Seasons Change ~ 18 September 2009

Well, we made it through the well-documented, somewhat-feared Virgo new moon embedded with Saturn, from which all celestial players now embrace Mercury’s retrograde retreat into the clearly furrowed fields of Virgo. Brows, concealing third eyes, might have furrowed if over thinking took place while pondering one’s present position and path ahead. Perhaps many have come up with neatly sorted next steps, benefitting from the supercharged urge of the past couple of days to think, compartmentalize, evaluate and decide. Just in case a log jam occurred in the brain, though, not to worry. On Sunday we enjoy the zodiacal alignment of the Sun-Earth-Mercury, which enables definitive conclusions and sets the stage for decisive action.

It’s funny how blogs and e-zines and such have referred to this new moon with so much import. Is it because there’s a sense that there’s more in the mix than can be seen on the surface? Maybe. Perhaps it’s because the dwarf planet Makemake, as noted in recent GT’s, aligned with the new moon. Not to place too many straws on the fact carrying camel’s back, but the dwarf planet Orcus is also now in Virgo, albeit it early in Virgo and in a merciful trine with his underworld twin, Pluto. Orcus is the Etruscan mythological equal of Pluto. That’s cool. That should surface some good stuff and hopefully ease some of the recent collective testiness. It should, but let’s also note that starting Sunday with Venus’ entry into Virgo, there are four classically noted planets in the sign and two worthy of inclusion dwarf planets. We won’t even consider the fact that the Trans-Neptunian Object, Logos, and scattered disk object, Typhon, also have their rows to hoe in Virgo.

So maybe if the sorting sequence strains to a stall, stretch and bend to reach out to embrace the virtual (no, not exact, but within the realm of influence) quincunxes to Neptune in Aquarius and Eris in Aries. Such celestial smooches savor the blur of Neptune that confuses and prohibits clarity. So if the facts can’t sort it, decide to hold the current position and day dream for a spell. Enjoy the nebulosity of an unrestricted stream of consciousness. Before you know it, Eris, the dreaded and feared goddess of discord, reveals creative ways of turning everything upside down, dumping all the puzzles pieces on the floor and shifting points of view so severely that new insights result. Realizing the congregation in Virgo, some might require a more logical tool for creating upset. Okay, I saw a pack of these in a book store last week and I’ve appreciated them for years and I have no profitable interest in supporting the product. Disclaimers in place, why not order up a deck of Roger von Oech’s Creative Whack Pack cards? These cards apply simple, innovative methods for moving from logic stuckness into brain clearing innovation. If you express order the cards and insert a correct address and credit card information just to disrespect Mercury retro, you can have these in hand next week as Mercury returns to embrace Makemake... the natal placement of light bulb guy, Thomas Edison.

That’s way too much on all that. It’s just that one thing led to another in my cranium and more in a goesinta way... this thought goes into this thought which goesinta that thought. Jeez, I hope that was proper reverence for Neptune, who loves to say, “Anyways” (Or should it be anyway? Rhetorical btw). Anyways...

Come the 22nd, the Sun enters Libra, marking the equinox or time of equal night (light). For those suffering a cold winter, warming slowly pleases chilled bones. For those enduring a blistering summer - we had our fourth hottest on record in Tucson this year - the cool air offers welcome relief. For those recently applying overthink, the Sun engages the Super-Galactic Center complex in Libra. This enables a person to look into a mirror, notice their aura and realize that they wear their life essence in a most dapper manner. Yep, it’s time to find your soul mate - as in mate with your soul. Get that wayward spirit connected back into the physical vehicle. If your soul wants to reach escape velocity and drift off into the ethers, remind it how sensually fantastic it can be to feel the change of seasons, enjoy the interactive stimulation of co-inhabitants on the planet and recall how great it feels to feed the body. Not only is this a good use of the Super-Galactic Center, such efforts render respect to the pack of sense-based centaurs orbiting the Sun and offers favor to the dwarf planet Sedna. Sedna notes that a body sustained carries a soul that can seek consciousness.

Following the Sun’s lead, soon Mercury, Venus and Saturn work the inescapable influence of the huge black hole complex steering our local group of galaxies. The Sun advances to align with the Sombrero Galaxy on October 6th. In 1912, the Sombrero Galaxy confirmed for astronomers that there were other galaxies besides our own and that the Universe does indeed expand. For the sake of consciousness, this Libran alignment releases the solipsism of “it’s all about me” and acknowledges that at each instant in time an entirely new reality exists. Being a dutiful sort and including Saturn as he later enters this planetary potion, use the past to sort the present, be aware of the immediate environment, engage expanding and unfamiliar views, and balanced steps toward evolution result. In theory, that is. Immediately following the Sun-Sombrero hat dance, the Sun comes up to the very interesting dwarf planet, Haumea (October 8).

Haumea is the fastest spinning body in the solar system, symbolically noting a quick turn on cycling through the latest awareness. She represents unlimited physical regeneration - when she gave birth, her children were literally pulled from her body after which she quickly regenerated. She travels with two moons and seven large chunks of ice once knocked from her body by a violent collision. She, with Eris, creates the current social networking craze. In the myths she could shift her age to enjoy companionship with those a generation or two younger - thus, the cougar consciousness. And she signifies the “travel in packs,” “entourage” mentality.

If none of that was particularly useful on a personal level, consider that Haumea’s North Node reigns in Leo and her closest solar contact pushes through Aries. She’s all over the idea of reclaiming the value of one’s creativity, fertility and imagination. She shape shifts beyond limitations to open vast new horizons and previously rejected possibilities. She strives for personal excellence and refuses to engage in mediocrity. Haumea’s most distant retreat point from the Sun aligns with the Super Galactic Center. She totally gets that periodic times of repose, reflection and recollection resurrect a person’s psyche. As the Sun engages Haumea, as will Venus and Mercury in the near and following future, it’s time to season the soul to perfection. You know, add a little sage to the mix.

A time of soulful restoration lies immediately ahead. Sure the pressures of the world have worn confidence, self esteem and tarnished the aura of those under real world siege. What better time than the break out the ever-sheen to realize that life’s circumstances cannot minimize the spirit or dull one’s brilliance for very long at all?

Well, given the Super-Galactic Center transit surge ahead, if you’ve not had a twin souls report for your relationship, this would be a great time to devour one. Or the Galactic Report with centaurs and black holes and even personal planets from the Sun’s view, too, might render some attributes to add to your asset inventory. There’s always a consultation option available or the Galactic Trilogy if you want to expand your astrological knowledge into the realm of expanded universes.