No More One Way ~ 6 March 2009

The second centaur discovered, Pholus, nudges against a fabulous galactic enigma, the Great Attractor (GA). The position of the Great Attractor is 14 Sagittarius 02 and Pholus inches closer in the short term today at 13 Sg 01, soon to retrograde away. However, given the massive gravitational effect exerted by the Great Attractor, Pholus is now in orb and will be for quite some time to come. Likely it’s time to look ahead into the promising trends touted by this wise augur.

Pholus actually makes exact contact to the GA in January 2010, May 2010 retrograde, and December 2010 for the final pass, remaining in orb for many months in 2011. It is worth noting that the centaur Hylonome arguably is also in orb of the Great Attractor at present. She comes very close to exact alignment, and like Pholus dances back, making her exact contacts in December 2010, August 2011 retrograding and September 2011, staying within range of influence well into 2012. Curiously as Pholus finishes his business with the GA, Hylonome picks up the scent. Could it be that these two centaurs offer invaluable insights that may provide insights such that consciousness may shift in accord with the more optimistic views of 2012? Absoldamnluah!

Let’s establish a little background to make sense of these trends. Prior to a few years ago, the Great Attractor was considered to be the most powerful gravitational driving force known. Certainly the GA sips in our local group of galaxies and a whole lot more. Ultimately we head in the direction of the GA, which we now know is pulled by the Shapley SuperCluster more or less hidden from view by the GA. The Shapley SuperCluster contains in part, a region of eight clustered galaxies, the Shapley 8. These eight galactic entities focus on Abell 3558 located at 2 Scorpio 20 when referenced to the ecliptic. Shapley 8 may guide the GA in the Universe much like an offstage cue intern. It seems Shapley 8 is now the most potent gravitational influence known on our cosmic side of town. The cosmic octet pulls the GA, which draws in our local group and which contains the super-galactic center which captures the galactic center which pulls our Sun and solar system to it. With the GA we’re getting really big picture and with Shapley comes a more incomprehensible Universal view (much more will come on the Shapley SuperCluster in the future).

For fun, check out We’re at the center of this plot. The Virgo cluster is the Super Galaxy containing our galaxy, the Centaurus SuperCluster contains the Great Attractor and the Shapley SuperCluster contains the huge gravitational magnet known as Shapley 8.

Perspective somewhat set, let’s consider what the Great Attractor actually does. We know it is so gravitationally intense it vacuums space on either side of it for 60 megaparsecs - suffice it to say there’s a swarming river in space heading to this point in Sagittarius. It emanates potent energy in all frequencies of the known electromagnetic spectrum. The strength of its gravity is so intense it can literally bend light as to see behind it.

Symbolically we encounter irresistible drawing power, energetic inclusiveness that leaves no frequency left behind and the ability to see behind an object, presumably rendering full disclosure. Here we have cosmic transparency, irresistible insight and knowledge, and the exclusion of nothing. Finally, there is no longer any validity to the “only way” or “one way” proclamations. Within ingenuity, insight and energetic alertness, option-oriented reality prevails.

Now back to the first of our grounded, earth-connected centaurs, Pholus. Next to Chiron, he was the wisest and most just of all the centaurs. His node and perihelion, both by Sun-centered measure, appear in Cancer. Pholus, an augur, lost his sensibilities when the revered Hercules came to town. Alas, Pholus started the donnybrook between the centaurs and Hercules over possession of the sacred wine, which he opened to serve his esteemed guest without proper ceremony. The safety tip to remember: Whenever food or drink are in play, toast, say grace and offer blessings before consumption. This way one stays in favor with sacred protocol.

Despite the rather bad ending that included the wounding of Chiron, there are many positive images that can be derived from the Pholus archetype, and with contact to the Great Attractor, these should spread to include global appeal. Issues of food and drink abuse, addiction and substance use and abuse come to light. While we try to make sense with how greedy companies can justify the deaths of consumers when processing milk or peanut butter, everyone becomes one step more conscious of what is put into one’s body. Perhaps this principle could be extrapolated to Major League Baseball where professional athletes whose bodies are their tool of employment persist in declaring they injected themselves with something but they didn’t know what it was. Seriously, folks.

