Refreshing the Aim ~ 28 September 2009

Mercifully, Mercury goes direct within the day. From personal experience and feedback from others, it’s been a 95 on a scale of 100 for challenge and complexity. True, matters related to Mercury should straighten out in the near future and commonly they do not untangle without effort, rechecking the rechecking, reading things out loud before sending, and/or verbally reiterating the intent of texts, pm’s, im’s and tweets. Looking ahead, Mercury going direct contributes to clearing trends that offer promise to hope, restores basic optimism and inspires a refreshed aim such that the goals of the year still can be enthusiastically pursued. All of this reinstallation of belief and effort cannot be pinned on Mercury, however.

Jupiter turns about, going prograde once again in but a fortnight. This return to directness permits a person to dare to believe that things might actually work out better than okay within a reasonable future. Though economic pundits, who we have all grown to distrust, declare the recession/depression is over. Is this when the collective believes the worst is over and real economic recovery begins? Of course with that, cynics observe Jupiter will soon be back with Neptune. Can we believe any of the hype? It might all be made up stuff.

Chiron, if doing his thing, and especially with the mythological sanction and relief received from Jupiter, could work to heal stuck, blocked or toxic matters, personal or collective. And Jupiter, in the innovative sign entrusted with “out of the box, off the wall, left field-ly and obliquely strange” ideas, might conjure something semi-surreal that slaps a refresh on reality. This is the time of year when even the most skeptical suck it up, put their head down and race into the post equinoctial head wind, sprinting to the finish line of the year with hopes of winning the race - or more personally, achieving many to most of the objectives set for the year. Given that Mercury clears the shadow of the retrograde (it passes the most advanced degree held at the time of retrogradation), much like when the groggy wears off the morning, things start to make sense. Neatly, Mercury clears his most recent shadow zone about a day after Jupiter goes direct.

If still not convinced in the planetary promises of reward to those who restore personal optimism, how about additional support from bodies known to be resurrecting in nature? The dwarf planet Haumea, now just a year old by that name, enjoys the support of the Sun and a pairing of personal planets in the immediate future. In the mythology, Haumea always regenerated her being after sacrificing part of her body to birth another important deity. Astronomically, she travels with two moons as part of her inner circle and seven large chunks of ice in her orbit. Symbolically, she knows who needs to be close and who needs to be held in modest reserve as she goes about her business of orbiting the Sun. If one observes her zodiacal measurements for node and perihelion, these are found in Leo and Aries, respectively. Her mission statement and sense of urgency work to restore personal confidence, soulfulness and a perfect sense of how a person must maintain a spiritually-centric nature.

So as the Sun comes up to Haumea on October 8, it’s time to get with the “restore faith in yourself” campaign, if not already completed. She insists upon a culling of those folks who zap energy and seek to ride along on another person’s laurels. She demands the hearty and gutsy confidence to select one’s team, based entirely upon spiritual and soulful alignment. No more flatterers allowed in the inner aura. Having a “yes” person constantly chirping, “you’re great,” really doesn’t help if you don’t possess inner belief. So, if needed, take a day for personal wellness. Salute your spirit. Fortify your fortunes by recalling and reclaiming all attributes that reside deep within the core of being. Reacquaint yourself with a feeling of fullness and fecundity so rich that even if it was evidently stripped away by extenuating circumstances, the creative sparks would shortly regenerate, stronger than before. Savor the spirit. Bask in soul-fullness.

Conveniently, Mercury is next up with Haumea. On the 19th of October he allows complete documentation of all reacquired resources. Make lists if you have to do so, but no matter what, devote the necessary effort to commit to cellular memory all the reacquired targets of personal attributes appearing on the radar screen of life. All those contacts to perfect sequence and contribute to the on time arrival of even the loftiest of objectives. Venus completes this trinity on the 27th as she too, aligns with the creative goddess from Hawaii. You’d think Venus would love Hawaii. It’s lush, fertile, blessed by exotically scented trade wind breezes and laden with passion fruit. Ah, the fruits of one’s passion... or is it the fruitfulness of one’s passion? No matter which way you work the words, this is the time to put creative abilities on the table with no sense of modesty or projection of false modesty. This is it. Showtime. You declared you’ve got it, so put it to good use.

It’s no coincidence that these refreshing dips into the cosmic currents occur before November. This has nothing to do with Scorpio going into Sag time; this is all about fortifying the spirit prior to the first of the next wave Saturn to Pluto squares occurring on the 14th of November. If life’s foes are formidable and potentially intimidating, meeting them with formidability, incisiveness and fecundity. That should do the trick. Persevere. Given Jupiter in Aquarius, why not assume that a “no” response to a brilliant campaign might actually come from a lack of understanding of the campaign’s merit. As Saturn and Pluto square off through the next year, offer second and third summaries of what you have to offer. Avoid the temptation to play “take away” from those who have not yet understood the essence of your rendering. You know, resist the urge to engage in the “if they’re too dumb, stupid, retentive, biased, controlled or whatever to get what you’re doing, then phooey on them” syndrome. Some things take time to come around... kind of like 2009.

Actually 2009 might take a little bit longer that the perimeters of its twelve calendar months to swing onto the runway and be cleared for take off. It is within the first full week of 2010 that Jupiter returns to his degree of retrogradation and clears his shadow. Not only that, Jupiter comes back to align with the amazingly “out there” creatively conjuring black hole Cygnus X-3. We’ll take a swan dive into the far-reaching implications of that in the Galactic Times when the pattern is a bit closer. For now, focus on the planetary turn abouts and press on into self-reclamation and then, refresh all the aims of the year.

Should that seem a little tricky or wearisome, perhaps it’s time to take on that consultation you’ve been working to justify, or to explore one of my report options - personal or relationship, or even dive into the compilation of dwarf planets and galactic considerations in the Galactic Trilogy CD.

Stay tuned, the pudding of planetary promise now thickens.