Snow White and the Scorpio Squeeze - 05 November 2009

Do you feel the Scorpio squeeze? While it’s by no means what would be touted as a powerful stellium, there is a strong, silent current in the air. Starting later tomorrow (or Saturday, depending upon where in the world you are) we observe the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Ceres in Scorpio until the 15th. The last two days of this era the Moon joins in, rendering a generous topping of intensified emotionality. Yum! Observe yes; feel it is better.

It’s a bit like standing outside the fence of a nuclear power facility. While you really don’t see anything going on, sentient beings hear the buzz from the high tension wires overhead and feel the raw energy of the nearby nuclear reactions. Yes, it is temporarily intense. So what can a person do when exposed to so much cosmic flux? And do we really need this on the heels of the brilliantly composited photograph of the Milky Way that revealed stars, galaxies and amazing emanations headed our way from things we’ve never seen before! (if you’ve not seen it, a picture of this can be found on my Matrix Blog - link below).

To honor the prevailing essence of Scorpio, maybe...

Deny no reaction.

Feel everything to its fullest.

Recognize that everything contains elements of light and dark. Illuminated results occur when one focuses on a highly intended outcome.

Allow the ultimate irony to prevail in your consciousness.

The ultimate irony? What the $#&@*%* (to use the vocabulary oft associated with Scorpio) is that? The irony can be demonstrated by ARP 220 (13 Scorpio 47 2000.0). This galactic thing is a black hole resulting from the collision of two galaxies, and while a black hole, presumably devouring light, it’s one of the, if not the, most luminous objects in the local group. Yesterday Mercury transited this galactic merger. Tomorrow the Sun imitates Mercury, followed by Ceres in six days, and finally Venus finishes off the Scorpio romp of ARP 220 twelve days hence. Data assimilation and comprehension followed by conscious decision making, agenda establishment, and an accurate assessment of value of effort can be derived from these transits. While engaging with the potent light eating complex, we shower in the resultant energetic illumination of the black hole’s consumption process. For those of you wondering how/when to put all this illumination into action, look to the 17th. That’s when Mars in Leo squares off the black hole system for the first of three passes between then and early May of next year. Consider the process to be that of meditating in the dark. When the swirling lights of consciousness begin summoning your attention, you’ve got it. While words may not accompany the insights, per se, you’ll clearly feel and comprehend.

Here’s the huge astronomical/astrological news of the week: Yesterday, the Minor Planet Center released confirmation of refinement of the orbit of the dwarf planet colloquially known as Snow White (she’s very reflective with that icy surface of hers she shimmers bright white). 2007 OR10 has become minor planet 225088. Mike Brown confirmed in an e-mail that they have not thought about a name for her and nothing has been proposed. We’ll be waiting a while for a name sake and accompanying mythology to attach to the orbit. Not to worry, though, next week I’ll be compiling the usual run of ephemerides - monthly from 1700-2100, daily from 1900 - 2100. Those of you already owning the Galactic Trilogy will receive these and new planetary data sheets and keywords, too. (So, if you don’t have one, now might be the time!) Keywords will be developed based upon her node and perihelion and pre-existing research over the next days.

Here’s a temporary ephemeris for Snow White to get you through the next days:

October 26 - 0 Pisces 14 Retrograde

November 5 - 0 Pisces 12

November 15 - 0 Pisces 11

November 25 - 0 Pisces 11 now Direct (exact station date not known yet)

December 5 - 0 Pisces 13

December 15 - 0 Pisces 15

December 25 - 0 Pisces 19

January 4 - 0 Pisces 24

January 14 - 0 Pisces 30

She, based upon the fact that Mike Brown refers to the body as Snow White, possesses a fairly extreme inclination - in between that of Pluto and Eris at 30.67 degrees. With an eccentricity of 0.4999 her orbit ranges a leisurely 552.67 years reasonably close to the orbital period of Eris. She is closest to the Sun at 4 Libra 17 (a heliocentric measurement) - very near the Super Galactic Center. Her ascending heliocentric node measures in as 6 Pisces 52, very close to the perihelion of Mars.

Come late January of next year, heliocentric Jupiter directly aligns with Snow White. Meanwhile, she persists in clinging to an opposition with Orcus - the body Mike Brown likes to call the anti-Pluto (basically an Etruscan version of Pluto and almost opposing Pluto’s orbit in space) and she sits in a sextile to Pluto. Optimistically, there’s enough transformational insight aligned here to offset the negativity that will surely follow next week’s release of the movie, 2012.

Mid June of next year Saturn as seen from the Sun’s point of view crosses over the perihelion degree of the body known as 225088. Here we’ll have a definitive chance to extract undeniable influence for this new “planet.” Do we have to wait that long? Not at all. Let’s examine a few delineation details determinable now.

First, the node in Pisces promising a level of compassion, sensitivity and empathy, rendering a dwarf planet with a “walk a mile in the other person’s moccasins” mind set. Clearly getting the point of view of another person does not suggest weakness of spirit, giving into another person, compliance, complicity or caving into the demands of another - especially when factored with the other orbital element in Libra. Not at all. With the node aligned with the place in the zodiac where Mars comes closest to the Sun, there is a need to maintain a healthy degree of self-referentialism (as is also seen in Sedna, Eris, Haumea and Makemake). Should one feel encroached upon or crusaded against, the subtext of Mars rises to ensure no suppression of the soul results. Compassion yes, but never to the point of compromise or being pushed beyond one’s personal moral fiber.

The perihelion of 225088 drops in the realm of the Super Galactic Center in Libra virtually aligned with the perihelion of Eris (as well as the perihelion of Teharonhiawako and the aphelion of Haumea). This powerful super massive black hole clearinghouse demands that one align spirit with psyche. The urge to soul mate runs off the charts, but here soul mate means get your soul back in your body. Be present. Experience and learn, becoming wise in the ways of one’s core. Emulate no other, instead create your own “high bars” to achieve - no limbo-ing allowed, unless of course, one fancies the state of limbo... never being able to feel the ecstasy of enlightened heights or the other alternative. As well, clarity on the concept that inspired fairness compromises no interest infiltrates a well integrated Snow White consciousness.

Since 225088 possess an orbital interval that exceeds that of Pluto, most likely it will receive a name of a creation or resurrection deity. Finally we have a planetary avatar that promotes the idea that humble and modest does not mean getting one’s butt kicked.

So if it feels like a cosmic butt kicking out there whether economic or emotional, maybe it’s time for a consult. There’s no doubt it’s time to delve into the Galactic Trilogy. Next week I’ll post the option to purchase an ephemeris for Snow White. Don’t forget to the check out the reports. ARP 200 is included in the Galactic Report and the Super Galactic Center transit by Saturn highlights the need for the soul mate style of the Twin Stars compatibility report. More on Snow White next week and beyond.