Tracking the Aquarian Triumvirate ~ 20 Feb 2009

Things just don’t happen out of nowhere no matter how potent transits seem to be. Last week the Age of Aquarius was supposed to start, according to many misinformed or under researched bloggers. Given the venom spewed politically and the economic doom forecast on the Internet, it hardly seems like a new age at all. Which brings us to the point: A major shift in consciousness does not occur overnight and we need people to board the consciousness bandwagon swiftly. Sure perhaps the “ah-ha” or “Eureka, I have both hands on my soap” moments seem to be instantaneous. But when speaking of the “got it” moment of a shift in consciousness, for path travelers, the way to clarity comes from intent, action and the willingness to assess life results honestly and accurately. The shift occurs when it does in a completely unenforceable manner and results from such a long course of focused inner devotion.

Also supporting Age of Aquarius fever, this year we enjoy three go’s of Jupiter with Neptune. Truly, these patterns aspire to spread optimism and an enthusiastic participation in life that draws the line between a positive obsession or aspiration and addiction to endorphin releasing, dopamine producing activities. The trick revealed in the mirror of Neptune to Jupiter’s blusterous approach insists that one reflect upon personal preparation such that at the moment of Jupiter’s grandest promise, insight appears, allowing for an effortless decision to go for it.

This year each of the Jupiter-Neptune patterns stand intimately intertwined with Chiron. Neptune and Jupiter merge the essences of spiritual matters and dogmatic beliefs such as religion. Chiron, noted as the premiere healer of his time, enjoys a special relationship with Jupiter. In the myth, it was Jupiter who conjured up a path of redemption for Chiron that relieved his ever lasting pain and sanctioned his immortality in the heavens. Whenever Jupiter and Chiron pattern, they seek to relieve long-standing maladies. With Neptune in the mix, it’s time to cut loose of erroneous assumptions, dopamine addictions (get off the dang electronic gadget or video game and write something), flawed concepts, illusions, delusions of grandeur and/or reference. Shoot the self-loathing, ego aggrandizing Narcissus once and for all and for the good of all, most important in that slice of humanity: you. Such a shift in belief attachment might perfectly underscore the “do things different” agenda of the ongoing Saturn to Uranus oppositions.

Consider how close in time the Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune patterns lie in the future. The first of the conjunctions of Jupiter to either Chiron or Neptune lies in immediate temporal and longitudinal proximity. On May 23rd, Jupiter first aligns with Chiron, both bodies conjunct Neptune. Five days later, Jupiter puts his degree up against Neptune’s, both conjoining Chiron. Less than two months following, Jupiter, now retrograde, comes back to Neptune on July 9th. On the 19th of July, Jupiter reengages Chiron’s degree. The pattern fleshes out as the year winds down. On December 7th, Jupiter comes back to Chiron and then, just prior to the change of seasons on December 20th, Jupiter aligns with and advances beyond Neptune’s placement, soon heading for a rendezvous with Pisces, the sign he traditionally rules.

In reality, there’s no point in focusing on the above dates of exactitude. Suffice it to say that at the end of May and into early June, most of July and dang near all December the patterns are in play. Awareness happens when it does and during these intervals the time is ripe for realization and fine for fecundity; at any split second “it” could come.

While many focus upon the triumvirate of bodies in Aquarius, let us keep in mind the recent influences of Chiron and Neptune. For the entire past year both these bodies danced with the arctic goddess Sedna, patron deity of “make conscious choices that serve your physical and spiritual well-being” through a biting “in your face,” “check out the reality of this” square. They also engaged Eris, goddess of discord, who hates exclusion and lusts for a life worth living through the idea-riddled sextile pattern. How about paying some never mind to the ideas and urges that you’ve realized were part of the inevitable spiritual slate ahead to which you said at the time, “Never mind!”? That will get you started.

