Reaching for Resource (and Reason) ~ 24 January 2009

Over the last few days Mars prodded the black holes, SS433 and GS 1915+105, each about two thirds of the way through Capricorn. Both these black holes address resource management, material and energetic. How can we tell? The new President of the United States immediately met with his economic team and petitioned Congress to ratify his version of a stimulus package. Two candidates for political seats had some previous tax troubles to report. IBM profit was up. Sony was down as was Google. Microsoft plans to lay people off and the President slapped a pay freeze on top White House staffers. The market waves up and down like an out-of-control slinky having seizures. Fortunately, some bank executives had the good sense and decency to decline receiving bonuses; others not so much and even took funds for decorating offices and bathrooms. Personally, we all know what it feels like. There’s an amazing optimism and surging energy out there and a sense of hardcore reality tightening up at the same time.

The antidote, especially as Mars now engages GS1915+105 and Pluto powers over some potent pulsars, appears with attention to personal resource management, especially in the energy awareness area. While those who lead prosperity seminars contend than money is just energy, when money is tough at large, the energy around money dams up. This peculiar bi-polar (meaning it has jets at virtually opposite sides of its core) black hole knows how to work resources even in tough times. This black hole contends that no matter what life’s necessities might be - and given the trine of the “think of basic necessities first” and “spiritual requirements a close second” planet, Sedna, to this black hole complex, there is a way to get the resources required to manage these materially murky times. The common denominator, keep energy flowing.

Energy is flowing, perhaps not in materially evident ways; but it is flowing. Consider this past week here in the United States - and for those of you outside the U. S., please forgive me if this sounds like the notorious chauvinism and sense of superiority of our citizenry. Surrounding the Inauguration of Barack Obama, this country rode an energetic high of “can do” consciousness, the likes of which I don’t think I can ever remember seeing. For better or for worse, the United States is a large gear in the transmission of politics and the drive shaft of humanity on this planet. Hopefully, our current energetically charged gear motion can spread.

But before continuing, a note or two on the botched inauguration vow. Blame it on the Mercury retrograde alignment of Mercury, Earth and Sun, the Void of Course Moon or the fact that the Chief Justice and President could not disagree more on most issues, the Chief Justice botched the oath that occurred at 12:06 P. M. EST, January 20th. To offset controversy that had already spread its contentious, disruptive “it’s not legal” roots, the President took a second oath at 7:35 P. M., EST, January 21st. Already commentators and bloggers had run amok. One notable anchor here in the U. S. said on air that he did not believe President Obama was really the President. Words cannot describe...

Anyway, so what chart should astrologers use? Both. The first chart with the flubbed words represents the legal intention of a binding official act and technically is intact. The second chart modifies the first and certainly symbolizes the intent of the Administration to get it right. Two inaugurations have happened twice before. Nope, I’ve not yet done the Mercury retrograde, VOC Moon comparison test. But for those of you who are VOC fans, the chart of the first swearing in is impressive. I’m not willing to permit the bungled oath, Mercury retrograde or the late lunar degree to minimize the building momentum. By Hades, this momentum could shift us out of the economic underworld, if we can get Jove on the team.

Actually I was astounded by those indifferent to and negative about the inaugural address. As I listened, I felt relief that the President gets the idea of a peaceful world and that prosperous, well-intended grouping of people that make up humankind contribute to a peaceful world. I even thought the Aquarian Age might have begun (though technically we’re still quite a way away). Humanity and compassion themes prevailed. Intelligence and thoughtfulness as rulers for outlining doctrine and most important, the willingness to make allies of former adversaries if a common philosophical agenda can be created and executed. Halle-damn-luah! The Aquarian energy was rocking!

After the negatively touted Aquarian alignment of 1962, the United States and Russia squared off over Cuba. Only clear-thinking folks who understood the concept of “know and have compassion for your adversaries” averted nuclear holocaust. In 1986 Comet Halley joined a significant alignment of planets in Aquarius. In the horoscope of when Comet Halley was closest to the Sun, the Aquarian planets culminated over South Africa. That year, a 32-nation boycott of the Commonwealth Games (and a whole heap of other events) forced Apartheid into global awareness. Also approximately coincident with this alignment were the end of the Marcos and Baby Doc dictatorial regimes.

Optimistically, the Aquarius energy of this time and potent planetary patterns beyond, bode well for healing the ills of a suffering planet and its inhabitants. The installation of Aquarian energy and concepts can work wonders and bring resolutions to circumstances seemingly resolved to stagnation and decay.

Still, there will be nay sayers and those failing to apply the intricate abstract reasoning of Aquarius. Shortly after the start of the current Gulf War, I attended a conference in Australia. Talk of governmental conspiracies in the United States shot around the world and not undeservedly so. On April Fool’s Day, I watched a show on the tellie that documented the governmental conspiracy that faked the lunar landing. My god, in this were Henry Kissenger, Donald Rumsfeld and former White House staff members, plied with liquor and spilling the beans. Now I believe we landed on the Moon - several times. And I believe in aliens and the Mayan Calendar and prophecies and psychics and astrology. I also fancy myself as a person who will abandon incorrect or flawed ideas when presented with evidence to the contrary. I’ve done so many times - some times easily, other times with the stubborn tenacity that only a fixed sign can muster. Anyway, as I watched the end of this show, I felt nauseous. I would have to rethink and re-conclude my opinion about one of the most positive events in world history I had ever witnessed. Stunned, I sat there. Motionless, mouth agape and probably drooling, working to resolve my previous delusion, I watched the credit roll. At the end of this video, William Karel’s, The Dark Side of the Moon, the principals all had a big giggle about how much fun making a mockumentary could be. It was April Fool’s Day, after all. (Go ahead and Google this for an online watching. No pirating allowed! Google needs the business. Good luck getting past all the Pink Floyd results).

I read some of the online commentary about this spoof that railed about the fact that it was no spoof at all. These folks contend that if you watch the Eagle’s landing you can see the wires, guiding the model - an idea borrowed from the wires attached to Patricia Neal in the original The Day the Earth Stood Still.

It does seem that Aquarius refers to conspiracy theories. In fact, in the midst of this trend, I think we should all conspire to start our own conspiracy (and I can use those words with less fear of electronic monitoring since last Tuesday - and that’s for real). I think we should conspire to start the Age of Aquarius early. We should conspire to offset negative and false prophecies attached to the Mayan Calendar. We should conspire to restore hope for humanity. What if, in the next few days as Mars drives home the need for well-intended resource consciousness and action courtesy of the aforementioned black holes, and those mentioned in previous GT’s, we all decide to put peaceful and prosperous energy out there? What if we use these background galactic resources to the energetic good and apply reason as we reach to restore our resources, material and energetic?

Given the ripe time, what better time to have a consultation or get into a deeper study of things galactic and dwarf planet. Use the links below to find reports, consultation information or order the Galactic Trilogy CD.