Materializing Momentum ~ 08 Jan 2022

The New Year, a tad more than a week old, trudges forward with deliberate day-by-day steps. By now, most have heard from others things like “circle back to be at the end of the month,” “I don’t have the bandwidth,” “let’s get through the current COVID surge first,” or “I need a little more time to figure out the material tangibility of some intangible I’m mentally sorting.” Where we presently stand is with the Sun more than halfway through Capricorn, Mars more than halfway through Sagittarius and today Venus reaches the halfway point of her retrograde, by virtue of the fact that she now conjoins the Sun at what astronomers call the inferior conjunction. Inferior conjunction occurs when a planet closer to the Sun than Earth, aligns in between those two bodies. No implication of less than or unworthy is implied. Thus, it’s time to get materializing and manifesting in a productive manner.

Like the Sun, Venus travels Capricorn. Soon, slowing as she approaches her seeming no motion point - her station. Here she changes course to resume her forward motion on 29 January. She resumes more of her traditional sauntering sashay as she dredges past Pluto between the 2nd and 3rd of March.

Fine, that’s all in our near future. What about now? Actually, when a retrograde planet aligns with the Sun and Earth axis in conjunction, despite the cattywampus spin assigned to retrogrades, an interval of impeccable clarity occurs. The clarity sheds conscious attention (Sun) on how to make the retrograde in play viable in the real world (Earth) through the nature of that planet. So right now... as in today and likely tomorrow your personal cobwebs can be whisked away and determinations of what steps you need to take next appear along with sufficient inclination to release the clutch and shift gears.

Time for martial action perchance. In the moment Mars passes in front of several Sagittarian black holes. Given Mars is who he is, ready to pull the trigger yesterday, here are some easy to assimilate bullet point summaries prescribed for this passage to these super singularities.

> Practice what you preach. If you can’t uphold an axiom, stop preaching it.


> Seek insight only from higher sources. Forget about peer reviews. According to the black holes, at best, peer persuasion is lateral insight. Learn from masters, the experts, the best of the best (regardless of material or not material costs).


> Realize what you know and act like you know it. Speak with authority without diminishing tones toward those who do not yet possess similar realizations.


> Put everything you know into action.


> Better yet, MacGyver your way into applying everything you know. Like the TV character, locate and employ unconventional problem-solving skills that appear only when presented with circumstances that require doing things you don’t know you know how to do.

The support from the personal planets outlines and synthesizes the classic “realize the want/need” agenda of Venus with the “how do I get needs or wants met?” archetypally associated with Mars. This year starts with these planets in an unusual circumstance. Mars moves faster than Venus, given her current retrograde. From where he stands in Sag, he closes in on Capricorn, entering the sign of his exaltation on 24 January following a week long extraction of galactic insight from our galaxy’s core. Then, Mars proceeds to move into conjunction to Venus in early February, depending upon what one considers a reasonable orb for the personal planets. The two planets closest to Earth remain in virtual conjunction into the third week of March! That’s more than a month of energy perfectly designed to manifest goals and desires!

Mars overtakes Venus on 17 February, a most unusual occurrence in planetary motion. He maintains his lead as he conjoins Pluto in Capricorn on March 3. Venus follows suit the next day. The two do their best to dig up and expose underworld agendas such as coveting and avarice. Pluto would like it to be known that he kindly supports mortals with gifts from his domain if he fancies their intentions. When fevered intentions rise, discern between “need it” and “want it,” and with such discernment as substrate, feel the inner burning Mars and Pluto love to stoke and commit full attention and cause to bringing about what serves your spirit and purposes.

Venus resumes her organic lead of Mars through the circus of critters and mythological hybrids that is the zodiac as they enter Aquarius the same day - 6 March. An important shift occurs here. Reaching ahead to this shift with the consciousness awareness of today’s Sun-Venus-Earth alignment lubricates the grinding gears of gumption during personal Plutonian surges and the influence exerted over the Venus-Mars conjunction at hand. Bottom line: You want what you want. You want to do what you want to do. Clear out restrictive thoughts that may impinge upon clearheaded psychic pursuit of your endeavors. Think forward to early March when the planets bracketing the Earth, supercharge the intent of your demands and desires and convert those into contributive assets and agendas that can be applied for the good of all humankind. Such insight converts your goals into the realm of “cool” according to Aquarius, granting platinum endowment to the strata of consciousness.

It’s time to motivate for 2022 fully realizing that this year, more than any other, everything you do serves the purposes of your reason for incarnation and more important, serves the well-being of the planet and everything upon it!.

More soon.

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