Snow White and the Equinox

As of just hours ago the planet achieved the condition of “equal night,” or as more commonly known, the Equinox knocked. Those down south of the equator now feel temperatures cool and here in Arizona, it’s hard to know. The last days of our winter have run 13 to 15 degrees Fahrenheit above our norm. As I write during the last degree of Pisces, we’ll certainly reach 90 degrees Fahrenheit, or more than 32 degrees for the vaster majority of the world. While it’s probably not fair, the Sun from both hemispheres of ecliptical view enters Aries as the Earth enters Libra. Regardless, given Aries time, how about something new, fresh and fecund? Snow White perhaps?

A while back I mentioned the new probable dwarf planet, 2007 OR10, recently posted by the Minor Planet Center. This body will end up somewhere around the fifth largest known Kuiper Belt Object. Early on perceived as a more distant body, subsequent orbital refinements observe a body with a period of revolution quite close to that of Eris. An interesting phenomenon about this body has appeared. Unlike other large Kuiper Belt discoveries, the press has given it little to no nevermind. Mike Brown recently posted in his blogs that the body needs a bailout of awareness. How ironic is that for a creative melting/melding pot of a dwarf planet now traveling in early Pisces and possessing a Piscean north node. You know how Pisces often claim they feel invisible? No? See what I mean?

So here we have a new planet and hardly no one knows. True to the nicknaming spirit of the astronomers and to avoid having to recite the alpha-numeric codex for the planet each time they want to reference it, Mike Brown et al refer to this body as Snow White. Before you run off on an entirely mythological assessment, remember that Eris was Xena, Haumea was Santa Claus and Makemake of Easter Island lore was once the Easter Bunny. As well, the Snow White story is more along the mythic lines of Eris by its basis upon the apple and the image of the “fairest of them all.” Coincidentally, Eris and Snow White have orbital periods of reasonable closeness of time, according to present day data.

Despite preliminary subject to change data, Snow White’s north node shall likely remain stable at 6 Pisces 54 as seen from the Sun. If the current data prevails - and most likely there will be adjustments, so the following is not Gospel - the perihelion weighs in at 4 Libra 18. It is likely this is close to real, but not exact. If the perihelion degree settles on early Libra as the scales of data stabilize, how wonderful to have an object with a Libra-Pisces theme. We could use fairness, understanding, consideration and compassion as a transformative planetary archetype.

Where is it now? Actually Snow White in her 552.46 year orbit slowly closes in on her north node. Below is a mini ephemeris over the next month or so for the geocentric transits of this body. Should you have planets in early Pisces, especially personal ones, you are one of the first kids on the block to sense the essence of Snow White.

March 10 - 0 Pi 50

March 30 - 1 Pi 04

April 09 - 1 Pi 10

April 29 - 1 Pi 16

May 14 - 2 Pi 21

We know that she is direct, presently transiting opposite the dwarf planets Orcus and Ceres and square the position of Australia’s Aboriginal Trans-Neptunian Object, Altjira. A bird man who represents the dream time, the mother seeking to extract her daughter from the bowels of hell, a killer whale; all that can only be summarized during the drug induced sleep caused by a poisoned apple or with a profound Piscean effort at establishing connectivity between seemingly non related factors, and attribute of the Piscean skill set.

With the Pisces track and approach node of Snow White, can we do the Piscean thing and integrate some of the recent crossover connections of the dwarf planets and newly named TNO’s? No doubt. Consider the following cross connections between the bodies of Pacific Rim lore and the lord of the lords, Jupiter:

Eris conspired with Jupiter to reverse the order of the heavens to right a political wrong.

Makemake’s perihelion lies exactly aligned with the perihelion of Jupiter.

Haumea, Jupiter and Makemake all have perihelia in Aries - getting back to primal spiritual consciousness of a strongly-affirmed, mission-focused self. Piling onto the consciousness of the core of the self, Eris puts her aphelion in Aries and Altjira’s north node calls Aries home.

Haumea and Makemake are fertility deity, parallel to Jupiter’s tendency to overdo a really good thing.

Makemake, Sedna and Altjira all are either bird man deity or involve a bird man and all of the Pacific Rim; Altjira and Makemake offering antidotes to the negative mythology of the bird man in Sedna’s tale.

Per current data, Eris and Snow White possess similar orbital periods.

More to real life, Makemake and Haumea are fertility deity. Just this week Newsweek magazine (and the online version, too), stimulated by Nadya Suleman’s manifestation of the “be fruitful and multiply” agenda, is running an article on Quiverfull, the art of extreme motherhood and an entire movement in some conservative Christian cultures. Somewhere along the line in the near future, population vs. Earth resources may need to be a trend of consciousness. We should look for this effect to first blip our radar in July when dwarf planets Ceres and Makemake align in Virgo and make even bigger news in September when Saturn and Makemake come together.

Haumea’s most famous offspring is Pele, the Hawaiian goddess most known for volcanos and lava. Wouldn’t you know? In the past days a new volcano burst forth in the Pacific Ocean sort of in between the lands of Altjira and Makemake. The impact on whales and fish and marine birds is not yet known, though Sedna, Orcus and Altjira no doubt pose their concerns. Up north in Arctic Alaska - Sedna’s turf - Mount Redoubt is rumbling loudly, casting no doubt of its volcanic origin.

Given the potent creative imagery latent in Pisces and the change of seasons, what if an affirmation... a new year’s affirmation of sorts... is put into place? How about taking some time out and setting an intention of getting on with activating one’s creative spirit and vowing to do something with it as opposed to rumbling and grumbling about inactivity and invisibility?

Take time out to connect the dots that lead to the trajectory of a nodal mission statement. Or as Ceres might point out, remember to follow the trail of bread crumbs or seeds of grain. There’s no telling what fertile fields lie ahead.

Given that the lovely sunset view of Venus prepares to be obscured by solar brilliance as the goddess dips into invisibility, it’s time to remind you of the Venus retrograde online offers that expire on April 16th. Time is marching forward, hoping arm in arm with an agenda of accreting more consciousness from the planetary trends and galactic emanations.