Prepare to Shift ~ July 18, 2009

Perhaps another manifestation of Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune can be seen in the lack of integration between computer-controlled devices and humans. Consider the root of Chiron: kheir or hand, which also suggests “skilled in the use of the hands.” Add to dexterity the knowledge of Jupiter and the instincts and perceptions of a well-used Neptune and you have a brilliant life-situation reaction skill set.

There’s a Mercedes Benz commercial running about their new “smart” car that can determine if you’re wandering between lanes, or it can tell you if you’ve been at the wheel quite a while (kick back from coffee companies?), or the car applies the brakes if it determines the situation warrants. Wow! Can the computer conduct situational awareness and apply instinctive responses, too, or is it just what’s programmed in? How does the car know if you’ve fallen asleep or if your just Twittering with both hands how bad the storm you’re driving in really is!? Airbus has a similar design situation. The computer senses data and reacts accordingly. For instance, as a leading theory suggests, if the Air France Airbus that disappeared into the Atlantic did in fact have a faulty speed input, the computer assumed the plane flew outside parameters and adjusted, possibly putting the flight dynamics in danger. In this theory, the computers do not know the plane has not slowed and that the air speed indicator tube is frozen over; the computer only sensed the plane had slowed. Are we in the time when computers and devices intending to assist our actions and people are no longer getting along?

Just as China ceases using shock therapy as a cure for Internet addicts, new studies and books appear, smattering news and blogs, blaming social maladies for Internet abuses, laying blame on social websites. A young girl fell into a manhole while texting and walking, though it could not be confirmed if gum chewing was also involved. The National Football League (the U.S. kind of football) recently banned texting and such while players are on the playing field, allowing players to keep their heads in the game and forcing fans to keep up on the sport the old-fashioned way - by watching it.

Personally, I believe cell phones and such ought to be banned. I use my cell phone so minimally that if it weren’t for things like, “my airbus has been delayed, please reprogram your Mercedes for my pick-up time,” I wouldn’t use it at all. Plus I wonder... with the increasing dependence upon these devices, the proliferation of the satellites required to support the technology, what will happen when Soft Gamma Ray Repeaters and solar storms of the next solar max regardless how minimal, knock out our satellites as is suggested, will occur and has occurred in the past? Can you image if for two days the entire cell phone/satellite system dropped off line? Could it be Twitter Twilight?

Perchance, this all sets up another, larger issue. We all know about the overly touted 20Y2K12 Mayan Calendar thing. I maintain that it’s all about a shift in consciousness and not the end of the world. It’s not like there’s a light switch such that on December 22, 2012 humanity gets the big picture, where as the day before collective consciousness was dumb as dirt. The 2012 shift in consciousness will be established by trends preceding the event. Some astrologers now look beyond the next Saturn-Uranus opposition, stretching across the Virgo-Pisces axis, gazing into next year’s Saturn-Uranus-Pluto and for a short while, Jupiter in Aries, patterns. These patterns come from Saturn in Libra, Uranus in Aries, Pluto in Capricorn, all in aspect to the Super-Galactic Center. Sure Saturn and Uranus to Pluto are trying to adjust old and new within the established order and figures of entrenched power, but there lies a far deeper well that’s being dug.

The Super-Galactic Center addresses the issue of soul mating and soul bonding. It’s about bonding oneself to one’s body and then finding others who comprise one’s soul grouping. Such a grouping can rally together and promote something meaningful. It’s not about one’s personal “one and only” as sanctioned by invisible karmic ties and unprovable past lives. True a person fully embedded in her/his body makes a better soul mate, but these “outer” planetary influences suggest social and consciousness shifts promoted by individuals of a present and accounted for personal consciousness. A supporting mechanism to this trend comes from the new dwarf planet, Haumea (now in Libra). Haumea holds two moons in her orbit and travels with seven large chunks of ice in her orbital track that were once shaken off during a celestial collision. Symbolically, this represents those who belong in your inner circle and those who can follow, but cannot come as near as those with the better soul to soul fit. Ah, this is not justification for plural or poly anything regarding relationship; read her myth and all the twists and turns. Anyway, back to groupings of core-bonded, soulfully-aligned individuals and the patterns steering them leading up to 2012...

You know, I was going to detail all of the patterns. As I delved into Saturn in Virgo, detailing and time lining and realizing that what starts this year and continues until mid 2012, I got tired. And I figured if I wrote about each of them now, no one would remember nearly two years from now. So I’ll bullet point the various components and then, when each one comes around for their turn in the future, they’ll receive Galactic Times attention. Fair enough? Oh, I probably shouldn’t ask if it’s fair until Saturn enters Libra! Then, even if one does not perceive a situation to be fair, Saturn may exert enough social reserve to prohibit speaking up against what is seen as unfair, anyway. Here we go.

Saturn opposing Uranus - Change. Keep what still works. Set up scaffolding around failing structures and strengthen the foundation with new, improved materials or consciousness. Install progressive concepts that work now and shall continue to do so going forward.

Saturn squaring Pluto - Give greed and issues of control a good swift kick in the posterior. They gotta go. Those who manipulate the masses with economic controls might want to check for the asteroids Bernie and Madoff in their natal charts.

Uranus squaring Pluto - If the money system and oil-energy systems need changes, get them in place. When a new energy method comes along, make it affordable for all and profit from it wide availability instead of excluding the majority of humankind from having it. Tax credits galore, please.

Jupiter conjunct Uranus - Bassackwards thinking must stop. It’s the age-old problem: If you have no money in your account, being penalized by the bank exacerbates the problem. Supply and demand thrives on increasing global population to support growth but overloads planetary resources.

Jupiter opposing Saturn - Modify laws such that progress is rewarded. It should be illegal for a newly discovered medicine or energy device to be purchased by the conglomerates and shelved. This is the epitome of shifting gears to improve traction in varying conditions.

Jupiter square Pluto - A new model of prosperity needs to come to light. Greed cannot be rewarded. Any plan that fails at a projected expansion point, pyramid-based economic models whether trickle-down economics or multi-level plans need require massive modification.

So, let’s personalize the patterns. Find you soul clan. Refine your instincts. Get your hands tuned with your physical senses and learn to rely upon your true instincts. You could use Chiron’s companion centaurs (keywords on my website) and refresh all your physical senses, going especially strong on smell. When new ideas and solutions to perplexing global problems appear, power does lie in numbers. The more people onboard, the faster momentum spreads. Consensus reality shifts and consciousness spreads. And it takes active engaged participants. While it’s groovy and so Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune in Aquarius to use rapidly skimming fingers on an electronic device to send a schematic to potential monetizing sources, someone had to stop texting long enough to derive the inspiration, work out the technical variables and complete the schematic.

While Jupiter carries the concepts based upon knowledge doctrine, brainstorms or any creative venture for that matter, do not make those Uranian shifts of consciousness without the relentless passionate dedication of Pluto applied with the daily drill of hammering out details brought into the equation by Saturn.

Like an airplane in flight, or a car on the road, shift with the environmental and ambient changes in your surroundings. Trust in those Creator-given instincts, reactions, senses and body surges.

Prepare to shift. Gear down or gear up as necessary, remaining constantly and perfectly in synch. Shift along as we endure the patterns above in which it seems the Universe throws everything at us, including the kitchen synch and observe as the world shifts with you.

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