A Nodal Course Correction ~ 14 Jan 2022

The lunar nodes are fixing to render a collective course correction. The nodes complete a zodiacal revolution in 18.6 years. At a mean motion rate, roughly every 1.55 years the nodal axis changes the zodiacal sign they traverse. Thus, every 18 months or so, a collective nodal lodestone theme shift implies a change of attention toward the real world and reveals renewed personal karmic agendas.

On 18 January the transiting north lunar node makes its Taurus ingress and despite the wobbly path of the nodes will not return to Gemini within this revolutionary cycle.

The term lodestone applies to the north node as it represents a guiding light of sorts. Should one attend to the transiting node’s suggested directions the course plotted aligns with the universal directives for improving the collective conscious attention pattern in play. Similarly, one may personally use the north node as an aspirational karmic marker impacting the natal chart. A nifty guide for setting ones sights on ideal objectives for the fulfillment of the incarnation.

Conversely, the south node in a birth chart signifies a collection of experiences that one presumably mastered in other times, other places, extending from what happened in possible past lives, to development in the womb, and/or early childhood renderings. These collected events and memories represent instinctive skills that are embedded into the psyche and reaction profile. Similarly, on the collective mind set level, the descending node represents attitudes of the past from which great experience can be gleaned and applied - without reinventing the wheel, resting on laurels or repeating the past.

Currently coming off the Gemini north node and a Sagittarian south node communication influences, split-second spontaneity, knowledge factors and absolutism constantly and repeatedly blipped the collective radar in the effort to garner esteem and status by influencing the masses via tidbit communications. Some of those seeking to influence worked over concepts of truth via deflection, diversion and “what about-ism.” Some told the absolute truth in a “we know better, let’s not go through that sticky wicket/slippery slope path again.” In a moment of final reflection, perhaps a recalling of what you think, what you believe and what you know, serves to aid your path moving forward.

Regardless of how one used social media, podcasts, e-mail, megaphone shouting or more traditional communication in the past year and a half, soon we all point toward the Taurus north node beacon, riding the substrate of the south node in Scorpio.

It is reasonable to expect that a shift toward the materialization required by life immediately results. No longer will the assumption be the economy takes care of itself. Things must be done to secure the economic well-being of the planet, and ones personal part in it. Individually one must seek their due via fervent participation in life without concerns of competition, rivalry and triangulating interference. One must savor and apply known and unknown resources in the interest of creating an ever-improving life which ultimately serves the purposes of the incarnation in the first place. One must uncover and value all personal assets and gleefully apply same in any matter that flags the conscious attention or stirs subconscious needs.

The nodal shift wastes no time provoking fresh global causes and raising concerns for immediate attention. Soon after the nodal sign shift multiple interesting transits occur. These commence on 30 January as the north node aligns with Ceres in the last degrees of Taurus. “Pick a cause,” says the transit. “Any cause as long as it assists you in personally relieving yourself of grief, loss or regret. If you missed the boat before, now scurry to check in with the purser on the dock of dharmic activity.” When you have a great cause, take your mark and launch. Mars in early Capricorn presently transits a series of x-ray eclipsing binary pulsars. This action provides many bumper sticker blips that need to be iterated and reiterated until you realize the recipient of your communication received the transmission. At that point, realize that whatever your cause might be, there is an alternate point of view and different takes on any shared cause.

On 3 February the north node conjoins Sedna in Taurus. Expect Arctic Ocean causes and concerns to make headlines. From global warming melting icecaps to the plight of all sea mammals, Sedna wants her place in the consciousness of humankind. Not only is this Arctic per Sedna’s traditional turf, anticipate that Antarctica and the concerns regarding that continent also raise their hand for immediate attention and effective, evolving contributions.

As 11 February comes about, the north node trines Mercury, recently direct in Capricorn, trines Pluto in Capricorn on 14 February, where it squares the Sun in Aquarius within 24 hours. This dynamic pattern conjures a huge push to emphasize the need to articulate with urgency planetary truths in bottom line terms (trine to the Mercury-Pluto conjunction) and to follow with the Aquarian awareness that we’re all on the planet and each affected by everything that happens anywhere on this planet... and maybe even what happens on other planets too. The urging of the node is to pick up the pace of detailing plans and agendas to ensure that the Earth is preserved, improved and transformed.

Ultimately, the north node aligns with Uranus in Taurus at the end of July 2022 virtually conjunct Mars. Any and all plans conjured in the first half of 2022 require installation now. There is no such thing as, “we’re not doing this because it’s not enough to solve the matter.” The urging is that this attitude must be replaced with every step taken is a significant part of the journey. Every stone set in mortar works toward completion of a castle. This applies to your personal participation in saving the planet as well as fulfilling your reason for being on this planet in the first place. There’s no time like now!

Marching orders are delivered sometimes by the strangest of messengers. Consider every interaction, every person encountered to be delivery vehicles of insight, inspiration and urging to do what must be done.

Next year the nodes wrap up their time in the bullpen with a banner boost to the collective economy on 1 June 2023 as they align with Jupiter in Taurus. As much as there are benefits to financial forecasts, more allocations for future use of resources - financial and planetary - find their way into the budget as highlighted line items. Adjust to it... the benefits will be worth it and the good done potentially immeasurable.

On 17 July 2023 nodal axis shifts again. The north node enters Aries, soon to square Pluto in the final degrees of Capricorn, then it conjoins Eris. This will be the time when the reality that everything that happens on Earth ultimately impacts every person becomes undeniable. The nodal and karmic question then becomes: “What are you going to do about it?” Knowing now what you will come to know then, how is it you can effectively engage the 2023 node shift by applying the urging of the node change happening in but days?

More soon.

Should you be uncertain how you might engage the node shift, or if you’re feeling that you’d like to unstick the early going of the year, this is the time to click the links below to get a session(s) scheduled. Astrological guidance can be invaluable during times of collective consciousness shifting. A Galactic Report might uncover new aspects for the psyche to ponder. Click on!