Last week the Sun passed the placements of Chiron and Neptune issuing an individual and collective conscious wake up call. True the Swiss banks might have to sacrifice secrecy to prove they were not in conspiracy to defraud and we watched as Madonna’s recent on the side squeeze A-Rod, who took steroids and admitted doing so while not admitting doing so, potentially losing his place in the shrine of baseball immortality. But as noted in the opening, the evidence of humanitarianism is hard to find. Was the Sun’s influence missed? How in the world, er... solar system... could that be? Nope. It wasn’t missed.

No doubt everyone rattled in some internal, typically undisclosed part of the being somewhere between the heart and seat of the soul. You know it. It was that inner rattling sound that sometimes wheezed and sometimes groaned as it churned in advance reaction to the innate knowing that a consciousness shift is getting good to go.

How does one get good to go? Put your cosmic thinking cap on or maybe one of those large upside down funnels that Tom Terrific (don’t ignore the reference, Google it) wore. See what happens when you funnel consciousness? With your cranium capturing cap, think of everything you can. Make notes and given that Neptune is involved, the kind of notes you’ll be able to find later. On March 3rd and 4th, Mercury comes into alignment with Chiron and Neptune. Take your ideas, create affirmations about them and articulate those affirmations - whether in the form of a simple to do list or massive goal proclamation - into a ceremonial rendering to the Powers That Be - the ones you believe in, that is. Keep this process ongoing and keep the list fresh. Each time an expanded thought occurs, add it. Ignore nothing if you want to get the most from Neptune.

As Mercury clears the Chiron-Neptune pattern, Mars enters from the other side of the stage. For two to three days commencing March 5th, Mars campaigns for action. He urges and pushes and nudges and bumps a body along. Mars works to get the influence of regret for things not done out of one’s consciousness. What could be more healing than shedding the guilt-ridden veil of cudda-shudda-wudda? Diligently work to get all the activities in line that lead to a sequence of events that permit: a) doing things differently, b) following the highest aspiration, c) assuming one’s spirit is so delightful that others want to play and participate in creative endeavors d) shedding the belief that being “interesting” can relieve self-denigration.

The last point merits some attention. I am constantly astounded by the number of people obsessed with Facebook and MySpace friends completely oblivious to the plethora of possible nightmares surrounding the collection of cyber-space companions and the companies’ privacy policies. But here’s the astrological key: the first iteration of what would be Facebook appeared in 2003 as did MySpace. That same year, 2003, was the year of discovery of Eris, goddess of discord, who initiated a hellacious campaign of complicated revenge after being excluded from the social event of the millennium. These two social building, include everyone online clubs result from the shunning of Eris. Says Eris, “Create a life worth living and forget about accumulation of social stature.”

“Like money, stature cannot go with you upon the completion of mortality,” Chiron astutely observes, continuing “Soulfully built character does.” Now we have Twitter-rage as part of the Neptune-Chiron square Sedna pattern. A family member wrote me yesterday saying, “Get a Twitter account. After you get the hang of it, it’s addictive!” And that’s a good thing? Don’t you have something truly creative to birth? Twitter assumes that you believe that those who “shadow” you and those you “shadow” (shadow is a Neptune thing) have simply fascinating daily events that would be a loss to humanity if not shared. While these tools may have useful applications such as running for President, other helpful uses elude my perceptions (please, no more invites to or explanations of electronic social clubs). Objectively it seems these inclusion “I’m interesting” effects personify potentially negative qualities of the Eris pattern, hugely impacting Chiron and Neptune during the past year. Then again, with the shifts ahead, maybe I’ll change my mind about all this (please, no more invites to or explanations of social clubs). Once I never dreamed I’d be online, or have a website. And hey, if Twitter responds to my proposal for Twittering daily horoscopes for $10 per word, I could do that. It’s worth $10 a word. Do you know how difficult it is to be interesting, informative and inspiring in 160 characters or less? Oh yeah, I forgot. If you Twitter, you do.

Why not look for fun, inspiring stories as a starting point if you can’t find one around you? Better yet, invest in your inspiration. Apply reasonable tangibility to the intangibility of your spirit. In the long run, it’s so worth it and you’ll reap rewards in this world and beyond. 

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