Saturn’s Call - 12 July 2009


It’s hot. I’m cranky. And Saturn is in Virgo.

The only thing I can figure out about how people conduct speculation these days is that it’s Saturn’s grind ignored and defied. Constantly I am perplexed by the “stuff,” (assume euphemism here) posted and published on www and then rabidly promulgated by incessant e-mail forwarding. I’m weary of the astrology forums where people sufficiently unmotivated (assume euphemism here) casually post questions answerable with an online search and conducting no research on their own. Certainly there’s an “ap”(or is it “app?” Saturn demands accuracy and precision. Ap is shorter and more efficient) for enlightenment on the iPhone. Then, once someone posts a conclusion to a query, whether factual in nature or not, it spreads like a wildfire. Speculations, based upon guesses, assumptions or the outcome one would love to see, skew reality around wayward turns like a train out of control, racing down precarious mountain track. For instance, consider the astrological “predictions” that John McCain would now be President of the United States - hey prognosticators, no fair using the Saturn-Uranus opposition as a wild card out. Since you already knew of this effect, it should have been factored in your call. In honor of Saturn in Virgo, let’s reset a few predictions floating about such that collective consciousness succumbs to no false speculations.

Let’s start with the Mars hoax. August awaits one calendar page away. While it was true in 2003 that Mars was closer to the Earth than it would have been in an exceptionally long time, it is not true this year. It was never true that Mars will appear to be the size of the Moon.

It is true that the coroner kept Michael Jackson’s brain (ew!!) for additional analysis. While there is a guy with a rabid and out of control blog on contending that Michael is alive, well and preparing for the comeback tour of all comeback tours, it’s not a Virgo fact. Take this guy out behind the shed and whack some sense into his noggin with a stack of vinyl Elvis records.

The Galactic Alignment, that of the intersection of the ascending node of the Galactic Plane to the ecliptic, took place in 1999, not 2012. (As of January 1, 2000, the node of the Galactic Plane stood at 270° 01')

The natural cycle of solar activity should naturally peak in 2011, but there is an apparent delay in the start of the cycle. A few years ago it was predicted the next solar cycle would be a whopper. Now, speculators hedge their bets, intimating that the cycle might be one of the lowest, based upon the lingering retardant effect of the current solar minimum. You know what, it’s too early to know. While there is a system to predict solar activity, they are not using it (more on that below).

Along a similar theme the crop circles recently popping up that predicted intense solar activity during the penumbral lunar eclipse, were wrong. There was no such activity. In fact, the large sunspot, 1024, that attracted so much speculative attention, waned at that time. Those crop circle decoder rings either need recalibration or maybe a return to the cereal (as in grain, Ceres, crop circles) company issuing them. The most interesting e-mail I received regarding the crop circle prediction frenzy was the one that speculated the crop circles were the work of wallabies who had found their way into poppy fields, and once stoned, did quite the artistic dance in the bush.

And stop with the Planet X thing already. The astronomy of this is seriously flawed and there is no geophysical evidence nor solar system indication of the 3,600 year period of Niburu. Given the repetition allegedly involved and the catastrophic effects assumed part of this cycle, there has to be some sort of evidence somewhere; there’s not. Even if we knew of a Planet X, which we do not, who you gonna call? Ghostbusters likely offer no help on that one. What if we find out that a potentially hazardous object might impact us? This latter effect, given the known 1,065 PHO’s out there is more likely. Isn’t it about how one live’s one’s life? You know, living life without fear and a sense of doom. As Eris likes to point out in her discordant way, “A life that is not worth living, is not much of a life.” She insists upon courage, commitment to quality and as the beer commercial that removes beer from unappreciative drinking establishments promises, it’s about celebratin’, not separatin’. Create a life worth living and celebrate life... Earth... creation. We’re all on the planet and dealing with whatever the Earth deals with... like weather pattern shifts for instance. No matter what the weather, make the best life possible.

