Saturn Goes Galactic ~ 06 October 2009

This past week Saturn squared the Galactic Center. Did you feel it? With all the news about earthquakes, tsunamis, typhoons, the Rio Olympics, testy international relations, the arrival of the controversial H1N1 virus vaccine and the less than socially appropriate Mars to Eris square, who can tell?

Sadly (or not) only one square from Saturn in Virgo to the Galactic Center (26 Sagittarius 59 depending upon the frequency cited) manifests in this orbital go round. As May ends next year and June begins, Saturn stations at 27 Virgo 49, within a degree to the Galactic Center and no doubt close enough for the influences to appear. Still it is not exact, nor does the station allow for a retrograde and additional direct passage. Even if you didn’t notice, it’s not too late to extract the benefits of the recent square, regardless of the station next year.

Saturn soon takes on the Super Galactic Center (roughly 2 Libra 11 plus or minus a half degree - dates provided assume 2 Li 11). His first interaction with this powerful gravitational black hole complex occurs this next November 20th. The retrograde return conjunction forms on March 9 of next year and the finale of the deal comes together on August 13, 2010.

Planets in Virgo and/or Pisces to the Galactic Center seem to be the harder direct angles to manifest. There’s the worry of having all facts straight, fish aligned in the school, a concise presentation and most important, the concern of being perceived as a whack job by those first hearing your “out of the box” galactic insight. Often one holds back and never proclaims their idea. Other times a person may stake their idea claim only to have it rejected, walking away dejectedly and stripped of motivation. Sometimes a half to three quarters of a year later one of those hearing the idea previously thinks they thought of it and march it forward in a time frame when people likely stand more receptive. The point being: If you have a great idea, put your mark on it. Register, copyright, trademark or do whatever it takes to protect your concept. Of course, some argue ideas are like land. Galactically inspired insight belongs to no one. That’s true on the cosmic court level; in the density of Earth bound legal rulings that’s not perceived as true. Should one receive personal benefit or gain for downloading universal insight? Those on the apparent high road argue in the negative; the ideas belong to humankind or given the galactic references all life form kind. Those employing the services of lawyers want to get something for the two to three bills an hour and contend personal gain is fine.

Regardless, cosmic insights currently received still work against weary psyches and the crappy global economy. Should a person have downloaded a galactic goodie last week, mustering what it takes to put it out there under present day conditions might render a sense of hopelessness, frustration and lead to a conclusion of “Why bother? I’m just me. I can’t go this road alone.”

Fair enough. Saturn now closes in on the clustering of our Super Galactic Center where more than thirty galaxies congregate in mutual proximity, sharing a common gravitational nucleus. If that rendered an image of a soul grouping for you, you’re spot on. While one of the concerns of the Super Galactic Center seems to be soul mate driven on a personal front (When will I find my spiritual one and only?), the urge to find one’s fellow earthlings, sharing common spiritual goals and soulful agenda receives highlighting, italicizing and bolding in the internal text message system.

Naturally many reading the above paragraph do not want to skip by the personal soul mate message(s), so let’s get that out of the way.

If you are not in a relationship, the Saturn transits through next August demand that a spiritual connection with a person you intend to consider for a long term committed (the only kind that pleases Saturn) relationship must exist.

If you are in a relationship, do everything in your power to reinvigorate, restore or reclaim the spiritual connection once held with your mate. If you never had one, seek spiritual (or at least philosophical) agendas to share and dive into the deep end of that pool.

Should you be in the difficult place of knowing there will never be a spiritual connection with your mate, put those cards on the table. You never know. There’s always a wild card possibility... and Uranus will be flirting with the Galactic Center from the sensitive and compassionate sector of Pisces during these time frames. If reconciliation is not possible, moving onward sooner than later may be better (consult your local or favorite astrologer for a specifically applied opinion).

Now back to the not so personal, collective agenda. Should you feel smothered, overwhelmed, incompetent, incapable, inadequate or not diverse enough by the calling to manifest galactic downloads in the real world, share your insights with those you can trust, form an agreed agenda, split up the tasks and get on with it. The critical factor of galactic contacts during the next ten months starts with Saturn. Commit to it. Get it going. Pledge the necessary energy, creativity and perseverance to stay on task even if surrounded by nay sayers. Once Saturn locks on like a gila monster (they never abandon their grip once they clamp on), Uranus is free to render his best. The tracking of Uranus to the Galactic Center and Super Galactic Center spans between March of 2010 through February 2012. Uranus will be speaking up about his weird ideas no matter what. Those with their hands on the wheel of the Saturn are most likely to be able to listen - hands free - that is, the innovations rendered will not distract from agendas in progress. Instead, the mental seeding rendered by Uranus fills in the spots on the field that didn’t quite take seed before.

The Galactic Center contains a massive black hole at its core. The Super Galactic Center’s core is a super massive black hole and in its neighborhood a collection of super massive black holes scour the skies for galaxies, stars and whatnot upon which they can feed. Truly, there is a voracious, cannibalistic, “gotta consume it now” attitude that travels with these degrees. Not to worry, a soul satisfied individual displays no negative symbolic attributes of these physical black hole traits. In fact, a well integrated black hole contactee - you know, one comfortable with channeling galactic insights through conscious means - can warp time and space to their favor. There’s an “in the zone” quality to black holes. Amazingly, when one tracks black hole zones they can actually get more done in less time than is humanly and physically possible. Stuff is converted to energy and that which “matters” slips neatly into converted light or other brilliant energies within the electromagnetic spectrum, known and unknown.

All this and Saturn too?

According to the prevailing theories, there’s no limit to what Saturn influences can do when he goes galactic. Titanic feats become manageable and the rules of life yield to the promise of consciousness.

Time for a consultation? A report? The Galactic Trilogy CD to discover more about the astrology of black holes? Work out the links below.

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