronomers presenting this discovery claim they experienced difficulty publishing their findings. And a curious coincidence... this reporting occurred while we were out in a suspected meteorite strewn field in Marana, AZ, filming a short film inspired by the June 2016 meteorite impact in Arizona, and a film that encourages looking up and maintaining reverence for the awesome things that arrive from the heavens.

Other Neptune news in the past days reveals that following a cooling on Neptune from 2003 - 2018, a temperature increase of some twenty degrees Fahrenheit near Neptune’s south pole occurred between 2018 and 2020. The warming wiped out the effects of the cooling out from the preceding years. So what, Neptune is no longer meditatively chilled out? Is this to say that when Neptune inspiration comes emerges in conscious realization the heat is on to manifest the creativity in the real world? It’s Neptune. Who knows for certain? But to hedge Neptunian bets, yes, the warmth can inspire activity - as do upcoming transits.

Finally in Neptunian nudges, the Russian battleship Moskva, the pride of the Black Sea fleet sunk following a fire this week. Russia claims the destructive issue was a fire in an ammunition magazine. Ukraine reports they sank the vessel with a direct strike from a missile that goes by the name Neptune. Given that Jupiter rules reporting and Neptunian oversees obfuscation, perhaps following primal instincts (also Neptune) presents the best truthful (Jupiter) reality.

What did Jupiter and Neptune do for you this week? Any news? How’ve those dreams been reporting from alternative layers of consciousness? Any creative ideas or inspirations nagging at you for action? If so, it is time to take note. After all, Mars dipped into Pisces with the past 24 hours will operate in transit tenure in the 12th sign while Venus aligns with Jupiter in Pisces on the 30th of April and when Jupiter enters Aries (and insisting that the getting on needs to be gotten on with!) on 10 May. Mars paddles through Pisces until 25 May when he dives into Aries - a sign he rules. Then, he works his way to a conjunct with Jupiter in Aries on 28 May. This is indeed the time for getting on with any and all inspired activities without exception. Enjoy the poking around the cosmos for cool innovations to invoke. When solid on an idea, hesitate not. The waves of Pisces rise to inspire and the actions of Aries seek to reward those who boldly innovate and pursue any and all inspirations.

As mentioned above, this week I directed my short film, METEORIC, smack dab during Jupiter (rules important messages) to Neptune (rules film) in Pisces. Here’s a photo taken by one of our crew members, very near in time to the exact conjunction.


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