Mercury, Mars and Meteors ~ 27 May 2022

Mercury goes direct in about a week. Good riddance, right? Add to this the conjunction of Mars to Jupiter in Aries in two days, and things are powering up to get back to the getting on!

The hope would be that everyone grabs the grand potential of those plump opportunities signaled by Mars to Jupiter, true? This conjunction signals a potent surge of energy that happens every two years or so. Given one has their head on straight, knows what beliefs predicate which behaviors, and feels the burst of grand and grander energies to come, there would be no hesitation whatsoever, right? It’s trigger-pulling time for great projects.

So it would seem. However, those who give Mercury’s mischievousness more attention than required might be prompted into hesitation. After all, one might observe, Mercury stations in Taurus while forming a testy square to Saturn in Aquarius. That’s certainly true. The mercurial interrogative then becomes, “So are you willing to put this innovative concept in your pocket out there?” Given all the work you’ve done on it to see if it has legs, might as well work it to see if it produces financial gain or not. Those tentative about Mercury slowing for their station, might reply, “No. I’ll wait until Mercury goes direct.”

Too bad because as provocative transits form, they hold the greatest potency for getting good stuff in motion right prior to the exact conjunction. Again, should hesitation occur in the face of Mars to Jupiter in Aries, riding the back end of the aspect does bring gain... but not as much as moving when time is prime. The collective horn-honking filling the air clearly indicates the impatience of those observing those persons hesitating to be taking up space with no appreciable nor contributive gain.

Let’s go back to that Mercury-Saturn square. If this aspect gets to have its say, what about all the other aspects to Mercury simultaneously in effect at their prograde station?

Mercury at the upcoming station semi-sextiles Eris in Aries. Semi-sextiles (and their counterpart quincunxes) tend to bring unexpected awareness to situations. For individuals, often acclaim and recognition of one’s competence if on display easily emerges in real-life situations. Eris is not to be left out. A logical cognitive step is if one asserts what they can do, and offer samples of previous work, one could be included in very desirable circumstances to utilize all attributes. Remember not to low ball your “economic ask” for compensation doing things you love to do.

Mercury at the upcoming station trines Pluto in Capricorn. The key phrase for Mercury and Pluto in any combination is: “The truth is.” Ultimately, only one person must know the truth... yourself. It’s worth recalling that Mercury has a hall pass in and out of the underworld when doing the bidding of either Jupiter or Pluto. Should one consciously recognize pure life desire and be honest with the self that desire is truly, verily what one wants, then this stamp at the upcoming Mercury station stands to support all consciously realized and accepted agendas without judgment and without limitation.

Mercury at the upcoming station, stands within a degree of a sextile to Neptune in Pisces. So all that creativity that you’d unleash if only the world permitted you to do so... well, its time is now. No holding back. Sure, Mercury remains square Saturn and maybe the in the moment reaction does not seem favorable. Give others, those hearing your ideas, a chance to process... trust that the process of “sleeping on it” might render great responses a short time down the road. Most important here, what you reveal about your skills, talents and attributes have a chance to be recognized. What is kept under wraps, not at all.

One more thing here for the next few days, on the 31 of May (plus or minus a night) a meteor shower could erupt courtesy of the Earth’s passing through the debris stream from Comet 73P (Schwassmann-Wachmann3). What this does astrologically is nil. What this offers to hope, inspiration and filling the psyche with good stuff is substantial. There’s no guarantee this potential display will happen. Still, if one goes out and scans the night skies, something amazing happens... the sense of hope and awe becomes stimulated. Perspective can be regained. The required wonder for creative projects may be fortified. Even if no meteor streaks are seen, looking up tends to reset perspective.

If there is a meteor shower, then awesome! Regardless, this is a perfect time to mention that my short film, METEORIC, filmed under April’s Jupiter-Neptune conjunction, nears completion. As Mars and Jupiter align, the score will be approved. Then, final tweaks and technical stuff wraps up and it’ll be a movie. A trailer will soon be posted on the film’s website. Stay tuned!

Meanwhile, preproduction for another short film I will direct, UNBRIDLED, written by the talented and enigmatic Lesley Lillywhite, is underway. This film will be produced under our film company’s banner Stellium Films... after all, it takes a heap of stars in one place to make a movie.

So that’s why there was no SkyScraping last week. Between astrological consultations and answering client questions, the black holes that are everywhere, warped time from last week’s schedule. It remains true that early birds catch the worms. If you jump on the links below you can schedule astrological work in one of the windows allocated to ensure that clients receive the best astrological input ever. So, click on and we’ll get you on the books and fully percolating in synch with the planets’ passages overhead!