Mysterious Pulses ~ 11 Feb 2022

Recently several news sources reported the appearance of mysterious pulses from space. Extraterrestrial contact? Not so much. Something those who seek to align with the guiding forces should include in current processing of cosmic insight? There we go. Mysterious pulses fraught with insights!

Astrophysicists released data of an analysis of an archival radio source that revealed a periodic low-frequency radio transient. First off, this is not a new discovery... they’ve been watching for awhile. What they are now comfortable reporting is that the source pulses every 18.18 minutes. These pulses are highly linearly polarized, and light up bright for 30 to 60 seconds across a broad frequency range. Within the overall emanation, pulses beam out in short-duration bursts of less than a half second. The conclusion... likely this object is an ultra-long period magnetar... a magnetar whose influence we’ve all been feeling whether we know it or like it or not.


Where is it? The source took a bit of tracking down, but it is the object known as J162759.5-523504.3. This weighs in with a zodiacal longitude of 254 01 10.5 or 14 Scorpio 01.

Any object that radiates across a broad frequency range symbolically implies inclusion. Since so many frequencies are included, the cosmic suggestion is to include all insights, options, alternatives and situations presented. As well, these cosmic forces observe that not only is including every person and creature a superb step toward an idealized end game, it offers an antidote for addressing the intriguing dwarf planet Eris. Now this point is highly polarized, so it likely splits opinion pretty much down the middle. Also required for assimilation, ongoing conscious attention applied for a full minute every 20 minutes or so. The recommendation: When engaged in the daily drill, pause every 18 to 20 minutes and take a minute or so to reflect on the big picture of what you’re doing in the moment to ensure the best result from this incarnation. Assess each and every blip thought that comes in during that moment of reflection. You know, there are phone apps where you can watch and listen to rain or other cool reset images of nature for 30 seconds. Sounds like a fine support mechanism to work the sequence of incoming information into life from wide-ranging galactic sources, triggered by this magnetar.

This magnetar aligns with the black hole APR220. This black hole stands out as the brightest object (or one of the brightest) in our local group of galaxies. Think of it like a lighthouse with a light that keeps you from wiping out on the rocks. Or perhaps like a navigation beacon that eases you safely to well-intended destinations.

The longitude of this cool radio source approximately aligns with the intersection of the Galactic and Super-Galactic Centers (Z/ZS). This point (not an actual object) provides the energetic impetus to include information from all sources, especially polarized sources: Up/down, east/west, north/south, right/left, red/green, topsy/turvy. Assimilating all useful thoughts, no matter the source, in theory, prompts clearer, conscious decision.

The recent reporting of this object’s existence on the somewhat buried science pages, occurred during a Saturn square from Aquarius to the degree of this object in Scorpio. There’s something to process. Saturn acknowledged and supported the object’s existence and universal purpose... it did not deny it. The long-observed energies of this anomaly had been recorded sufficiently as to provide tangible results to the mainstream consciousness - a manifestation principle indeed. As well, with symbolic assessment of something Aquarian weird and wacky, this emanating galactic object serves as a real world guide of energy management. Here’s the tool. Here’s how and when it works. How about applying it in a useful construct so that at the end of the day (a pet phrase of Saturnian effort and assessment of same effort), refresh and reset breaks cause a pilgrim on this planet to operate with greater efficiency and ease? That’s the spirit! That’s the spirit of Saturn! That’s the spirit of Aquarius! That’s the essence of a square! That’s the energetic vibe of J162759.5-523504.3 well applied and coolly integrated!

Finally, a note as to whether or not we should seriously consider the radiation from space as significant. On 3 February, a Falcon 9 rocket hurled skyward with a payload of 49 Starlink satellites. Two days before the launch, a Coronal Mass Ejection impacted the Earth’s magnetic field. As the Earth passed through the wake of the CME, the satellites now in low-Earth orbits, ran into difficulties. The GPS devices detected significant atmospheric drag - greater than 50% higher than previous launches. Starlink command placed the satellites in safe mode to decrease drag. However, the CME effects prevented the satellites from commencing orbit raising maneuvers. Up to 40 of the satellites have reentered or will soon reenter the Earth’s atmosphere and have fallen from the sky! Chicken Little was right!


Coronal Mass Ejections tend to increase with notable heliocentric angles between the planets. From the Sun’s point of view, the day of the CME Jupiter in Pisces squared Mars in Sagittarius. Mercury in Virgo opposed Neptune and quincunxed Saturn in Aquarius. Certainly those patterns can rile the Sun and no doubt Earth walkers are impacted as well.


If one considers chakras or the energy field to be ones personal GPS in navigating life, what energetic disturbances may have shifted decisions and real world conscious attention at the same time?


More soon!!