Sirius Speculations ~ 28 June 2009

The Earth reaches aphelion soon - July 4th to be precise. Aphelion is the point where the Earth steps back to its farthest point from the Sun, implying a collective chill out and interval of reflection regarding matters mundane. This is hard for me to confirm sitting in my office where the ambient temperature is never below 90° F because of a blown air-conditioning compressor. No worries. We’re in the repair queue, which in Arizona summer time terms means at least a fortnight. So apologies in advance given that and Pluto precisely plopped upon my natal Mars, if there’s more edge than normal to this Galactic Times.

Actually, the aphelion of Earth is a great time for reflection on the nature and status of one’s existence, no matter which hemisphere on the planet and season one enjoys. The Earth, with the Sun in Cancer, occupies Capricorn. So how are the current plateau and strata of life you’ve managed to accomplish faring in these times? See any other crags on the mountain top of life that might require a leap of faith... the kind only a sure-footed mountain goat can make? If you’ve successfully applied the guidance of Saturn and done your fact checks to verify real world compliance, maybe that capricious leap ahead makes sense.

Then again, if there’s a sticking point, what is it? Since the Sun now makes its annual pilgrimage across the degree of the fixed star Sirius, get serious. In the Hopi tradition Sirius is called Ponochona, which literally translates to “one who sucks from the belly.” Don’t let Saturn in Virgo or your natal Hygeia “ew”you out on that one. The simple symbolism of this transit suggests getting clear about and clear out any psychic toxins meddling with your belly and blocking up your intentions in life with subconscious riffraff.

This doesn’t have to be a complicated process. The simplest solution comes from stepping out in the evening. Now since Sirius and the Sun are conjunct in longitude (and also with Canopus), set your kundalini keel straight by facing westward in the evening, realizing that the alignment probably lies below the horizon, depending upon your global geography. Let your cares drift away. Shunt your fears to the celestial canopy and supporting stars. Feel the emotional angst, worry-rich concerns and allow the subsequent toxins to release. Watch them be cleansed in the potency of stellar radiation.

With your centers emptier than usual, pick a star that summons your attention to refill your energetic system. Careful now! That steadfast yellow one hanging above the horizon is likely Saturn. Should you summon Saturn, you’ve commissioned the sky to support a nose to the grindstone agenda. Regardless, fill your being with the clarity and wisdom of a celestial elder. What if it’s cloudy, you ask? No problem, it still works.

The Sun to Sirius is not the only upcoming transit to this potent fixed star. On July 9th, Mercury navigates this degree, appealing for a similar ceremony dedicated to mental clarity.

August 12 brings Venus to visit Sirius. Here, commit to creating distinction and/or alignment between the need/want thing and with another clearing ceremony dedicated to lower chakras, strive to resolve any emotional glitches regarding receiving the goodness of life.

Come September 17 Mars polishes off the current parade to Sirius. Here we find the ceremonial effort being one of focusing upon clarity of intention, the motive behind action and clearing reactions to being bumped, rejected, dismissed or excluded.

Actually, the perfection of the timing of these Sirius-based alignments couldn’t be more perfect. On August 21st, in between the passages of Venus and Mars to Sirius, the lunar nodal position shifts from the altruistic visioning of Aquarius to the “get ‘er done” urgency of Capricorn. More on the nodal shift as it nears.

Over the next several days, keep in mind that Venus and Mars both align with the stars of the asterism, the Pleiades. Without obsessing on the weeping sisters/brothers (depending upon culture) implication, recall that the Pleiades wept when Jupiter and Eris conspired to reverse the order of the heavens to right a political wrong. It seems the Pleiades did not know the plan and likely assumed an eternity of reversal - something very hard for the established plans of fixed signs. Lament if you must, but in perspective for the actual reality of life. There could be emotional exaggeration of the conditions at hand and the assumption that prevailing circumstances lacking agreement with one’s master plan shall prevail for all eternity. Nah. Shed regrets and refresh the spirit. This is not a time for watching water move under the bridge.

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