There’s Gold in Them There Celestial Hills ~ 16 June 2009

Under the watchful eye of the ongoing Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune conjunction (and with all of those players now retrograding and Jupiter again closing the gap on Neptune exact again on July 9 and then Chiron precisely aligned part two on July 21), a plethora of short term, mega-potent galactic infusions lie just ahead. Following that, it will be true that you can fight City Hall... or take on the establishment with some chance of a successful outcome.

Over the next two days the Sun opposes the idea rendering, consciousness stimulating, progress inspiring Galactic Center. The collective consciousness is abuzz with new ideas and whomever extends their antenna or points their satellite dish into the galactic beam, gets the buzz first. Protect your intellectual property. There does seem to be a bit of proprietary rights consideration in the air. If you work for a corporate entity, you might want to review your agreement with the company regarding inventions, non-compete clauses, post employment restrictions and the like. If you have your idea protected, get ready. Focus the plan and think funding, monetizing and grants and proposals.

On Friday and Saturday both Mars and Venus come to stand opposite the potent midpoint of the Galactic and Super-Galactic Centers (Z/ZS - the degree is 14.5 Scorpio, but depends upon what and how one measures these broad centers). This cosmic intersection is nothing but alchemical and if alchemy is applied, the results can be magical. This midpoint knows all about your inner workings. In fact, the point places a perceptive finger on the pulse of your subconscious. What the subconscious believes it can receive and accept, so follow the results of life. Should there be any psychic snags to life becoming massively magnificent, use the solar transit to the Galactic Center to download a progressive and innovative clearing technique. Extract and execute the process in a most expeditious manner. The potency of the weekend is not to be missed. Affirmations well applied - that is, those without double negatives or bet hedging mixed in - resonate in between the celestial hills building a standing wave of increasing and strengthening well being and improving mundaneness. Ask for whatever you need, if you believe a fortuitous outcome can actually come your way.

The standards for using the Z/ZS transit include:

No betting against yourself or the outcome you seek.

Affirm what you want, avoiding the convoluted ways of double negative hope building (i.e., I don’t want it to rain for our solstice celebration).

Radiate richness of creative and spirit-filled resources.

As well as the alignments of Mars and Venus across the way from Z/ZS, Saturday also brings the solstice, a seasonal shift and an apex of light influence (maximum or minimum daylight, depending upon hemisphere). Come Sunday, the pairing of the personal planets of need/want and “get up and get it” form a well-greased trine to Saturn. With focused effort, determination and diligent pursuit, that Sisyphus-like boulder moves forward and upward, with no need to roll backward and squish hopes or effort.

Following the solstice, the Sun spends several days across the sky from one of the object-abundant, energy-rich spiral arms of the galaxy where Pluto now frolics in the fields of the heavens. Here we find a powerful collection of binary, x-ray eclipsing accretion pulsars. The distilled delineation is simple. It’s about energy, not time. Do your best to abandon time lines. Look within to locate all creative and energetic resources. Shift the energy surrounding stuck, stagnant, stale or delayed situations, then forget about the time line. There’s a bit of “act as if” showing in this pattern. Hopefully, the Capricorn and Plutonian influences underscoring the trend prevent planting riser beams before the foundation is poured, solid and sealed. Still, you need to hold the energy of building the castle, empire or whatever, even before its form becomes clear.

There’s a slight cooling for about a week. Then as June draws to a close and coming up to an exact alignment on the 28th, Ceres matches wits with Saturn in Virgo. This pattern demands justice and seeks to protect the underdog. Here, City Hall can be fought, if and only if the agenda of city hall fails to uphold rightness and the letter of the law. The twisting of legislative jargon and/or legalities unravels. On the global level, perhaps some resolution of the election comes in Iran. Perhaps the talk between Palestine and Israel makes unprecedented progress. My biggest hope for this time is that international agreement on the matter or North Korea calms the situation. Kim Jong Il is being a typical Ceres archetype, “I don’t care if I destroy the world . . . I’m going to get my way.” As there was huge deference to Ceres in the mythology that saved the world, this pattern does offer a hopeful calming of the increasing ticking of the nuclear clock in that area of the world without sacrificing the good of the planet and its inhabitants.

Potentially another brilliant manifestation of this pattern would be increasingly restrictive legislation on frankenfoods - like genetically engineered corn and wheat. Also, expect to see more of the collective focus turning toward the critical issue of population, over population and the availability of global resources vs. people on the planet.

More on the personal front, you can battle those inane school rules, argue against double dip billing by the credit card companies, fight rising interest rates and render a viable, inspired solution to the city council, federal legislators and render a petition to the sky above regarding your on-track, on-purpose dharma driven aspirations.

However, subtle doesn’t work. Be clear in what you require, what you render and about what you are able to receive.

This is a potent surge forward. Suck up the psyche to quell insecurity. Delete nagging doubt. Put your best effort out there, knowing that an idea whose time has come receives the energy and support required for its manifestation, miraculous or not.

Since subtle doesn’t work for the patterns coming up, get into the store on this website (and other websites offering stuff and services that further your cause) and order up. If you need a consultation, get one while the getting’s good. And as for the Galactic Trilogy and reports, there are only a few places where this kind of stuff exists.