In the Bullpen of Transits ~ 21 Jan 2022

Tomorrow marks the midpoint of Mercury retrograde in Capricorn. As such, it marks a conscious commitment for a willful mental reset instead of the usually provoked shift required the by mundane messiness that commonly becomes happenstance during the fleet-footed one’s backstepping. The reset stands to drive personal participation back into all real world plot points. Often, those who know of Mercury’s backward motion hesitate. When Mercury stands conjunct the Sun and opposes the Earth, light - as in conscious attention - must be shed on all matters of the sign Mercury transits. Here, it’s about time, commitment to cause, the funds required and contractual agreements that necessitate fulfillment of significant agendas. Yes, it’s Saturday and technically not a work day. Still, e-mails can be sent. Ink can be placed on the dotted (or solid) line of legal paperwork and phone calls can be made. Decisions can be made as well. Good decisions that propel efforts forward with progressive intention.

Basically, most folks seem tired of the repeated communications from the concerns of the planet. Most are weary of stalled efforts and fussy last stands with no chance of survival (symbolically). Delays zap energy and indecision... that feels like an intolerably tight pair of chonies. With tomorrow’s Mercury to the Sun and Earth combo platter, stop with the horary/I-Ching questions and decide to get it underway in the best-known way according to your spirit’s instincts.

Perhaps that suggestion feels universally bossy, even dictatorial. Consider that now we are in a bullpen of transits. Sedna firmly stands in Taurus for yet several more years. Uranus paws out his line in the pen in Taurus. As of a few days ago, the guiding gizmo contained in the north lunar node occupies Taurus. Sure that can feel a bit dominating, even bossy, and as if the Universe intervenes in all material and fiscal plans. Consider that Sedna and the nodes trine Pluto in Capricorn. That’s an aspect of presumed, greased fluidity to water the ground, and a pattern that promises results to doers.

Sure Pluto in Capricorn feels daunting. It feels like to get good stuff done, huge, over-the-line risks must be taken. Bear in mind, Pluto’s been in Capricorn for more than a decade. We should be used to this, right? Currently, Venus in Capricorn taunts Pluto with her retrograde tap dance around direct conjunctions. She’s uber-determined while in this sign to get everything she wants. As noted, Mercury monkeys with the collective economic works while in Capricorn... there’s likely a heap of apprehensive prompts tweeted out during their retrograde that will not come to pass. Are they simply teases to the psyche or road sign life cautions to avoid pitfalls ahead?

Mars negotiates his Capricorn ingress on 24 January. He remains in the sign of his exaltation through early March. During this tenure, Mercury turns direct. So does Venus. So then, do we dare anticipate the delaying trends yield to progress. That depends on how Mars might be applied. The transits bullying humans with personal buffets possess the agenda of summoning and arousing the application of thorough personal determination. Let us recall that the sign over which Mars holds unshared rulership is Aries... that’s all about the core of any person.

Lest we forget, Chiron and Eris run their course in longer term transits in Aries - the sign of courageous (sometimes perhaps foolish) and instinctive self-representation. Before we know it, Jupiter catches Chiron in Aries (March 2023). The next month Jupiter moves along to engage Eris (April 2023).

Both these transits deserve placement into the “remarkable” category. First, Jupiter resolved Chiron’s eternal pain. On the emotional and psychic level, the task of these two is to find creative, healing means to resolve laments, worries, fears and emotional aches. Second, Jupiter conspired with Eris to reverse the order of the heavens for one day, just long enough to shift perspective such that wrongs (according to Jupiter’s perspective) could be righted.

Spring one year from now stands as a time in which amazing mental and psychic healing occurs. An era of liberation from lament collectively shakes our daily concerns free of dust and debris. That is, for those who step into the opportunities at hand to shift perspectives such that previous sticking points are fantastically eradicated. Really? Yes, for those who dare reach to Jupiter and present the full package of self-assured soulfulness, the wheel of fortune is likely to turn.

A half year later, the north node triggers Eris (October 2023). This presents a time of remarkable attitude shifts that potentially resolve personal and global issues of inequality and exclusion. On the personal front, trust that everyone and everything that crosses your path is there for a reason. Take it in, extract the insight(s) that result(s), and infuse that ball of wax into your perceptions of personal enlightenment.

In two years time, with Mars in Capricorn again, with Jupiter in Taurus and Pluto inches away from Aquarius, the nodes prepare to engage Chiron in Aries in the weeks that follow. Here, there is a reminder of where we are now. In fact, as 2024 rolls around, the results of what decisions are made in the next six weeks or so become clearly evident as proof in the pudding.

Why go this far out in time, especially now? It’s about perspective. Right now, many succumb to the retrogrades and miss the premonitions of the groovy transits to occur in the not so distant future. The more than month long Venus to Mars transit evolving from Capricorn into Aquarius... very groovy. The conjunction of Jupiter to Neptune in April... groovy vibes in abundance. These are progressive, optimistic, psychically encouraging transits, underscored by Chiron and Eris in Aries demanding that each and every person on Earth get a clear grip on all the assets in their nature. Muster courage, fortitude and weave those with insights and aspirations, then apply those with unlimited abandon!

The essence is that of moving out of standby modes and into full presentation of self and spirit so the Universe can provide the appropriate award for ones best, intentional action. Starting now...

More soon.

Should you be coalescing your creativity, fortifying your spirit and getting yourself good to go, astrological support may be invaluable. Consider booking a consultation, series of consultations, asking a question, ordering up a Galactic Report or more. There’s no time like now. Mars is fixing to get all exalting and such... might as well follow suit. The links below lead the way to adding insight to your current campaigns.