Midyear Martian Motivation ~ 17 Jun 2022

Already? It’s time for the midyear check-in. How are those resolutions for this calendric go around, or the objectives set forth on your solar return ticking off the list as the middle of the year approaches? It’s tough out there... the war in Ukraine, the economy, flooding, the drought in other regions, supply chain issues, COVID seemingly is with us forever, gas prices... to name a few... what’s a seeker on Planet Earth supposed to do?

Given Mercury now transits home turf, as a primary task heighten all communication sensors. Try reading the signs and listening to input... especially that input not intended for you. If you overhear a conversation while in the coffee queue and it strikes a chord, take note. Should a billboard capture your attention for no apparent reason and jar your psyche, take note. There was an axiom back in the days when I used to do electronic circuitry design... when two people stare at a complication spellbound by a lack of solutions, a passerby will come along and annoyingly point out the obvious answer. As much as any time, such informational interlopers presently rule the day. Pay attention to all input, especially the evidently critical, realizing the input seeks more information, more than anything else.

Upon the realization that others need to hear more from you to lock on and track your aspirations, with that input considered, sharpen your messaging.

And with that in place consider that today, Mars in Aries, semi-sextiles Uranus in Taurus. True, this is a minor aspect. A minor aspect that seeks the spark-making device required to reignite the fires of fecundity. The lingering question remains: How do I get motivated at this point of the dang year, with all the mundane goings on, and my prospects seemingly in such a strange place? Seek the flint... the lighter... and if you can’t find anything suitable to ignite a light to see through the veil of this time, take a Uranian tact: rub two sticks together until ignition occurs. Truly, it’s a time to do something off the wall and a bit out of the comfort zone to get light shed upon life.

With the light in place, the realization of “what’s next?” might take a few days - until 23 June, specifically. Collectively at this time, things click in terms of what should be done next as Mars in Aries semi-sextiles the North Node of the Moon in Taurus. One might muse, “Here’s a thing to do that contributes to causes I am pursuing that I wasn’t necessarily considering.” A thing it is... a thing that induces momentum and eases the wheels of life free from the rut.

The engagement with this course-correction task needs a few days to focus in terms of what it’s actually offering. On 27 June, Mars directly matches wits with the cantankerous Eris in Aries. She is not to be excluded. So, Mars playfully nudges and prompts, if you don’t want to be left behind, what are you picking up to carry forth, and how might you be using this to ensure the daylight doesn’t burn away around you? Mars mischievously winks at Saturn in Aquarius, knowing that Saturn loves it when a person shifts away from any attitude that precludes dedicated and determined action in life.

Saturn, by the way, recently stationed near enough to a black hole (Cygnus X-3) to count as conjunct. The upshot of the station: Before moving forward again, ensure that any reaction or emotional clearing that was required, fully occurred. Carry no unnecessary baggage forward.

So, lit up my Mars semi-sextiles to the node and Uranus, engaged with Saturn in Aquarius and skipping with Eris in Aries, Mars now looks to “what’s next?” What’s next is big... but before that, remember that as 2022 concludes, Mars retrogrades in Gemini... in the sign where the Sun and Mercury currently convene to conduct whatever productive magic they might conjure. Mars, and the use of transits to him, through the balance of the year suggestively require attention and alertness. Simple stuff really. The proper tool for the proper job... the proper torque for the most effective duration highlights text in the mandates of Mars. Mercury love highlighting. The Sun loves to muse over highlighted text for purposes of absorption and conscious clarity... with that in mind and applied in consciousness, consider what Mars does next.

As June concludes and July commences, Mars in Aries moves into a square to his compatriot when it comes to ruling Scorpio, Pluto. The square between Mars in Pluto always asks: Are you barking, or you gonna take a bite out of life? Are you well-well intended? You do realize this is going to change everything going forward, most important, your perception of personal privacy, right? Are you up to the task? How big can you conjure this becoming? Can you fill that space with whom and what you are?

Those are not questions intended to dissuade, produce angst or scare the bedookies out from under the bed for direct confrontation. Those are questions intended to focus the flame of life going forward and to ensure that priorities remain clear, attention stands at attention, and focus prevails in the pursuit of life progress.

One might say, “Sure, I know all this. I had the oil changed and things that can wear out checked. All is good. Good to go.” To which Pluto wryly offers, “Then, act like it.”

And so it goes, midyear checkup in place, reaffirm, reconfirm and recommit. There’s a whole half year ahead before we toss this calendar in the recycle bin.

More soon.

So, if you’re needing a tweak to that midyear checkup, how’s about a Galactic Report? Or maybe present a couple of check-in questions, or seek out a consultation... or maybe a series of consultations to keep those spinning plates of aspiration in proper motion. As always, the links below will get you there.

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