Soulful Selves ~ 26 May 2009

The highly touted Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune conjunction rages in full swing. Recently and presently, the planetary triptych stands agitated by Mars even though the pattern is allegedly harmonious. In but days, Venus enters the mix adding her two cents. Certainly the Mars influence stands clear as his aspect embellishes Jupiter, fantasy-rich Neptune and “let’s hope like the depths of the underworld we get some healing out of this,” Chiron courtesy of Kim Jong Il’s flexing of nuclear weapons and missile tests. While serious and scary, fortunately the Security Council of the United Nations agrees North Korea is over the line. Maybe as Venus approaches and Mercury goes direct, severe economic sanctions/solutions can thaw the increasing iciness of international diplomacy in that region of the world. A child of the Cuban Missile Crisis, I never again want to experience the fear of being on the brink of global annihilation. Perhaps we can all hold a vision of unified philosophical visions such that the pattern stays well this side of amok. Given the Aries planets, if the pouting, foot stomping child (Il) is treated with globally adult behavior, he can sit in his corner of the world and we can restore the optimism and fantastical aspirations promised by the potent trinity in Aquarius. For goodness sakes, there’s an economy to heal and collective fears to dispel.

Monday I returned from the annual Norwac conference of astrologers in Seattle. As usual, it was a fantastic event and of course, Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune held the center ring of the delightful circus of conversations. I was struck with the consistent proclamations that echo my own. Deal with the patterns now and to come in the next year or so and forget about 2012. The large consensus was 2012 is a deal of consciousness, not cataclysm. Reformation and change, yes. Actually, the Earth has lived through cycles equivalent to those touted by the conclusion of this Mayan Calendar. It made it through. As we can make it through now and more easily, I suspect, if a return to well-rooted consciousness prevails.

So have you bought your new Mayan Calendar yet? They’re on sale. Get them while they’re hot and help lift the short-sighted veil draping the current calendar.

How can individuals support the plea for evolving consciousness? First, Mercury goes retrograde on the 30th. At that point there no longer is a catchall target of blame that seeks to sweep away one’s inattention, Internet obsessiveness, apathy or just plain didn’t do it. Applying that “it’s on me” principle now and above and beyond all Mercury retrogrades to come is a good start. Postscript: See how Mercury retrograde works. Of course I meant direct and it slipped by myself as I proofed... grammar checkers are no help to these things, dang it.

Mars and Venus now engage by conjunction, a clustering of black holes of well-established reputation, and this patterning aligns in an increasing, embellishing and amplifying manner to the Aquarian collection.

Every black hole contains a paradoxical quality. The healing element of the black hole comes through non-mainstream, nearly counterintuitive concepts that apply the consciousness of unspeakable dimensions into the hard core reality of the mundane. Following is a summary of the black holes involved in the current Mars and Venus longitudinal alignments (no need to concern yourself with the alphanumeric names; positions for epoch 2000.0):

3U 0021+42 - 24 Aries 48 - Fighting one’s nature is a war that cannot be won; surrender to the nature of your spirit.

3U 2321+58 - 27 Aries 25 - Love cannot be accepted from another until the lovingness of one’s inner spirit is accepted.

M-33 X-7 - 27 Aries 29 - The flame of inner spirit may not be allowed to flicker, especially when surging forward.

M-32 - 27 Aries 37 - Patient waiting is one of the best uses of time. Sometimes results are in before you begin.

J004217.4+411532 - 27 Aries 45 - One is the loneliest number, or do you dig that self imposed isolation?

J004125.8+411924 - 27 Aries 47 - To stand alone, move closer to the throngs.

And looking ahead into Taurus for today’s economy:

{PMH2004}47 - 02 Taurus 56 - The tighter the grip, the less can be held.

NGC 821 - 03 Ta 42 - Material peace roots from a clear knowledge of self resourcefulness.

Summarizing the Aries natures of the ongoing transits, it’s a time to cut loose of situations and circumstances that impinge upon one’s nature. If in a club where you don’t belong, cut loose. To boot, presently Venus is aligned with the exclusion-sensitive, inclusion-oriented, goddess of discord, Eris. Become confident and purely self-referential in a manner full of spirit. Be your own role model, or if using external images to imitate, hold no models of mediocrity. Know where you have been and apply all of the consciousness gleaned from all your life’s

(and lives’) experiences. Be all that you can be. Self affirm. Self rely. Self create.

Is there room on the planet for a world full of self-affirmed people? Absolutely. The stronger the being, the less one needs to fight, contend, crowd and compete with others. Internally secure and spiritually sound people require less maintenance, deference and coddling. What if the entire planet consisted of cool, confident, soulful folks? There’s only one way to find out.

As the frequently sung healing song goes, “Let there be peace on Earth and let it begin with me.” Peacefulness in the core of the being just might be the ticket. What a fabulous time to self-reflect, going internally inter-dimensional and bringing back a huge bushel of coalesced consciousness.

Today there’s a new Matrix post (link below) that addresses the disruptive-change phenomena previously assumed to be within the nature of Uranus, but now leaning into the camp of Eris.

For those seeking readings, it’s time to get on with it to use the current patterns to the max. I will work with multiple payment plans to make readings more immediately affordable.

If you’d like an audio blast of inspiration and insight, go to Astrology Et Al and check out this year’s rendering of lectures. I’m particularly happy with my talk, “Solar System Stir Fry.” And for other things like reports, CD’s to learn all about black holes and new planets, please visit my store.