Looking Up - The Enduring Activity ~ 17 March 2022

Here we are at the cusp of the vernal equinox... and of Venus and Mars advancing in Aquarius to conjoin Saturn... and the imminent conjunction between Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces. One might think that this is a time to step out and move forward - an evident natural fit for the energies. Such a thought is true. Why then does it feel so damn weird out there of late? Is it the Ukranian War? Is it the global economy? Is it that there’s yet another variant being found in waste water? Or is it the effects the transits and of Coronal Mass Ejections.

This is multiple choice. Choose the transits above and other transits not noted. Choose the mundane circumstances noted above and those not noted which align with the transits as a matter of synchronicity, coincidence or determinism. Choose to add the potent energetic influences of CMEs.

Let’s consider the CMEs for a moment. Earlier this week and still in effect now, a CME blasted Earth and her atmosphere. As this happened, it wiped out the standard matrix of cosmic radiation that would normally populate (enrich, inspire, enhance) our atmosphere. Once this happened the radiation worked its way back toward normal, then radically subsided again. The up and down feels like something should be there to count on for support and inspiration, yet it cannot be located.

Traditionally, when CMEs blast the Earth a human (or any living entity) experiences a bit of a disconnect. For people it tends to feel like a short circuit between the body and the spirit that inhabits the body. It stands as a condition in which the traditional head versus heart battle becomes radically intensified. Outbursts of fragmented or knee jerk reactions abound. Hypersensitivity prevails. Things go energetically cattywampus as the CME-induced norm.

Solar Cycle 25, by all accounts, is increasing, and appears to be stronger than Solar Cycle 24 when it hit its apex. Are we to assume the Solar Cycle generated CMEs will continue to knock out more comic radiation? Yes. This is good news for those ascending to greater heights than the average person: those who climb mountains, fly in airplanes or travel into space. These folks will be subject to less cosmic radiation - the physical effects of that cosmic radiation can be damaging. Good news, right?

So it would seem. However, the flow of the normal blanket of cosmic vibes are interrupted. Will this add “it’s complicated” to the normally uber-stimulating CME energies? One might safely assume this to be so. Is there a sense of disconnection felt as cosmic radiation is mitigated? Or does it feel better?

Perhaps this is personal. If so, how’s this week been for you? If groovy, expect more grooving to come. If uncertain, discombobulating, or whatever, it is certain that more of that will likely amplify the natural effects of planetary transits during CMEs. Regardless of how this week worked for you, pay attention to the cues that life gave you and how your energy interacted with the cosmic stage direction. File away those peculiar reactions and when hints of similar vibes appear, you’ll know how to address the energies at hand. Establish protocols to react to whatever may occur, without assuming that circumstances headed your way possess any malefic inference. Establish yourself as a positively proactive protagonist in your life and address all circumstances fully aware of what hangs on your natal tool belt of assets

Between now and the first few days of April, the planets that bracket the Earth in the solar system, Venus and Mars, engage Saturn. They seek to manifest anything and everything that’s good for you, your aspirations and whatever may ail you. Immediately following, Jupiter and Neptune collaborate with their creative spirits in Pisces in the second full week of April. This a good thing as both grand gaseous planets involved here co-rule Pisces. Will creativity abound? Yes. Will peace break out? Let us hold out that hope. Will gas prices go down? Yes, but probably not without the imposition of mandates and consequences on those going plutocratic with pricing underworldly sourced products.

Still, it’s time to unfold promising plans... those plans that are kept close to the vest for good reason. Those plans that one might experience timidity while expressing... to that say the transits, get over it and be bold with presentations of those agendas purporting great impact. Hold your spirits high. Command your consciousness to invoke the spirit for full manifestation of potential. That’s the ticket. Keep looking up!

As it turns out, I’ve been in consultation with a meteor/meteorite expert in preparation for directing the short film I wrote about two couples in pursuit of a witnessed meteor impact. I’ve learned heaps that I didn’t know about meteors becoming meteorites and how “falling stars” actually arrive on the surface of our planet. Now I am aware of the multitude of meteorites that similar to cosmic rays, pepper the planet. In fact, more than 6,000 meteors approach Earth annually. Have you ever considered while on a hike that you might actually be stepping rocks that could be gifts from other worlds? From the heavens? Sure we dig into the realm of Pluto for precious gemstones, not to mention coveted oil and gas. But on the surface of the planet are rocks that could have come from the Moon, Mars, a comet or asteroid. They could have contributed to the first essence of life on Earth. Next time there’s a meteor shower, head out and take it in. Observe the magical show in the heavens, free with no need for subscription or commitment in perpetuity. Be awestruck and know that while life unfolds down here, the order of the heavens remains in operation above with a most watchful eye.

Here’s a fun irony. The gent with whom I’ve been conversing about meteorites, Geoff Notkin, is one of the cast of THE METEORITE MEN... a reality show that is now streaming guess where? The Pluto network. Check out his website: https://aerolite.org/ and check out the show. It’s fascinating! Geoff is listed in the acknowledgments on METEORIC's website: www.meteoricmovie.com, on the “Special Thanks” page. You can be listed on this page under the “Friends of the Film” category should you donate to the film. This is a far more complex film than my previous short and the directorial and budgetary demands match in complexity. If you feel inclined to donate, you will be recipient of good vibes from the entire cast and crew and listed as a Friend of the Film.

Now should you be in a place where some support in looking up is needed, the links below will guide you to where you can arrange for a consultation, or half consultation, or multiple consultations. I am directing a portion of every consultation fee to the expenditures and necessities of the film. Not only do you get the insight you require, you’ll be aiding in the production of this film. There’s also the must have Galactic Report, the insight of which is similar to catching a falling star and holding it as a token of cosmic fortuitousness. So click on.