The Yod Squad ~ 14 Aug 2009

Starting today and running through August 27th we enjoy a lingering yod between Saturn in Virgo, Jupiter in Aquarius and Eris in Aries. A yod consists between three or more planets based upon the geometry of two planets in an idea-spawning sextile (60 degrees), each adjusting through an angle150 degrees to a common planet. The pattern bears the ominous name “finger of god,” connoting that God wags His index finger at those not getting it right. Truly, the pattern supports a very different agenda. Those who pay attention to the directional signaling of the finger and make adjustments along the path, enjoy great gains, perhaps even fateful gains. Those who rigidly and unwaveringly stick to a closed-minded plan that lacks resiliency do not make similar gains. As noted in a recent Galactic Times, the quincunx is a pattern of “adjust or squirm.”

Says Saturn to Jupiter, “Okay fine, you have cool ideas about the way things are, so me how they’re going to work? Define a plan. Provide a strategy. Tell me all about your background thinking. Without providing all that at least, if you think I’m going to give you the time of day you are sadly mistaken. Oh by the way, if you tell me how off base the status quo is and how repressed and stodgy the proponents of the ‘way it is’ actually are, you’ll likely alienate those in charge and win no supporters.” At this point Jupiter reminds Saturn that he actually has dominion over all the gods. Saturn slowly rolls up his sleeves to flash his large and sinewy arms, then tells Jupiter that applying creative visions is hard work and unless he’s intending to pull some vibhooti out of places unknown, all his inspiration, goal setting and off the wall ideas likely go no where without Saturn’s drive, dedication and discipline. “Magic is in the making,” the planet of manifestation reports.

It’s not entirely clear who talks to whom in the Eris-Saturn part of the pattern. Eris tends to ignore protocols and rules, which Saturn makes supreme and sacred, especially while in Virgo. Saturn is inclined to remind Eris that when she agreed to conspire with Jupiter to reverse the order of the heavens for one day and right wrongs on Earth that Jupiter, appealed for her assistance because of her discord skill set and the hard work required to reverse the trends of the ages (Jupiter’s kind of lazy). Now, through the sextile, Jupiter prods and urges Eris into taking on established order once again. Yes, but would it be more fruitful to produce results with a duration of longer than one diurnal pass of the Sun? Saturn’s obsession with longevity and permanence makes more than an iota of sense.

On August 17th Mercury aligns with Saturn in the methodical, clear-thinking, let’s get lucid and reduce mire, sign of Virgo. This swift-moving pattern represents the option-oriented reality approach that must be taken at the fork of the road. No matter what course life dictates, an alternate route or “safe zone” must be selected in case the course becomes mired with mundane brambles or a logic log jam. A fork leads to another fork, which leads to another fork. That’s somewhere between 27 and 125 prongs to process, according to standard fare forks. In theory, an unlimited number of ways to get there from here exist, even if it appears “there” is not on the route map of the airline of life. “Heck,” reminds the presently mutable Mercury inclined to mix metaphors, “there’s more than one way to skin a sacred cow.” So, solicit no external opinions (unless, of course, it’s your favorite stellar strategy producing stargazer). Go internal for guidance. Shun the advice of any person who lacks experience in your current challenge or without understanding of what you are working to do. If you like to keep things in a tidy little box, ensure your perception of that box and its contents are not dimmed by a lack of consideration for that which does not initially appear to fit in that box. It is definitely time to reread Flatland or pick up the DVD and give it a good once over.

As the 18th - 19th of the month of Augustus pass by Venus in Cancer enters the pattern, forming a sextile with Saturn, a quincunx with Jupiter and a square to Eris. It’s nurturing time but with an innovative new spin on care. This nurturing stint implies one cannot ignore the nurturing they require, especially if subject to extreme servitude to others or a demanding career or if in control of the boogeyman denying self esteem, who whispers from a position on your weaker shoulder, “do good unto others first and receive nothing in return.” Since Eris despises being ignored and having desires neglected, make sure you don’t commit the ultimate sin in nurturing matters or issues of self care by unconsciously excluding yourself from accepting proper nurturing. Soon Saturn shall slip onto the soft shoulders of Libra. Then, it’s all about render and receive, or in this context it’s actually about being ready to receive and make sure you’re ready for what goodies - personal or professional - you claim you want the spoils of life to provide you. Sure you can render first. But to remain in accord with the bidirectional flow of relationship dynamics, failure to receive what comes your way defies the nature of exchange.

