Venus Turns About ~ 17 April 2009

Surely you’ve seen something about the recently released Chandra X-Ray Observatory’s photograph, the Hand of God. My apologies in advance, but this has been an intensely busy writing week - well above my normal output - so to read my initial observations on this fab photo and its significance, I must refer you to my blogs on the Matrix website. The link is at the bottom of this GT, immediately following sales pitches and such. (photo to the right: P. Slane et al. / SAO/ NASA /CXC)

Great, so the Galactic Times leads you to an aesthetically beautiful, totally amazing photo of space and comments about that image, but only after you pass by ads and what not. Of course. Venus is just now resuming prograde motion, coming off her retrograde interval and her recent transition from evening star to morning star. Is this significant? Sure is. Just yesterday an online article noted that even individuals those whose jobs and immediate economic status are as secure as things can be (if a person is not enduring either a Uranus, Pluto or Eris transit where all bets are off - or a Neptune transit where liquidity and solvency cannot be clearly assessed) are holding funds in reserve and exercising extreme financial caution. The article noted that this trend works counter-productively to economic improvement. Hmm. During this Venus swing shift there are three squares of the economically/socially driven planet to the lord of hoard, Pluto. Two down, one to go. Maybe, and let us put our hands together in proper propitiation, just maybe, if the collective consciousness figures out the markets are not a clear indicator of the economy and wraps around that the only thing different between then and now is value, value can be restored. With value restored, the subconscious, Pluto-driven instincts that cause one to hoard and hold beyond healthy measures releases and flow returns. And let’s face it, who doesn’t want to be above being driven by the motivations of Pluto?

Now certainly I’m not suggesting that people infuse the economy with hard earned dollars to reset economic momentum to personal detriment. Nope. But consider that both Venus and Mars prepare to square Pluto in the near future. Mars in Aries gets there first - a completely appropriate symbolic rendering - on April 25th. Venus squares Pluto for the final time in this transiting triptych on May 1st. The surge of these planets wants to be good for something; and Pluto agrees. Will it be a change in collective momentum? Could it be we waste more time on social controversies such as which sports figure was iced in a relationship by an actor? Or should we blog about the billion-dollar divorce pending for Mel Gibson and his estate (whose Moon is opposed by both Venus and Mars during this time)? Or shall we fret about possible expulsion from a solicitous online financial network because we’ve not activated our unwanted account? Or on the higher end of things, perhaps individuals inspired to excel and establish a life worth living can use this time to push their concepts, programs and products forward, without the futility of pushing a rope.

However, to capture the potency of the personal elements, one must be ready. That brings us back to present. With Venus at the 29th degree of the creative, inspired and on a good day, entirely spiritualized essence of Pisces and in aspect to the Galactic Center, matching wits with Mars, who is also square the core of the galaxy, one can assign value to inspiration, ideas and illumination and take steps to get it rolling in the real world. Even before that, one must recognize when those worthy cosmic nuggets hit the top of the cranium, such that they don’t just fall away only to be scattered by the wind... or worse for someone else to realize, monetize and use as a source of profit.

True, the square to the GC from Pisces can anticipate persecution for going against the swim flow of the school of fish. That’s where the importance of a clear view of value gains importance. If one knows and feels in every ounce of the being, every cell of the fiber and every subatomic internal quark, the astounding worth of their current inspiration, fear of rejection, name calling or being put on someone’s foe list on an Internet social site offers no deterrence. Once Mars reaches Aries (April 21), bullies and nay sayers may be taken to task by those with inspiration for fire in the belly.

April 21st is also the day that Mars reaches its closest point to the Sun and from the geocentric view, the date of the Venus-Mars conjunction. Mars at perihelion tends to contribute to solar volatility, weather disturbances and less than rational judgment as applied to romantic negotiations, economic dealings or border disputes. Given that Venus and Mars match zodiacal wits on the same day, consider economic and relationship situations to contain added charge.

As a reminder, if storm warnings are issued for your geographic region up to a week following this event, it is worth applying extra caution in affected activities.

Finally, today Mercury opposes the midpoint of the Galactic and Super-Galactic Centers. This potent alchemical point rewards affirmations and wishes exactly as they are phrased. Avoid double-negatives (I don’t want it to rain; I hope my book is not rejected by the big agency in NY) and state desires and wishes in clear, affirmative words, only if you’re cleared any or all subconscious, conscious or unconscious resistance to being a completely willing recipient to good things happening! Also remember, it’s not just about affirming prosperity and good things; it’s also about applying intentional, full-spirited actions to initiate the first steps. If you don’t believe me, ask Mars. He was around here just a minute ago. There he is, over in the corner... chatting up Venus about how much he’s going to get done today. How lovely. They’re both on the same page of Piscean vision, dreaming up all sorts of things to conjure.

Next week: The Sun, Mars and Venus oppose(d) Haumea and conjoin(ed) Eris.

If you’re a baseball fan, or even not, check out Stars of the Diamond on my website. Baseball articles, which include a different slant that baseball experienced with Venus square Pluto, can offer a ballpark full of mundane insight.

Don’t forget the Matrix Blog, this one on the Hand of God, cosmic portrayal.

Though the sales and specials have ended in honor of Venus’ prograde motion, maybe now its time to get onboard with the Galactic Trilogy CD or have a reading to make sure the next planetary surge matches up with all your personal plans. Some say the economic crisis can be resolved one evolutionary entrepreneur at a time.