More of Mars and More ~ 03 April 2009

How can you possibly be annoyed with your soul mate - if you’re fortunate enough to have one?

Perhaps it’s the continuation of last week’s Galactic Times theme of all the goings on involving the action figure planet, Mars, available only in fire engine red. For those of you living in cities where the fire trucks are yellow with a hint of green, you’ll have to derive an image for that or refer to the singular color of red that veils your vision when exceedingly inspired by Mars - or so those who have been so stimulated report.

Mars now approaches its exact opposition to Saturn. Venus retrogrades exactly opposite the sky from the Super-Galactic Center (ZS), a degree that bears out soul mate themes. As well, in the past days, Venus and Pluto compared skill sets through a challenging pattern. No wonder the political protests following the G-20 summit drew a bead on matters economic. To top off the planetary triple scoop sundae, Mercury crosses the dreaded goddess of discord, Eris, in the next couple of days.

Certainly, Mercury to Eris offers up a set of change-driven thought patterns. There’s a push-shove energy behind it thinking, conjuring and planning ways of upsetting the apple cart of the way it is out there, presumably to create a rebellion that results in personal gain. A key point to hold should similar ruminations occur within one’s cranium is that if mapping a strategy to invoke discord, ensure the overall goal produces evolving change instead of exacting revenge or spoiling the living well phenomena invoked by an adversary. An adversary in this context would be one who does not include you under their umbrella of well being. A progressive solution results when one conjures unique and brilliantly planned innovations of their own that seek to include those who really “get it” to come hither and climb on board.

Venus also offers up a reaction pattern. Part of her retrograde drill involving ZS and Pluto serves to stimulate an awareness of hunger, yearning or missing piece. Before one eats, usually one feels the churning of an empty stomach. Before one requests relationship enhancement, one notices a feeling of vacancy somewhere in the being that a relationship is presumed to render. Here, the exact antidote finds it difficult to appear in cogent, definable terms. It may be only that the desire, wanting or yearning provides a potent gravitational leaning toward something that has never been expressed, or more fundamentally, may only be realized in this time with some sincere inner examination. Such examination requires that one realize what they want and agree to gracefully receive it upon its arrival. There can be no justification of need nor apology for desire or trepidation when confronting vast improvement in life. Imagine if Lord Pluto burst forth from the underworld with one of his favorite and most valuable gems to bestow upon a mortal who petitioned and propitiated the powers that be for abundance and was greeted by the plea-full person replying, “Oh, it’s too much. I just couldn’t!” or worse, “I am not worthy.” The safety tip for this pattern, when a soulful or kindred spirit connection shows up to assist in a previously lacking arena of life, be gracious enough to say “Thank you.” Wasn’t it Confucius who warned, “Do not look a gift horse in the mouth; they often have halitosis?”

Given the previous two notations create reactionary patterns, it makes sense to look to our favorite “do-bee” planet to instigate action patterns and check things off life’s task management list. Given that Mars travels through the frequently apologetic Pisces and Saturn details the need to install concise, time-efficient solutions, consider the following:

There is no need to apologize for seeing an overlooked solution to a problem, especially if your perceptions and insights were requested.

Should you condemn or criticize a course of action, plan or agenda without having something constructive to offer, you are not being helpful. You are only being a pain in the butt.

If you have nothing nice to say, bite your tongue until you can convert the sting into helpful suggestions that hold no intent of denting the psyche of another. Making a person feel stupid may not contribute to the opening of that person’s innovative thought locker.

Any job worth doing is worth doing right.

Saturn stresses time lines. The difficulty with time lines, especially if any reliance is placed upon others to complete part of the agenda, is that they cannot accurately be assessed in advance and one has no control over the time line. Given that Saturn pounds the “time is of the essence” pulpit with Kruschevian fervor, adopt Pluto’s antidote.

Pluto convenes with an array of x-ray eclipsing binary pulsars, suggesting that one must consider alternative points of view to perceive an accurate internal look and figure out how much energy any task takes to complete. Assign completion agendas based upon the energy required for completion, not the time that must be managed. Watch how much more fluidly tasks come to completion.

Be clear on agendas. Consider putting three possible courses of action into the ethers and read which option receives the greatest sanction as indicated by external enthusiastic responses. This process appeals to the “rule of threes” that Mercury invokes, both by aligning with Eris and ruling the sign through which Saturn now travels. The quicksilver, “figure it out quick” planet must orbit the Sun three times for every nook and cranny of its surface to receive sunlight. Symbolically, proceeding with an option-oriented reality, especially when encountering many forks in the road, called check points or task completion markers, offers more possibilities for things to work out well than ever imagined.

Discipline the mind when encountering troubling thoughts. Defeat the demons of negativity by applying what the I-Ching so clearly suggests, “The superior person does not permit thoughts to go beyond the situation.” Stay present. Get over the anticipation of doom phenomena while maintaining an accurate assessment of prevailing winds of change.

Are we there yet? Life reset? Hopefully, we’re closer, given the recent prod of the planets. Bear in mind over the next few days the Moon travels through Virgo as it does every month. However, with Saturn and Uranus still in reasonable opposition along the Virgo-Pisces axis and with the not afraid to make her demands known Ceres standing at the beginning of Virgo and soon turning on her heels to go direct, it takes a constantly conscious person not to lose the place on the current page of the script of life. Stay sharp and invoke plot points that cause the evolution and betterment of the protagonists in your life. Include yourself first on the protagonist character list.

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