Take a Left at the Next Worm Hole ~ 6 February 2009

The desert animal presence lately has been amazing. Two red tail hawks building a nest in a nearby eucalyptus tree have put on quite a display of perseverance and cooperation. The local clan of coyotes does quite a job of working in collective agreement during the daily hunt. And the doves and woodpeckers seemed properly paired as they take care of their basics. It must have celestial correspondence.

Venus, slowing and inching through the early degrees in Aries recently stood opposite the Super Galactic Center (ZS, approximately 2 Libra 11, depending upon what one chooses as the center), which also squares Pluto, who also aligns with black holes and pulsar hell bent on energy efficiency. Actually this is pass one of three for Venus. Venus retrogrades through this same pattern the first weekend of April and lingering into the first full week of the month and finishes it off hand in hand with Mars the last weekend of April through the first couple of days of May.

The Super Galactic Center is to a cluster of galaxies what the Galactic Center is to all the stuff in our galaxy. This super massive black hole, swirling and churning in space slowly sips more than 30 galaxies and three trillion stars into its insatiable singularity. In the vicinity of what is known as the “local group” we can find a serial line up in longitude of super massive black holes, ranging from roughly 25 Virgo through 3 Libra. One of the more notable qualities of ZS and its wide arm reach in the sky is the awareness of soul mating.

In the ZS “turn everything inside out” sort of way, soul mating has nothing to do with meeting one’s romantic or spiritual one and only. More poignantly, the process is one of aligning one’s personal ego and evolution, body and spirit, dharma and soul. One who is soulfully full of ones self can then interact with others with no concern of negative compromise and proceeds with no need to defend ego. The result appears as fluid cooperation with those of kindred spirit.

Presently many contend they feel the impact of Pluto’s helmet of invisibility. Some complain about feeling unseen or ignored, which they attribute to fear based non responsiveness upon the part of freaked out companions aboard planet Earth. Others want to jump into the black hole and pull the event horizon tightly in over them. It’s not worth lamenting apparent invisibility or seeking refuge. The black holes and their effects are evident and evidently, completely paradoxical. Let us consider the themes for which Venus is famous, each with an undertone of Pluto.

Money and material well-being drives the gears in Venus’ differential. Greed, coveting and obsession remain less than optimistic associations for Pluto. So we now see a fed up and pissed off society demanding that corporate execs addicted to their quality of life and fattening in thin times courtesy of the bailout give back their indulgences. Obama seeks to freeze executive salaries. And what the hell is it with taxes and Democrats? How about the bipartisan split in the U. S. that defies the spirit of cooperation demanded by Venus and Pluto? No matter what Obama offers, the Republicans can’t swallow it. Surely this is not the time to stick to failing policies, many rooted in greed. It’s so bad out there that when people abscond with an astrologer at the local health food store to treat for a cup of coffee, which is a thinly veiled ruse for a free reading or a reading for the price of a cuppa, they can hardly find a Starbucks with all the closings, so you end up drinking cheap restaurant chain coffee.

All of this is the opposite of what should be happening. Think homeopathically. It takes money to make money. Spending infuses the economy and brings the skidding tail of the hook and ladder mercantile fire truck out of its uncontrolled slide. Hoarding is like Pluto. Saving to be safe might produce the undesired exact opposite result. Too simple and counter intuitive? The elegance and paradox of black holes have their way with anything in their neighborhood. It’s like the candy bar commercial that beseeches consumers with the motto “don’t fight it, surrender.”

Astrologers, though aware of trends, are not immune. E-mails and queries slip back and forth between colleagues, seeking to test the economic pulse with other stargazers. “Are you affected by the economy?” Who isn’t? But enough of economic worry. Since we know the patterns, let’s commit to invigorating the world with energetic savvy as indicated by Pluto engaging those zany, potent, primal pulsars so rich in early Capricorn. Energy is a resource and possibly energy might attract matter. So say those recently popular prosperity books that now line the bottom of the bird cages of the once rich and fabulous.

There’s also the relationship side of Venus to go with Valentine’s Day this year. Nothing like adding a soul mate theme to the fiercely independent, reputed to be aloof energies of Aquarius. With a dash of Pluto, that whole “have and hold” thing might get a little bent around the event horizon. No worries. Think Venus in Aries. Get centered. Get clear. Be your own icon of excellence. Devote yourself to your soul with unswerving fidelity. Once intact, then it’s easier to play nicely with others no matter how oddly shaped the playground sand box happens to be People centered and solid tend to flex better than those uncertain and defensive, at least so say the ironies of the black holes. With self reference in place - much like a black hole with a well-defined perimeter - one clearly knows what draws near of its own volition and responds according. The agendas of all endure more favorably between the soulfully sufficient.

It just like the desert animals working in tandem. Cooperation may be key to survival, Group effort, thinking above and beyond ego and territoriality with a clear sense of personal requirements allows for an integration of self preservation into species preservation or at least tribal preservation. This idea actually delights the parade of planets currently navigating Aquarius.

And speaking of Aquarius, despite the claims by many bloggers, the alignment of Mars, Jupiter and Node coming up soon do not signal the commencement of the Age of Aquarius, even with Jupiter, Neptune, Chiron and Nessus involved. The Age thing is an entirely different matter. The point is not paisley, rebellious hair styles, the Moon in the 7th House and Jupiter aligning with Mars. The point is a clear sense that we’re all in this together. Might as well be strong, centered and absolutely excellent on the inside and then entirely cooperative and aware of the big picture “all of humanity” thing. If not, take a left at the next worm hole and consider a change of venue for the psyche. A walk in nature might be all that is required to restore one’s nature.

Please take a look the article on Kitt Peak on my site (read all about the Kitt Peak Adventure here). Astronomers have declared 2009 as the Year of Astronomy (Please read my Matrix blog, link below, guaranteed you’ll like the blog posting probably Sunday). I’m thinking we need to become aware of and include all their greatest discoveries - like black holes and dwarf planets - such that this can be a year of meeting between Astronomy and Astrology. It’s time for the long overdue handshake to be extended.

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