Sedna in Taurus, though not part of the yod, stands in a trine to Saturn, square Jupiter and semi-sextile Eris, throughout this interval. For years Sedna and Neptune have danced together at the edge of the unknown in our solar system. Now they feel the push of Jupiter who urges amplification of their agendas to get it out there to the collective in easy to grab concepts. On the global level, Sedna declares the preservation of the seas as well as the arctic and antarctic regions must dominate the consciousness of the entire planet. Personally, Sedna advances two agendas. It is Jupiter’s challenging job to redefine the ways and means underscoring Sedna’s agendas such that a person can deal with this powerful deity without shame or fear of losing “good person” status. Issue number one of Sedna is remarkably simple. Secure your mundane world without compromise. Provide quality food, safe shelter and care for all the basic elements of existence on the planet. Without these necessities, concern for basic well-being carves disruptive burrs onto the cogs of consciousness. Then desperation distorts internal guidance. Issue two, with life’s basics secured, create agendas of spiritual importance and foster the priorities of the soul such that your spirit receives full sanction from every avenue of life. Every action engaged becomes a soulful act. With Chiron involved by orb proxy, it’s time to heal any wound(s) of feeling spiritually inadequate, insufficiently creative, soulfully uninspired or lacking evolution. Establish ceremonies in life to invoke all your intentions and celebrate each and every victory howsoever small.

Between the 18th and 22nd of August Mars occupies a point on the celestial sphere opposite the creatively inspiring Galactic Center. Once again, we’re back to receive, download and extract enlightenment while this pattern persists. It’s another one of those mega-windows of opportunity in which cosmic insights flow from the heavens faster than you can say, “Rumpelstiltskin ran races with Rhadamanthus,” Those who use this pattern and take the time to receive the galactic inspirations can then apply Saturn in Virgo through the noted quincunxes above to form solid and viable plans with incredible flexibility. Then those tuned in can render the ideas, finally receiving timely cosmic sanction and favorable response from the world.

And while not a yod or a galactic connection, the north lunar node migrates from Aquarius to Capricorn on the 21st. Given the Mars to Galactic Center pattern, this could be a time when new concepts and applications appear on the economic front that can ease collective tension around the economy and the smell of fear in the money air. The karmic implication of the nodal axis suggests that if the mainstream psychic energy shifts about the economic front, then energy in the mundane world follows. Energy applied to the mundane produces vivid results. Maybe the money wheel can be “unstuck” from the mud. Of course, permanent change likely occurs only after we take the reins out of the hands who ran the wagon off the road in the first place. It will take some time for the node to reach Pluto (November 2010), but when it does we could have different folks riding shotgun above the stagecoach containing one’s savings and Sedna-like security.

As the patterns above provide their promised adjustments, shifts in action, alterations of course intending to smooth out life’s turbulence and more, I thought I might pass along something to assuage the elements of worry and negative anticipation seemingly in place. I mean if people making up stuff gain more press than those making accurate statements... jeez. So this comes from Nigeria, actually from an Internet scammer, seeking to succeed in applying the Spanish Prisoner routine. But the wording fits with the implication of the previously described psychic shifts currently possible. He promised that the “days of agony are over” and no longer will one need to be subject to “atoms of fear.” Yep, fear and worry can be side dishes to the entree platter of Saturn in Virgo, especially when strongly quincunxed. Fear goes beyond the bones and into the atomic nature of the being. As we declared in the Navy when going into battle, set GQ. In the naval lexicon, GQ means general quarters. Here it means “go quanta, get quirky, gravitate quickly, gestate in quantumplation (a blend of quantum understanding available only in contemplative states) and generate quintessentiality. Set GQ. This is not a drill.”