We can expect people to develop sharpened instincts about what serves their bodies and what does not, especially with but not limited to alcohol. Curiously, Pholus maintained strong patterns in the charts of the law declaring alcohol prohibition in the United States and the law that later repealed it. With transits to Pholus and from Pholus, I have observed people cold turkey cease the use of alcohol or drugs and/or change their diet especially regarding the consumption of meat. In the mythology, when Hercules came to dinner in Pholus’ cave, the centaur cooked meat for Hercules while preferring to eat raw meat himself. More common in Pholus manifestations is the relaxing of a vegetarian diet to include fish or meat, however some use the transit to begin a meat/fish-free eating routine.

Perhaps one of the more notable components of the Pholus to GA pattern occurs because one’s consciousness shifts about what serves the body and what does not. The consciousness actually occurs because one’s body speaks loudly and one pays attention, discouraging no bodily insight. All the centaurs were sensualists, meaning they responded to and included all the senses without discrimination - a point that appeals to the energetic nature of the GA. Maybe an acceptable alternative to existing alcohol and drug dependency programs may result. Those who have conquered addiction the AA way adamantly declare there is no other way. Yet numerous examples of Pholus patterns declare that supposition untrue. Sometimes people stop because their body says so. (And the needed disclaimer: a person is encouraged to seek whatever help they must in healing food, alcohol, drug and psychic addictions and disorders)

In the early days of the Pholus-GA pattern and under Obama’s administration, the Drug Enforcement Agency has sworn off medical marijuana busts. Maybe the growing drug war problem in Mexico that threatens Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California can be partially quelled with marijuana’s legalization. Yes, there are also far more serious drugs involved, but a start is a start. Maybe food legislation can come about. Certainly some standards must be increased regarding bacteria and intentional negligence. Wouldn’t it be cool if genetically engineered foods were banned and chemical companies admitted what they know to be true about BGH substances in milk?

With the influence of Pholus, addictions will likely be called addictions and brought to the forefront of consciousness for clearing and healing. If one checks an online profile more than fifty times a day to check on the status of new “friends” there may be a problem on the compulsion/addiction front. If one cannot finish the great novel but Twitters well into the twilight of life, not only are thumb disorders likely, one’s consciousness becomes but a thumbnail of what it once was.

The effect of Pholus to the GA in personal consciousness shows as individuals decide to eat and drink more healthily despite the economy. Fast food consumption is on the rise in the recession. But one can eat a relatively healthy and very tasty lunch at Chipotle Grill - partially funded by McDonalds - instead of eating at McDonalds and for about the same amount of money. It really does boil down to a person paying attention to how their body feels. Even more fundamentally, make friends with your food before consuming it with a thoughtful invocation. Refuse to eat food prepared by angry people. Get a sense of what your body likes and what makes you feel like it’s all worth living again. That way, a huge chunk of remorse begins to fall away.

The matter of remorse leads us to the centaur Hylonome. The soulful companion of the handsome and totally devoted Cyllarus, Hylonome fell upon the spear that killed her mate rather than endure the grief. On the personal interpretation front, Hylonome with a perihelion in Libra and node in Virgo, is a stickler for knocking down issues of grief and longing. She works with our consciousness to shed grief, guilt, shame and blame. For all intents and purposes she now is in working range of the Great Attractor, too. New modalities for clearing out severely toxic emotional reactions shall surface. Hylonome supports the modality of “have all feelings in the interest of clearing and get done with them.” Of course, get assistance as needed, especially in overwhelming circumstances. But assistance may not be in the form of an antidepressant that requires another drug to enhance its effectiveness. Hylonome urges us all to feel whatever we do. She supports seeking ways of clearing difficult emotions and surfacing above them once again. She should appear in therapeutic modalities and it would not be surprising to see a non-dialogue based method of emotional clearing on the not so distant horizon. It should spread like wild fire.

Imagine! With better body sustenance and clearer psyches, it’s no wonder than a wide array of alternatives never before considerable can now be seen. It is a long, devoted gaze to ponder out into the Universe to Great Attractor proportions. But it can be done.