Conjunctivitis ~ 1 Apr 2022

Over the years, I’ve actually avoided posting on the first day of April, mostly because it’s the first day of April. However, with 20-22 vision, I’ve elected to generate a post since the production of my film METEORIC is heating up like space under x-ray blasts and time disappears in a way that rivals the event horizon of the best of the supermassive black holes. Despite this, I am booking consultations for immediately after the filming. Likely I may not post SkyScrapings on my regular frequency over the next two weeks. Though no doubt while scanning the camera monitors and directing actors to hunt for a prop meteorite, I am sure the back of my mind will be processing astrological data. Onto the not so foppish theme of today.

Conjunctivitis as the inflammation of the conjunctiva - or the mucous membrane that covers the front of the eye and lines the inside of the eyelids. Since it’s April Fool’s Day, I’m rebranding “conjunctivitis” as the interval from 1 April - 17 April. During this interval, a plethora of pesky and potent conjunctions line up in which the objective is eye-widening, mouth-gaping response to the partile alignments that seek to cure malaise and heal myopia.

During the conjunctivitis surge, an eight-pack of select conjunctions form with the faster motions of the Sun and the two planets closer to the Sun than Earth and the next two planets further from the Sun than Earth. As well, these planets with more proximity to the Sun receive the now increasing blasts from the Sun’s Coronal Mass Ejections... not necessarily an indication of the Sun (egos) acting out, but if the shoe fits. While northern latitudes enjoy spectacular auroral displays, most persons on the Earth endure energetic disturbances throughout the theme park of the chakras. Practical, real world solutions for processing the energy contribute to a positive coalescing of the solar blasts.

Given that half the upcoming conjunctions in the list that follows align in Aries, and today’s Aries Moon to boot, how about some bullet point insight blurbs to aid in the process of perceptual clarity. Ready? “Of course,” replies the Fool on the Tarot card, “I have my trusty bag of treasure on my stick over my shoulder, a zero above my head, the Sun at my back and a dog nipping at my heels, barking caution that I am upon the precipice. How great is that? I am present and accounted for!”

That’s great for sure, and perhaps the following morsels can be wrapped with your other treasures as Pluto prompts you to lean over the precipice as far as you can for the best view of what’s down in the canyon of consciousness.

1 April ~ Sun conjunct Chiron in Aries

Everything, ranging from thoughts, words and deeds seeks to fill the soul and heal all wounds. Engage in only that which furthers soulful causes.

2 April ~ Mercury conjunct Sun and Chiron in Aries

While your healing journey may seem simply fascinating, it’s your journey. Keep it personal and contained. When complete, share resulting wisdom... not the process.

4 April ~ Mars conjunct Saturn in Aquarius

Go Disney and whistle while you work. The process of doing what you must do actually is joyful when perceived as the fuel for accomplishment for all fantastical tasks.

7 April ~ Mercury conjunct Eris in Aries

Remember, if you keep yourself company, you’re always in good company and never alone. With whom would you rather hang out with anyway?

9 April ~ Venus conjunct Gonggong in Pisces

What can be gleaned from that passerby, the strangely appearing one with the different point of view, who so matter-of-fact, quips what is insanely obvious but that has eluded your perception?

11 April ~ Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Pisces

Do you believe in miracles? This is when push and shove align and nudge hesitancy and timidity over the edge of the Fool’s precipice. Engage in the magic of creative momentum.

13 April ~ Sun conjunct Eris in Aries

Leap inside yourself and savor the surroundings. Feel and savor that perfect fit that exists only inside the core of your being.

17 April ~ Mercury conjunct Uranus in Taurus

Want to blurt out every radical, controversial thought you have? Awesome. Ensure each of those verbal declarations of far-reaching mental morsels sever the Möbius Strip of any spinning of the psychic wheels. And give the Fool’s dog a snack for alerting you to the reality at hand.

More soon... as soon as processing the film files completes!

You know, METEORIC addresses valuables that literally drop from the Heavens... like valuable meteorites, but perhaps insights, too. As the tagline suggests: “Catch a falling star, then begins the fun.” Like the Fool’s bag of tricks, a falling star, according to the classic song lyrics should be pocketed... or at least added to ones collection of insightful treasures. By the way, it’s not too late to donate and become a Friend of the Film...

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