Visceral Vibes ~ 13 March 2009

Did you feel the extra intense richness and not so creamy flavor of the Full Moon the other night? While it was nice and bright, it was also extra intense since it laid across the axis of the in progress opposition of “steady and sure as you go” Saturn and “get off your duff and get the change gears engaged” Uranus, and it caused all sorts of things to blip the radar. If you’re intending to proceed forward on a new life course or redirection and be steady and sure along the way, all those blips do require factoring into the equation of life.

Presently, Chiron and Neptune stand side by side. The wise healer and the hopefully inspirational sea ruler discuss the goings on. Most likely they come up with a huge important remedy. It’s time to do the energetic healing thing. Sure, but with the alleged detachment that people seek with Aquarius as a coping skill, can these two seemingly different concepts coexist? Surely they can. The key is to feel everything and while feeling that everything, keep perspective. Reduce drama. Eliminate the shame and blame coping skills that agitate relationships. Remember that given the potent patterns out there, no matter where you live and with whom you interact, those patterns will find a way of manifesting. The people and circumstances playing out part of the plan are personal because they are there, but if you were elsewhere by choice or “coincidental” placement, different people and circumstances would flesh out the astrological signatures. So, while it’s personally, it’s also circumstantial and impersonal. There’s a sushi wrap sure to please.

The mutual reception (the presumed ruler of one sign in the sign of another ruler and vice versa) of Uranus and Neptune receives present day accentuation. Neptune ruler of the most emotional Pisces, recently dealt with the mind-spinning word master, Mercury and reaction-prone Mars. Now he confers with Chiron to soothe those words and actions and allow people to get beyond ego protecting instincts into the actual emotional dynamic within. Uranus, ruler of the detached Aquarius, swims with/against the emotional tides of Pisces where he now navigates, and yesterday received the amplification of the most powerful transiting body in the solar system - the Sun. Fortunately, solar transits pass quickly. Goodness! If something the size of the Sun moved as slowly as Saturn or Pluto, would those massive transits be a perpetual drag!

Also in the past few days, Mars engaged the black hole Cygnus X-3 at 28 + Aquarius. This mentally evocative power source insists that to deal with the progressive images provided, one must clear the emotional minefields that make invocation and application of brilliance seem unnecessarily daunting. Cool, but how? Cygnus X-3 operates within a 4.8 hour period. The length of the period discourages the “instantly react and move on” syndrome. Maybe one of the news blips about wayward gunmen going off on the Full Moon, offered up some shivers that highlighted the aggravation of the Venus retrograde proliferation of financial fraud e-mails received that compounded the irritation that the economy won’t rebound until the greedy bastards with a hand in the whole thing say it’s over. If you don’t deal with the reactions necessary to maintain spiritualized humanness, you might overflow and yell at the neighbor’s barking dog, the trash pillaging javelinas, other drivers on your way to the bank, your offspring, your mate or yourself.

Cygnus X-3 suggest that if reacting strongly to life, give yourself a five-hour chill out interval in which you set yourself aside from the blur of life long enough to have two peaks of reaction that by engaging, clear your being. Keep in mind this is your personal process and not the business of those around you, even if they did cut in line while you awaited the energy stimulating triple latte with chocolate and pomegranate flavoring. Take your time with reactions. If something upsets you, four to ten minutes is not enough time to clear it out. Neither is a five-second profanity outpouring that would make a sailor’s parrot blush. It’s more than just reacting - it’s about clearing the turbulent vibes out of the corporeal body so the spiritual body may flow as it should.

Regular astrology is no longer enough. While we observe the planetary patterns, it’s important to consider the recent x-ray infusion of Comet Lulin and before that, Comet Holmes. Since January and up to a few days ago, astronomers have reported notable gamma ray and x-ray emanations from SAX J1747.0-2853 (27 Sg 09), 1A 1118-615 (0 Sc 54), GX 399-4 (19 Sg 35) and sixty-six second pulsations in Cep X-4 (5 Ar 53), just to name a handful. Fortunately they downgraded J1536+0441 (20 Sc 22) from a binary black hole to an extreme “double-peaked emitter.” So maybe that’s not a downgrade. Without fretting over whether those degrees directly impact your chart or not, such emanations theoretically impact your energy field. Should your response to the down home logic of Saturn in Virgo propose a hogwash dismissal of such a theory, consider that gamma rays can toast satellites in space which impact your cell phone reception and potentially your satellite-based viewing of the World Baseball Classic. Now, those mundane interruptions can spawn potent reactions. If only your cell phone worked, you could call your TV provider to give them an unwanted piece of you mind.

The point is: there’s a heap of energy on the platter out there. Now we’re aware of how much more there is. Thirty years ago we had no idea of the magnitude of the galactic energies reaching us. The astrological generation preceding us did not know of or care about Eris, Sedna, Haumea, Makemake and the centaurs such as Chiron. Yet, that generation took to Pluto like a duck to water. It makes sense that we now must cope with more astrologically. We have to cope with more in life. In the effort to create a more informed society, the electronic evolution (?) jams up the works. Now your little iPod thingie announces the song you’re about to enjoy and can read your play list. Too lazy to read the play list and did you forget the name of a song you put in your iPod? As we deal with TMI in life, the galactic emanations and discoveries in the solar system appear to help our vibrations re-sychronize and get back to our spiritual being basics.

Dare we care about all these energy sources and planetary patterns? Absolutely. In the wave of downgrade and minimize consciousness, which Saturn likely views as an abomination, those with spirit sensibilities intact can still download the progressive ideas riding the loud carrier wave of the patterns above, distill the good stuff and come up with inspired hopeful solutions. How else are we going to determine if actor Joaquin Phoenix is a bona fide rapper or just a malcontent Andy Kauffman wannabe? Seriously.

In but days and for all intents and purpose starting now, the Sun squares the Galactic Center, soon to be followed by Mercury (April 9) and Mars (May 11ish). The time evolutions suggests it might take a while and require insightful application to get the words perfected to present GC insights, such that a plan of action naturally follows. The square to the GC from Pisces is not friendly. Here, the feeling of persecution interferes with the presentation of galactically guided and planetarily persuaded insight. What if “they” think you’ve gone off the deep and want to sedate you? What if you’re so delusional you can’t notice? What if you have the best idea and they’ll nail you to the cross for rocking the boat? Actually, forget about the last; crucifixion is illegal and soon water-boarding will be too. The idea is, they won’t hear it and they won’t like me for saying they don’t have it entirely right and they’ll reject me because of the idea and I won’t get to play. In Hollywoodland, it’s called going “indy.” Quietly seek private investors of insight and make your own damn movie. Kick butt in the award circuit, make heaps of dough and invoke the Chinese proverb, “living well is the best revenge.” I got that very fortune cookie the other night while enjoying my Mongolian tofu sauteed in an angelica seasoned yak butter sauce. I spilled some of that sauce on my fortune cookie and the rest of the message appeared courtesy of the ultraviolet flashlight used to locate scorpions in the desert that I had out to proof a new movie script as I ate. The entire fortune read, “living well is the best revenge and honors the blessings of the heavens that shower the clear mind with insights every instant.” That’s a cup of tea worth drinking.

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