Speaking of weather, here’s an accurate prediction for you. For years, I’ve been suggesting that this next winter, as Jupiter crosses the perihelion degree of Mars (6 Pi 14, heliocentric degree) next January (the 20th to be exact) that El Niño would return and the drought stricken southwestern United States would receive much needed relief. It has just been confirmed by the scientists observing oceanic temperatures that El Niño is back and they suggest storms in the Atlantic likely will be suppressed and the rain flow next winter should once again irrigate the desert southwest (and, of course all regions of the world’s weather receive impact from this pattern).

Why did my prediction turn out to be right and the others not? Must be lucky, or... years ago I was fortunate enough to come across the research of John Nelson. In 1947, Nelson, working for RCA, set up shop on a Manhattan skyscraper to study the effects of solar activity upon short wave radio propagation. What Nelson discovered made him an unsuspecting patron saint for the scientific validation of astrology school of thought. Nelson noted that the planets, any planet, in angular relationship to the nodes or perihelia or aphelia of any other planet, increase the potential for solar activity, which in turn alters the energy received by Earth from the Sun, stirs the atmosphere about and can nowadays whack satellites supporting television and mobile phones as well as the power grid. Most sensitive and potent, were the patterns to the perihelion of Mars. Over the years I have noted, whenever heliocentric planets, make direct contact to the closest point of approach of Mars to the Sun, we experience solar volatility and extreme weather circumstances world wide. It has been true with the last three Jupiter transits to the perihelion of Mars and when Uranus in Pisces transited that point, another strong, anomalistic weather cycle resulted. It has also proved true for many other transits to the perihelion of Mars; enough so that something resembling a database results.

The point of all this is Saturn in Virgo. While there is a six out of ten direct contact incidence of Haumea, the ice-covered dwarf planet, to the angles of horoscopes of aircraft accidents involving icing, this does not constitute a statistical study. It is a trend indicator that requires more research based upon most unfortunate events. During the last two Saturn in Virgo intervals preceding this current passage of Saturn in the virgin’s turf, the incidence of aviation accidents increased. This year we’ve had quite the flurry of accidents and incidents, however, even when the current Saturn in Virgo era concludes next year and the data is processed, there are only three Saturn in Virgo intervals since recognized flight began; that’s not enough for claims of definitive studies and completely conclusive results. Trends differ from absolute axioms.

Saturn is in Virgo. To keep our lives simple, an axiom of Saturn scything through the wheat fields of Virgo, make no assumptions about outcomes based upon incomplete or inconclusive data. Forecast no doom based upon false facts, imagined mythological symbols or what have you. Am I suggesting that one not use the inspirational power of raw imagination? No. I’m suggesting that we all reach to extract the most cosmic, far-reaching ideas ever and find a constructive real world, tangible application here on Earth. Looking ahead, I am proposing that Neptune in Pisces be the era in which false, rabid and fear-filled speculations come to a necessary end. Similarly, because a situation happened before during a cycle, pattern or trend, one must only assume it is destined to happen again should a lack of extracted wisdom and insight have resulted from the previous circumstances.

If this whole 2012 has any level of validity regarding the shift of consciousness, this era of Saturn and the dwarf PLANET, Makemake in Virgo, insists that people apply a healthy level of critical thinking to life. Critical does not mean judgmental, condemning, chastising, criticizing as in put down; it does imply an inspired application of logical thinking beautifully melded  with inspiration, progressive and forward leaning thinking. Let us recall this message as Saturn direct, now inches closer to another opposition with Uranus, now retrograde. Assume that tangents without trajectory may not offer up well plotted courses that align with dharma’s lodestone.

Should you want to invoke a strategy for success with Saturn in Virgo and under the auspices of the planetary regulators above, I can think of no better time to do so than before Saturn and Makemake align in September. Sure, I’ll write more about that soon, but it’s not like your own personal planning session. To schedule a chart based personal planning session or to shop in my website’s store, please use the following links: