Chiron and Orcus Prescribe ~ 25 Mar 2022

Subtle astrological influences participate in the lead up to the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Pisces shortly more than a fortnight away. Pisces loves subtle influences and seems to position an ear attuned to cosmic whispers that may drift in the airwaves. The Solar Cycle in progress contributes to increasing occurrences of Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs) - outbursts in which the Sun shakes off excessive accumulations of energy, which blast and energize the objects in our solar system out to Pluto and perhaps further. These eruptions titillate the atmospheres of the planets in our system, and in the case of Earth, offer surges of energy that a body must process within the consciousness for soulful support. It has been confirmed that these blasts increase the temperature our upper atmosphere as well. Should it feel like the heat’s on, it is.

The Jupiter to Neptune soiree in Pisces works to stimulate creative processes, brilliant brainstorms and percolating craniums into full realizations that require rather immediate application. How immediate? Within a month of the gaseous giant conjunction, 10 to 11 May depending upon geographic location, Jupiter pushes into Aries - the sign where he is closest to the Sun and subsequently feels maximum solar radiation and reaches his fastest orbital velocity. Jupiter while approaching perihelion crowds in on consciousness and pushes all forward with the promise of opportunity and extraordinary outcomes within his evocative “Go for it!” rallying appeals.

None of what Jupiter offers happens without effort. In fact, Immediately following the grand guy’s ingress into the first sign, Venus conjoins Chiron in Aries (14 May) and Mars aligns with Neptune in Pisces (17 May). The planets that parenthetically bracket Earth’s valence in the solar system promise:

> getting healthy financially

> locating funds to pursue long-term objectives in a most expeditious manner

> feeling the healing value of creative pursuit and application of skills and talent

> finding focus by perceiving the summons of all the creative energies in play

> locating the motivation to respond with timeliness and alacrity to all creative and opportunistic stimulations

> final shake-off any remaining pandemic hangover and impingement on the psyche.

First, we have to get to April and then May. But what about those whispers mentioned at the get-go here in this post?

Chiron in Aries moves toward an exact quincunx to the Kuiper Belt Object Orcus. This aspect is now in orb and will remain in orb for a few weeks following its exactitude on 6 April. Here we have an undercurrent of stimulation that seeks to align the psyche into accord with action.

A bit about Orcus. Yes, you do care. He is a dwarf planet, and according to Pluto planet denier, Mike Brown and discoverer of Eris and so much more, Orcus is the “other Pluto.” These two have very similar orbital periods and as such maintain a relatively consistent angular relationship with each another. Both are dwarf planets (arguably Pluto is still a planet). Both possess mythologies of underworld deity. Pluto is Pluto; Orcus stands as the Etruscan Pluto, charged with enforcing the keeping of promises and loyal commitment to vows and oaths. Orcus forces a person into acceptable rationales for all activities pursued in life. He does not favor justifications and demands that one acknowledge the participation of consciousness into every life act.

Simply, Chiron in Aries issues the mandates: Do things that contribute to your overall well-being. Do only those things that contribute and do every single thing that does contributes. Leave no stone unturned. Precisely, Orcus in Virgo insists upon impeccable fulfillment of all thoughts, words and deeds that imply intention evolving into creative action in mundane events that satisfy the spirit and fulfill the calling of consciousness.

Given the current solar cycle and transits applying heat and pressure to everyone aspiring to greater things and a better life to listen, then get on it with it. Tune in and get on with any and all creative applications that cause satisfaction, satiation and a sense of fulfillment with the self-induced aspects of ones life. There’s an inner stirring of realizing and accepting what personal resources must be applied. Despite the willingness to engage with these resources, the push from heavenly forces demands one tune in, then apply. Fine tune your receptivity dials. Take in the signals whether they are subtle signs, loud internal editor opinions, or the not-so-subtle burning bush indicators.

When the whispers provide the message of what is felt in the gut to be something that must be done, decide to do it. Promise yourself that you will pursue your track in life to the best of your abilities invoking the totality of your creativity and consciousness. You know you need to... work to get to where you want to so much, you declare to yourself your intention as if carved in stone. Then get on with it. Before you know it, the vast tidal surges of Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces will have their way with all whims and wishes. The tides raise and lower all boats. Chose captaincy of the vessel of your consciousness and motor your boat out of the safe harbor and into the vast adventures promised by Jupiter to lie over that horizon out yonder... where the good stuff is.

More soon.

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