Fractal Flames and Other Things Pisces ~ 18 Feb 2022

As of today, the two largest objects in our solar system, the Sun and Jupiter, share Pisces with Neptune. Following a brief sharing of their brilliance in a conjunction for a few days either side of 5 March both fix to line up with Neptune. The Sun highlights Neptune on 12 March, which sets a conscious agenda for the joining of the gaseous giants on 11 April... a time in which all things conjured can be created - or at least initiated.

Before interacting with Jupiter or Neptune, the Sun transits the dwarf planet, Gonggong, on 22 February. Given Gonggong’s mythological origin hails from China, an assessment of Chinese influences deserves illumination. Consider the Olympics, or more, ones attitude toward them. Are Olympians heroes? Do the Olympics create international goodwill or have they been reduced to political spitting contests between countries, and worse, fodder for Twitter users. How about some wonder for ancient philosophies originating in China? Is there clarity for a western mind to consider elements of the Tao? Or the proverbs of Confusism? Where does your faith lie? Could belief systems strengthen with inclusion of far-reaching, foreign concepts? That’s rhetorical, but gaining ground as a thought to apply during the Pisces transits to come.

Consider this picture that comes from the creative portfolio of Dennis Taylor of Take a moment to engage with his “fractal flame” image.


Young Cosmos

This stunning picture is what you want it to be. Is it a donut with celestial sparkles? An embryo? A tunnel into alien galactic dimensions where the grandest of consciousness and creativity resides? What matters is to let the image take you where you can let yourself go. Feel everything you feel. Let images fleet through your mind. No matter how you feel about the images, do what you can do to assimilate those images into your immediate awareness. Conscious attention, as the Sun notes, is where you shine light to see more clearly. This leads to focus that derives benefit from any mental wandering or creative pondering. Stare at a painting. Watch water as it swirls down the drain. Create images in the clouds. Fall into your fingerprints. Permit free association to lead you from one nugget to another... and the creative consciousness that organically results.

Let the Pisces transits lead you. Where your conscious attention lies in the moment is where creativity yearns for fulfillment. No point in pushing a rope. Absorb the impressions and use every transiting uplifting influence to assist in full-blown, Piscean aspiration... and more, how you fancy that you’ll be able to execute those aspirations. Similar to the fantasy of having two strikes in your at-bat in the bottom of the 9th and then smacking the game winning home run. Or turning the perfect penta-axel on Olympic ice. Are you able to envision the heroic flourish that occurs from well-placed inspired actions streaming live from Piscean celestial nudges?

With Pisces, there’s a curious sense of knowing when something is coming. You can feel it. Even if not yet in sight, the presence of change and opportunity can be perceived in advance.

As with any sign, and especially with grand ole Jupiter and way-out there Neptune, care and caution should be applied when engaging any Piscean aspiration. Develop your five senses and attune your real-world observations to contribute to any other-worldy perceptions such that willy-nilly and reckless abandon have no place in your plans. There are distinctions between knowing what will happen and what outcomes can be altered with conscious attention in the moment. There is a difference between psychism and paranoia. There is a difference between blind faith and can-do confidence. There is a place where the five physical senses support and enhance and those perceptions that originate in other realm. This is that place. These are those times.

This is particularly true on 16 February as Jupiter opposes Orcus (the other Pluto) in Virgo. If you’re going to agree to do something, you must know in your bones it’s the correct choice to take. “After all,” reminds Orcus, “agreeing to a course of action is a promise, if not to others, certainly to yourself.” It is also massively true as the Sun opposes Orcus (and Psyche) in the first several days of March.

No transit is hermetically sealed. At the same time the Sun works with Orcus and Psyche to dive deep into dreams and images of what lies beyond, Venus and Mars are uber conjunct in the waning degrees of Capricorn with Pluto barely in the rear view mirror. Practicality and reality combine homogeneously with creativity and inspiration if a dollop of consciousness is heaped into the stew. Simply, ones piece of the pie can be cut.

Within the pie slicing, the enhanced need for clear and concise perception veils current activities. There’s a heap of strange news infused in the goings on of the world. It seems that conspiracies might make more sense during prolific Piscean planetary pushes. Think of how we’ve been distracted from doing great things because of the worry caused by conspiracies slated to wipe out the planet in one form or another. Consider the past few decades and the conspiracies that fluxed the airwaves. The most grounded seemed to be Y2K. There was the Nostradamus predicting a major earthquake on the San Andreas Fault and everything east of it falling into the Atlantic Ocean - based upon misinterpretation of a quatrain. There was the photon belt. The Mayan Calendar ending global mayhem certain to ensure doom. Still, Planet Nibiru and the end of the world scenarios persist based upon flawed astronomical speculations. Keep in mind, that those who lack a crystal sense of their own creative capabilities may resort to scaring the crap out of everyone else to cultivate a sense of global reach.

With Pisces, reign in worry consciousness. It’s difficult during Pisces to do so, but a reach to Orcus in Virgo can help. Don’t buy into the absurd. Use practical and divine logic to offset mundane concerns. If a psychic reports that when you walk down a street a duck will drop a brick on your head and cause your demise, it’s tough not to look up when walking about. Never mind that webbed feet are not great for grabbing bricks, nor the fact that a duck would have to be really big to carry a brick in flight and the improbable randomness of the duck flying directly over your head some fateful day.

Fight for clear sensibilities. Fight to avert fear, worry, fretting, over-thinking, conjuring mental doom. Instead of succumbing to paranoia, nasty what if scenarios, install clear thinking as a baseline and build upon that baseline with the free Piscean pulses coming your way. Determine that no matter what, all elements of your creative inspiration can and must be used in the immediate and get on with getting it good.

Step right up into the cosmic fun house. Fall into and through a vortex of light. Cultivate receptivity to each and every insight that the Sun, Jupiter and Neptune assure shall swirl in the collective for all who can tune in and apply. It is a time when the getting is good. So get getting.

More soon.

This is the time to gather all resources and tools to ensure you build up a proper and full head of steam. This is the time to dive into a personal Galactic Report. Or to schedule that overdue consultation... or series of consultations. For some, posing a quick question might open the doors. Or if you’d live to pursue a deep galactic dive, maybe it’s time for The Galactic Trilogy. Links follow below.

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