Shapley Attractor Makes Contact ~ 26 Sep 2019

The Shapley Attractor (formerly designated Shapley 8) stands out as a massive galactic steering mechanism located in the Shapley SuperCluster. Should we measure to the ecliptic, if appears at 2 Scorpio 36. What in Creation is a steering mechanism?

The Sun gravitationally steers the planets in orbits around its mass. The Galactic Center (27 Sag) does the same with the Sun. The Super-Galactic Center (2 Libra) returns the favor for our galaxy and some thirty plus other galaxies. These galaxies are gravitationally guided by the Great Attractor (14 Sag). And wait, there’s more... lying behind the Great Attractor, guiding it along its nearly incomprehensible way is the Shapley Attractor. There might be more. We don’t really know. However, the Shapley Attractor serves our astrological agenda today.

What does it do? Well, like it or not, it guides your daily effort. Consider the fact that software designer Bill Gates has his Sun on the Shapley Attractor. Chances are you use a computer. Chances are you use an operational system designed by Bill Gates or one designed to be in competition with Bill Gates - either way, it’s about Bill Gates as the source point.

Granted not every person with planets to the Shapley Attractor rises to such undisputed global magnitude. Still, every person with planets to the Shapley Attractor tends to grab unprecedented influence within their sphere of life. If Shapley Attractor contactees had their way, they would do so behind the scenes and out of sight. Sort of like the man behind the curtain to whom one pays no never mind.

Mercury conjoins the Shapley Attractor on 4 October. A slew of questions need answering: What’s going on? Why is this happening? Who’s in charge? What is that irresistible, compelling draw felt to that unknown thing? Why is it of questionable influence and why can it not be avoided? That’s because there’s cosmic codex in play. Those who sit down, write it out, debug the puzzle automatically find themselves at the core of any situation in play, barking suggestions, issuing directives, and pointing out things people need to perceive to aid in comprehending the inexplicable. No small charge.

Venus conjoins the Shapley Attractor on 9 October. Here the realization of the grasp of galactic influence washes over the psyche. What controls and limits can you place on your computer’s operational software? How much free will do you actually have within the cosmic scheme of things? Actually, the answer is academic. The question is: Can you establish emotional comfort within how it all works and do your part to contribute in a good way? That’s the issue.

As the Sun aligns with the Shapley Attractor on 24 October, we also deal with the imminent conjunction of Ceres and Jupiter in Sag. There will be a heap of advocacy, momentum and activism about making things right on this planet. There could be a surge of cultural and political upheaval in the next week or so. A good Sun in Scorpio might recognize that whatever you have to contribute, whatever influence you might wield, keep it subtle and strong. Make no fuss about what you’re offering. In fact, if when you do what you do, it is better if no one notices. Keep in mind that your intention must align with the collective concerns and causes of the time.

It takes a few weeks for Mars to join the Shapley Attractor and he does on 21 November. It should be expected that the upheaval previously seen or perceived (if not entirely obvious) with transits to the Shapley Attractor takes time to settle out. It’s a bit like the governmental thinking behind releasing information on intelligence of UFOs and alien visitors. Would there be hysteria if the whole of what was happening was actually known? Let’s keep it a secret then.

Earlier this month news in the U.S. broke about a spy that was extricated from Russia to protect the spy’s life. That sort of stuff goes on all the time and the results of such activity guide the foreign policies of all nations. So too, the galactic intelligence sources out there clearly speak in quiet and subtle means, waiting for those with a natural proclivity for perceiving such guiding influences to get onboard and subtly offer the guidance that presumably, hopefully steers the flow of the universe into better straits for the good of all planets, galaxies, superclusters and the inhabitants there in.

Feel the flow and remember, there is a strategy to swimming in riptides. The vastness of the superclusters creates currents of consciousness and individuals on Earth choose the style of navigating those currents.

Should all of this feel too far out, consider this: Earlier this year astronomers nicknamed a Kuiper Belt Object “Far Out.” This body came to astronomers’ awareness as a result of the search for Planet Nine. This was believed to be the most distant Kuiper Belt body yet. Stand by on data, naming and all of that. It’s early yet and these things take time to perceive accurately. Anyway, continuing the search for Planet Nine, an even further object was found. There is no solid new information that I can convert to useful astrological interpretations yet. I am regularly scouring for more information on “FarFar Out,” as this new body is called.

The point is: Like it or not, distant guiding forces shepherd the activities of the Universe and anyone, anything in the Universe or occupying any planet. This should not be an uncomfortable concept for those who believe in the compelling, impelling forces behind planets that influence our horoscopes. Our charge is to assist our earthling colleagues to tune in, respond to and apply the cosmic operational system all have installed in their psyches, whether wittingly or not. Ultimately, this is an irresistible concept.