Pesky and Profound Pulsars ~ 11 December 2009

Similar to the trends noted in the Galactic Center trends last week, we find ourselves in between potent personal planet transits to amazing and useful galactic contacts. The point of noting these passages prior to precise alignment is simple. With potent points of inspiration, innovation and consciousness shifting potential, a body needs to be ready to look up and successfully conduct a stellar sky scraping survey. These useful connections seek to ease time constraints, reset personal energy management and apply impeccably clear perception into the situations at hand.

Of course, we note the passage of personal planets over the most profound Pluto, even though he’s been demoted to that dang dwarf planet thing. We observed Mercury to Pluto on December 7, and now we anticipate the Sun’s more or less annual passage to Pluto for December 24 and Venus’ daring dance past one of the underworld lords come December 28. We have grown to expect deeper realizations - sometimes welcome, sometimes not so much about our own personal motives and the agendas of others, all the while holding an expectation of deep reflection, redemption and regeneration. All true, and more to the point of galactic tracking, as Mercury entered Capricorn on December 5th the messenger initiated a pattern of transits that continues through the end of the month. The trend involves the above three personal objects as each directly passes over a parade of powerful binary x-ray eclipsing accreting pulsars.

Wow, for a minute there I thought I read binary x-ray eclipsing accreting pulsars. That’s exactly what you read. Take a breath!

Let’s break down the nomenclature of these full breath required to pronounce pulsars into bite-sized symbolic pieces:

binary - Duplicitous, presumably maintaining the awareness that there is two sides to every story/situation and development of the acute awareness that polarity causes division.

x-ray - Here we grab an image from medical technology: x-rays see inside to reveal the condition of inner structure. To be clear as an enhanced x-ray image, this energy reveals the situation without imposing interpretation or judgment. Assessment is provided by those examining the x-rays based upon their education and actual experience.

eclipsing - In regular patterned intervals, each of the objects involved in the pulsar system blocks out the image (essence) of the other. Twice per cycle, each object receives an interval of intensified attention - one of those intervals involves conscious attention; the other interval undergoes a highlighted subconscious review. In a perfect model, these glimpses represent balance, fairness and absolute objectivity and a smooth integration of logic and emotion, no matter what the matter at hand.

accreting - Within an accreting system one body sips energy from the other. The body on the receiving end increases in density and the rapidness of spin. Or in human terms, as a situation gains energy or momentum from external circumstances, its intensity and density increase.

pulsars - Pulsars are dying stars assumed to be 1.3 to three times the mass of our star. As the nuclear furnace extinguishes, the process of ultimate cooling and contraction causes protons and electrons to be ejected. Being opposite in charge, they are attracted, merge and form an inertly charged particle - the neutron - with pretty dang good penetration powers.

Okay then, to create a summary of the symbolic rendering of the above physical attributes: be open minded, strive for neutrality when engaged in highly polarized situations and look deep into the core of the matter. Most important in applying these fabulous energy clocks in the sky is the realization that as more energy is fed into a situation, the denser and more compelling the situation becomes - to the point of irresistibleness. However, spinning words, rhetoric and dialoguing an issue past the point of coherence causes a spiral downward. Overworking any conversation about pertinent matters devolves into an energy consuming maelstrom. Beat no conceptual horses to a verbal death. State difficult situations once (okay, three times maximum), then set about the task of unraveling any convoluted energy behind the circumstance. This prescription keeps spirits high and enthusiasm intact.

Along the same line and especially with the involvement of Pluto, these pulsars reveal the mystery of completion, getting things done and done right, and becoming a master of accomplishment. Despite Pluto’s potentially obsessive nature and the Capricorn influence normally associated with time meister Saturn, forget time. When assessing deeds to be done, major projects and the goals of life, shift the focus away from the time required to complete any task. Instead, pay attention to the amount of energy required to fulfill the agenda. Muster the necessary personal energy, focus your resolve to find your “intensity zone” and apply it to the job ahead. Watch as suddenly you seem able to complete tasks faster than it’s possible to complete them. With such an approach, one can deliver accurate deadline assessments to oneself and seemingly master the very nature of time and space, by addressing the energy behind mundane matters.

How cool is that? Going into next year on the heels of what has been less than ideal for so many, wouldn’t it be simply fantastic to proceed with greater energy understanding and application? So say the personal bodies provoking these profound neutron star systems, “Isn’t it time to take your pulse (pulsar) and accrete some of the energy of fulfillment that stands overhead?”

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