Look Up Into 2022 (and beyond) ~ 2 Jan 2022

Here we stand but two day steps in the infancy of a new year. Mercifully, 2020 and all of its nightmarish hangover, appears more distant in the rearview mirror. The recovery efforts of 2021 also reside in the past. Cheers to that! Time to look up and into all that 2022 brings and what lies beyond.

Right now, as in today, Mars stands on Great Attractor. Spread out your arms! Include everything you encounter... persons, places and things! Realize that the superlatively intense gravity of the moment bends light so severely nothing can be placed out of view or hidden. With the light warp, a slight adjustment of position permits seeing behind all objects. This is a time for transparency, especially regarding intentions and actions on the cusp of execution.

To further support this superlative Sagittarian transit, know what you know and agree that starting now... in this instant... every task you conduct receives support from the vast access of knowledge you acquired and possess. This vast access includes the stuff previously learned that you can call up from memory, and better, new insights that appear from the questions stemming from the demands of the time. When asked you what you know, say what that is and make sure you include the knowledge on the tip of your tongue, downloaded from cosmic sources that have not yet needed to be visible. Light is light... including that light not within the visible “conscious” spectrum. When others push you toward the hub of the collective wheel of thought, take the position without apology or reticence, and confidently access the surges of insight that not only enter your brain, but fill and vibrate within the entirety of the physical being. Be assured. Be optimistic and keep looking up toward the celestial sources that fill you.

To put a conscious pin in the moment, here’s a visual representation afforded by Dennis Taylor’s (Shuttervita) photograph of Comet Leonard, taken recently in Arizona.


Coming off the martial awareness of the red planet on the Great Attractor, the Earth moves to perihelion on 4 January - the closest point to the Sun in the annual revolution around our star. Significantly, the very same day, another annual event on Earth’s zodiacal odometer transpires... the Earth aligns with the fixed star Sirius on 4 January, the day that the Sun opposes its shining rival. Sirius is the brightest stellar object in our local system other than the Sun. Sirius represents fidelity to the causes of ones soul and notes that the best means of supporting brilliant efforts is to shed any distasteful emotional reaction. To trust the gut level instincts, the belly barometer must be clear. Prepare to drop the emotional load of the past and spiritually scrub up in the present so the future is shiny as a newly minted coin.

A key point here with Sirius, especially as the Earth lingers at its “I need to retreat to restore my clear-headed approach to life.” Once the unpleasantries of the past are released, attend to filling the open space created with good cheer, strong sustenance and positivity. Eat something vibrant after an emotional purge and permit it to nurture your physical being, and simultaneously spread it nutritive energy throughout every fiber of your being.

Given time to reflect and recompose sensibilities, and encouraged by clearing of all reactions that do not further, the combined letting go process leaves space for an epiphany!

The epiphany annually occurs on 6 January and marks the arrival of the Magi to witness the newborn Jesus. This event would not have happened without the celestial knowledge possessed by the Magi, their skyward gazing, and following the unique conjunction of planets they observed above. Consider this date one of agreeing to observe and follow the guidance of all that resides above with the canopy of celestial consciousness.

On 8 January Venus conjoins the Sun and opposes the Earth, marking the halfway point of her current retrogradation. The questions posed to all by the stimulation above: What do you want? What do you need? What would enable you to thrive while on this planet and make your mark in a contributing manner? Great questions, deserving of thoughtful, consciousness-rich replies.

Jupiter, fresh in Pisces, on 18 January aligns with Gonggong. Though a dwarf planet, Gonggong ranks in importance on the same tier as Eris. About the size of Pluto’s moon, Charon, Gonggong strolls around the Sun every 553.7 years, very close the orbital period of Eris. Gonggong’s heliocentric node is 6 Pi 52 and his perihelion lines up at 4 Li 23. He possesses a daily rotation of 22.4 hours, which closely aligns with Earth’s day. Like Eris and Earth for orbital reasons, Gonggong stresses compassion in all relational matters and suggests absolute acceptance for the most important relationship in anyone’s life... the relationship with oneself. Cut yourself the same slack you would grant others. Treat yourself fairly, respectfully and soulfully. Here, Jupiter is in town, so give yourself great graces and present yourself with all opportunities you perceive that serve to satisfy the soul.

The transiting heliocentric Jupiter-Gonggong midpoint today weighs in at 7 Pisces 00, very close to Gonggong’s heliocentric node. The nuance confirms the need to maintain a clear vision of the heavens and all they portend. Given Gonggong’s mythology implies he is responsible for the tilt of the Earth in space, the prevailing question is: What is your inclination about the state of the world and your place in it? What are you inclined to do with insights granted? Are you being fair and gentle and firm with yourself in ensuring that those things that rock your soul are part of your daily way of life? Are you looking up and taking it all in?

As the month changes from September to October in 2029, Gonggong will travel as close to the Sun as he gets every five and a half centuries. Could this era mark global shifts in consciousness? Could there be a new slant on pretty much the way everyone perceives relationships with everyone else on the planet and the planet itself? Suggests Gonggong, “Yes, mark this time. A large shift in consciousness shall be the result. It shall impact individuals. It shall impact nations. The east and the west shall find commonalities that afford inclusion, cooperation and infinitely more peaceful times ahead.”

As much as astrologers were able to perceive in advance the chaos and mess that 2020 would become, now it is time to look forward and see when humankind starts to become that... human and kind. Set this time of 2029 as an era of evolution, of increasing enlightenment, and a time in which everything is radically different based upon individual progress and personal growth. Gonggong will be as close to the Sun as he gets. Pluto transits Aquarius. Sedna resides in Gemini and perhaps we will know of Planet 9 and all that it affords in supporting and inducing evolving consciousness.

The prescription of looking upward assigned by the arrival of 2022, recommends an intentional interval of so doing for seven years. For one quarter of a Saturn cycle... for one transit of Uranus through a sign... and in the overall scheme of things, an interval of discipline that shall make the integration of the awareness of the heavens above completely second nature.

Dig in folks. Jupiter’s transit of Pisces will bring about access to refined personal creativity. Then, as he enters Aries, the sign in which he comes closest the Sun, the getting on is getting quite good.

More soon.

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