The Unknown Uranus and Jupiter Oppositions ~ 29 August 2009

No doubt countless newsletters, blogs and lectures will be dedicated to the upcoming and third pass of Saturn’s ongoing oppositions to Uranus, this one occurring on September 15th. Due to the relative orbits of these planets, we experience five such passages, all of which inspire change from the status quo and/or a blend of the tradition (Saturn) and the innovative (Uranus). However, the neglected component involving a series of oppositions involving Uranus will likely be the opposition from dwarf planet, Makemake. The first of these oppositions occurs on September 6th, preceding the Saturn-Uranus opposition by a week and a half.

Solar transits are worth watching, too, as the Sun is the largest body in our solar system and gravitationally, exerts the greatest impact per transit (thank goodness solar transits are swift). The Sun and Makemake align on September 18th, two days before Saturn inches up to direct alignment with Makemake. Given relative planetary revolutions, Saturn’s transit to Makemake happens only once.

Next year, we’ll see Uranus and Makemake opposing again. On March 19th, there’s another such alignment. And on May 6th a new batch of oppositions involving Makemake commences as Jupiter moves up to oppose Makemake. Come October 3rd of 2010, Jupiter makes his second opposition to Makemake and finishes his triptych of transits on January 9, 2011. Uranus retrogrades back to Makemake on October 29th, 2010 and polishes off his oppositions come January 23rd of 2011, following Jupiter’s last opposition by a few weeks. These patterns of January 2011 involving Makemake finish just as Saturn in Libra dances with Haumea for the first time, a passing of a baton of planetary influence.

Makemake, the bird man of Rapa Nui, obviously refers to the winged ones. As the story is told of the land of Rapa Nui - the navel of the world (Universe) - lying below where the fish and the fowl convene. If a person scans constellational maps and applies marginal visualization, a line can be inscribed on the heavens that separates Pisces, Cetus and Piscis Austrinus from Phoenix, Grus and Tucana near the South Galactic Pole. How amazing that this native culture, free from European and Greco-Roman mythological influence until the 18th Century made such a curious corresponding association to constellational names assigned by cultures presumably unknown to Rapa Nui.

Rapa Nui, a small island of approximately 67 square miles, lies west of Chile by slightly more than two thousand miles. It is isolated, remote and dependent upon the limited agricultural ability of the land, the sea and the migratory fowl for sustenance and survival. The entire consciousness of the island focuses upon basic needs of food and shelter, much like the influences of the zodiacal implications of the Arctic goddess, Sedna. For Rapa Nui, there is a finite supply of what it takes to support life and a consciousness of population versus local resources dominated the vision of the elders of the island. Could it be that the Uranus opposition to Makemake inspires an awareness of such ideas that finally clicks on like a light bulb?

As well the Uranus to Makemake patterns influence collective awareness of the Earth’s resources versus the increasing population of the planet. Food supplies, particularly fish, fowl and agricultural concerns, come to our attention. As the patterns continue through 2010 and into 2011 expect awareness and legislation of matters of genetic food engineering, the farming of fish, the poultry industry and the regulation of the poultry and fish industries relative to contamination standards and over-fishing of the oceans. As well, conversations about what to do about the potentially exponential rising birth rate of the planet commence. What to do about this and how to influence the growth of people on the planet should tax the imaginations of those concerned with global balance.

Saturn assigns hard core reality of the conditions. His role on a personal level is to inspire each and every person to figure out what they intend to do about the conditions on the planet. Those having transits to or from Makemake (and potentially Haumea and Sedna in similar themes) seemingly hear an undeniable and irresistible call to arms. Being the first to realize delicate and critical global considerations, those Saturnine in inspiration must get with the program and rally the forces of awareness.

Though the transits of Uranus and Jupiter to Makemake of the next year and a half or so occur through “challenging” angular relationships, these bodies maintain significant astronomical-astrological characteristics that create affinities between the natures of these planets. Makemake and Uranus share north nodes in the sign of the duplicitous twins, at 19 Gemini 36, and 13 Gemini 55, respectively, both as measured by heliocentric reference. A common mission statement occurs between these planets, which also align with the mission statements of Venus and Ceres. Diversity of thought, consideration of ideas nearly polar to one another and looking for the best combination of data cooperate to yield decisions that work for the benefit of all sides of an issue presumably lead to evolutionary courses of action that could only be described as “win-win.” To add Venus in Ceres, assign extra value to agricultural concerns and fight city hall when necessary given that one’s economic and social values speak to higher authorities.

