Conjunctions Get Personal ~ 25 Feb 2022

In the not so distant future, the Sun, Venus and Mars mix it up with a sequence of personal conjunctions. And in their personal probing they include Jupiter and Pluto such that a person might actually end up with a better package deal that recent history indicates is possible. How cool is that?

Bear in mind that everyone and everything incarnate feels the planetary pulsations within the context of how these transits overlay on the natal chart. This suggests that everyone seeks their piece of the pie with vigor, enthusiasm and insistence at the same time. Could enough to go around actually exist? Yes. Can individuals with differing needs and complexities within those needs find a way to create cooperation between efforts? Certainly. It may take some doing, but keep in mind that at the end of the day everyone is on this planet to further their spiritual causes regardless of what they consciously or unconsciously insist must manifest to secure such causes. Ultimately, everyone is working, whether within the bandwidth of conscious or not, on behalf of the entire planet, solar system, galaxy and beyond.

Let’s consider the sequence of these transits...

Mars conjoins Pluto in Capricorn 2 March

This is a bottom line, dig down to your soul’s substrate kind of time. What do you want to do? No Milquetoast answers need apply. What does your soul crave for you to do? Sure, you’ll get a Mars to Pluto conjunction every couple of years... so it’s not like this is a once in a lifetime occurrence. However, now Mars and Venus stand together with Pluto and simultaneously are about to leap over the state line of signs. Venus nudges and prompts Mars with steamy whispers as they conspire with Pluto. Whatever Mars reaches to get, she encourages the task... because it fills the sails of the ones spirit. “What if it’s hot?” you ask. Surely you can pick up some symbolic asbestos gloves at the psychic hardware store before reaching. “What if it’s a risky proposition?” you query. What isn’t? Walking across the street can have risk. Standing on a planet surrounded by other swirling objects is risky. What are you going to do? Go for that thing over yonder that you feel you must pursue, regardless of inherent risk... although from the next sign over, Saturn sends a text that one benefits from keeping long term consequences (and great results) in mind. Are you up for accepting an awesome load of responsibility that contains fantastical rewards?

Venus conjunct Pluto in Capricorn 3 March

Here’s another bottom line courtesy of Venus and Pluto. You want what you want. Period. It does not matter if your inner editor believes you’re up to it. It doesn’t matter if your upbringing supports your desire. It doesn’t matter if others in your life perceive this as a risk to their relationship with you. This is what you want. Period.

Sun conjunct Jupiter in Pisces 4 March

Here’s part of the antidote to deep-driving wants and soulful yearning. This probing alignment takes a deeper dive into solar system mysteries asks a person, “What is it you really believe? Is that what you want to believe? What would be a superior way of shifting your consciousness so you can wrap around things working out better than you might expect.”

Venus conjunct Mars in Aquarius 6 March

This conjunction occurs exactly at zero degrees and zero minutes of the sign. How curious and amazing is that?

This alignment offers up an intriguing ingredient to be mixed into the antidote concoction. The alignment notes that a higher application of everything transacted must exist. The Universe is transactional. It’s called karma, cause and effect, and Newtonian physics, in that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction kind of way. Here, with Venus and Mars together a balance exists between archetypal female and stereotypical male. They actually stand in balance and get along. The radiance of Venus blends with the instincts of Mars. How amazing is this?

Consider the picture below.



This is noted as being the clearest image of Venus ever captured (though I have not been able to accurately verify the origin). The clarity is important as the atmosphere of Venus conceals her terrain. The atmospheric conditions may or may not be aligned with the physical nature of the planet. Swirling clouds and a hostile habitat now mix with Martian impetus to create a primal Aquarian agenda: Whatever is done with intention and purpose and deliberation, conjures enduring activity that serves not only the needs of the self, but every single person, place and thing encountered subsequent to this time. Everything affects everything. In the universal scheme there is no inconsequential thought, word or deed. Everything is part of the mosaic. Everything contributes to the big scheme of things.

Starting with the furthest out of the players here:

Pluto asks for an intention check. If your intention passes muster, summon the deliberateness of your spirit to join in to support the cause.

Jupiter insists upon a philosophical review. Reconsider everything you hold as gospel and more, why that dictum persists as divinely guided. Try some alternate points of view that support your best Plutonian yearnings becoming soulfully fulfilled.

Mars demands alignment with the bumper sticker blurb: There is no time like now. You know you’re going to do it anyway, so get on while there’s grease for the getting.

Venus reminds you that all of this is about coming out feeling satisfied and fulfilled, from the basest of desire to the loftiest of inspiration.

The Sun supports clear and conscious activity involving everything that is. No throwing shade. No hanging in the shadows. Soulful sunscreen applied in proper measure, emulate the Sun and simply radiate!

More Soon.

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A greenlight came in for a short film project, METEORIC, that I wrote. Now I am on the development team producing and preparing to direct my second film, right as the Jupiter to Neptune conjunction occurs (how great is that?). A link for METEORIC and more news will be forthcoming.