Jupiter and Makemake come closest to the Sun in the sign of Aries as does the other newly named dwarf planet Haumea, though she is not exact in alignment as are Jupiter and Makemake. Jupiter achieves perihelion - closest contact to the Sun in his orbit - at 15 Aries 21; Makemake becomes most Sun kissed at 15 Aries 22. Perhaps this linkage created the similarity of constellational interpretation of the Greco-Roman culture and the Rapa Nui sky lore. Regardless, now the combined influences seek out strong and steadfast leadership by those willing to embark upon unknown and untested journeys in the interest of securing favorable fates. A spirit of adventure and innovation meet in the interest of resolving any situation encountered with grace, fluidity and immediate action.

Collectively the transits of Uranus to Makemake shed awareness on the growth rate of people on the planet, the available resources of the planet, and the impact of these factors upon other species. These two planets combine to contrast the movement of recycling, ecology and energy resourcefulness with the consciousness that business and the global economy can continue to prosper only if the growth rate of the planet expands. The issues extend off the Earth as well. While we are constantly reminded of our fellow earthlings in space with the visible fly overs of the International Space Station, we might also consider the efforts to violently impact the Moon with invasive devices, looking for traces of water and any chance that it might be able to support life. Given Saturn’s participation in direct alignments with Makemake, the recent astronomical investigation/obsession with life on Saturn’s interesting moon, Titan, makes sense.

The Uranus-Makemake passages inspire individuals to come up with viable ideas that just might work to save the resources of the planet. The inspirations serve a person’s spirituality by awakening the best of the soul’s creative juices and applying those skills into viable applications. Individuals with all their inspirations in full use in life tend to be a tad happier that those not using the complete soul-skill set.

Jupiter, often associated with declaration, platforms and legislation may first present the alarming awareness of what’s really happening and then dictate what to do about it. When it is announced that certain species of fish near extinction due to over-fishing, can fish be farmed in a healthy manner and can international fishing laws be enforced? Here we should see food industry regulations increasing and standards of labeling for organic/non-organic and/or frankenfoods (engineered food such as corn, wheat and what have you) hopefully becoming more accurate and trustworthy. Of particular attention will be the fish, poultry and agricultural industries.

The transits of Jupiter to Makemake offer some of the more exciting influences for individuals. Certainly if a person’s natal Jupiter or Makemake are involved in the transiting patterns a person is more likely to respond to the inspirations, however, any person pondering the energies, responding to the vibe of “figure it out now, please,” could come up with something amazing and brilliant. Here, inspired folks figure out new ways to create the consciousness and community to truly go green, balance the resources of the planet and redefine cross-cultural cohabitation of a peaceful nature. Ideas invoked may range from ways to share cultural beliefs and theologies without confrontation to specific inventions and things that better the world. With the discovery of Makemake in 2005 and evidently increasing with his naming last year, the commercial urging to use the new curly light bulbs that save energy and reduce pollution has become the rage. Curiously, the man attributed with the discovery of the light bulb, Thomas Edison, enjoyed the benefits of a Mercury to Makemake conjunction in his birth chart.

Makemake inspires innovation, often by physical necessity inspired by acute awareness of the delicacy of one’s environment. Makemake requires the self assertion and confidence of one willing to step forward and lead those willing to follow who yet lack a plan. The transits to Makemake should bring the emergence of strong thinkers, problem solvers and those who truly enjoy the nature of planet Earth. As we go through the ongoing saga of Saturn opposing Uranus, perhaps its time to think, could I be one of those people? Why not?

Oh, and in the “by the way, it’s great to have a heads up category, Mercury goes retrograde on the 6th of September and Pluto goes direct on the 11th. While it is true that Mercury possessed a “get out of Hades free” card, planning ahead, checking facts and figures and allowing extra time in transit when transacting mundane events goes a long way to reduce potential frustrations.