Mojo From Mars ~ 31 July 2009

Yesterday while looking around at some of the writer’s wanted posts online I came across one where a source wants writers who get what 2012 is all about and who believe the world will actually end. Damn it all! I thought with blogs and the Galactic Times and more, some headway was being made. Nope.

Yesteday I read on MSNBC an article entitled, “When Comets Attack.” Damn it again! While this is a pretty good article, its subtext stirs the edges of the pot of fear and awakens Chicken Little. It is true that Earth will be hit in the future by asteroids or maybe even comets. We have no plot for firm dates, just the knowing that the odds are in favor of such events. So, to our present knowledge, while the probability is there, there is no tangible or deterministic data declaring, “Get your affairs in order.” When comets attack. Jeez Louise, attack implies a willful and hostile act. Comets don’t plot to invade planets. It happens when co-orbital dynamics gravitationally intertwine, trajectories meet and the mass of an incoming object exceeds the atmospheric ability of a planet to destroy it. There is no conscious, malefic intent on the part of comets to destroy us (unless they’re really hollow and steered by aliens from the Hydra Super Cluster!). Again, this is a pretty good article; too bad it rides the fear wave of 2012 and no doubt causes Orson Wells to roll over on a cloud above. If you want to know what objects are coming close that we know about, go to and scroll down to the Potentially Hazardous Objects blurb. Before you declare asteroid Armageddon in a blog though, do some research regarding the data process and orbital projection of a body capturing your interest. You know reading proclamations of destruction when one has a strong transit to Mars - as I do now - is enough to rile one’s hackles. It gets me all charged up in a Martian kind of way... hey speaking of Mars...

Today and tomorrow Mars in Gemini forms an opposition to the Great Attractor (14 Sag 02). The Great Attractor, one of the most amazing gravitationally inescapable and powerful cosmic entities known, emanates in all frequencies of the presently perceived energy spectrum. The GA desires that all points of view be considered to be valid. It was kind of like the beer ceremony in the White House garden between the African-American professor, the Caucasian cop accused of racial profiling in the arrest of said professor, the African-American President whom Hawaii recognizes as a native son and the white Vice President. The end result? The professor and the policeman agreed to disagree about the facts of the matter. Hey, there are always at least two points of view. Fair enough. Here’s the Mars transit at work.

So in your personal life can you leave disagreements between yourself and others alone? Likely you won’t change the mind of a person committed to a point of view. Look at me. I’m never going to give up the view that the world will not end on December 21, 2012 until Christmas Day, 2012. I want to give a couple of days to make sure. And if the world ended, I shall apologize in a Galactic Times. The “agree to disagree” agenda makes a great point. With disagreement, the insidious agenda of conversion disappears from the equation. After that, the math is easy. Between two points of view a line can be drawn with infinite points upon that line. You can divide that line in two and create two line segments with infinite points of view, rendering infinity times two. You can divide either line segment into infinite additional segments, each with infinite points. Caution: Pondering this aleph concept, allegedly drove the Pisces mathematician Georg Cantor insane.

Since the Great Attractor creates enormous potential to warp space to such an extreme that you can see behind it, the key Mars point can be seen with warp factors applied. Behind a point of view lives an intent for action. With that intent declared and on the table, common ground might be found and a course for progress programmed. So as this weekend rolls along, look for good examples of opposing factions getting it together to work together just as you do with co-workers, employers, employees, siblings, other family members, relationship partners and strangers you observe reading material from an obviously invalid point of view as you stand in line for coffee, or some other “grab your energy back” beverage.

Starting next week on the 6th and running through the 9th of August, Mars aligns opposite two very potent black holes in Sagittarius. These are the “walk the talk” and “speak only from experience” black holes.

The first one, the walk the talk black hole always gets lots of press. There are way too many apparitions of this singularity. The real point of this black hole comes from realizing that if one cannot uphold a doctrine or belief system, maybe one’s declared dogma doesn’t suit one’s spiritual fancy. With Mars for instance, if your body cannot be sustained by a certain type of diet, eat food that supports your body. A person looking hard enough can find clean meat or vegetarian products that render ample protein and a sustaining diet.

The speak only from experience black hole presents more of a challenge. This black hole categorically refutes the “you teach what you need to learn” philosophy. Learn from experts, masters and those possessing a vast array of wisdom. Be wary of those who have a “practice.” Engage the services of those who do it right. So with Mars, when representing what you’ve got to offer the planet and cosmos, sort this singularity first to avoid contests from others. If you speak from the platform of what you’ve learned, assimilated and successfully wrapped around, all goes well. If speak beyond your ability, the foolishness of your claims soon comes to light.

On August 10th, Mars squares Saturn. This is a big one and one that those who travel mostly out of their bodies despise. Life takes work, discipline, attention, focus and dedication of sweat, blood, tears (of joy as well as sorrow) and soul. Sometimes when I talk about my efforts in pitching projects to the entertainment industry, those more evolved that most in spiritual matters encourage just doing things... even if they are outside the parameters, guidelines and rules. Rules are for those encumbered by the mundane, it is alleged. See, Saturn rules the letter of the law. Companies attend to critical legalities to prevent complications. Those not complying or with those terms and/or conditions and such are simply disregarded. Acting through a “damn the torpedoes, I am the boss of my own life” mind set tend to ride strong buffets during such transits. So with Mars to Saturn, know the rules. Play the game of life better. Invoke change from within to without. Bucking authority and pitching fits against the established patriarchy may not further.

With this pattern there’s a collective edge about time. There’s a rush to get everything done yesterday while in the today’s present. This can result in inattention, abuse of one’s multi-tasking skill set, and too many people squeezing into the same place at the same time. Plan ahead so you can reap benefits at this time. Pitch early. Pitch often. Life is a pitchfest for those whose ideas have been plotted, planned and presented.

Between the 18th and 22nd of August Mars opposes the Galactic Center. In theory this agitates the ongoing square to the Galactic Center from Uranus in Pisces, inciting a person to speak up and promote their most advanced, progressive ideas ever regardless of potential rejection or the consequence of being misunderstood. Using a “there’s this and there’s that, which do you think is more aligned with where you want to end up?” presentation method gains the greatest ground. Just because a person hearing your idea fails to get it on the first pass, negates nothing of your idea’s merit. Give them a few days, maybe a Moon sign change, and go at it again. I have written more on the Galactic Center energy two blogs ago and also within a blog posted yesterday. (Use the link below for the Matrix blogs) In this several day long window, work to get those ideas downloaded. Flesh them out and use Mars to fire up the muscles to create motion.

During the Mars-GC pattern, the lunar north node shifts from Aquarius to Capricorn. Though the federally sanctioned clunker auto rebate program in the U. S. has ended rather abruptly, those who forecast money trends using non-astrological methods say the economic indicators suggest the recession is likely ending. More definition of these indicators probably appears at this time. Many forecast that October may bring another crash. I don’t see that reality as absolute at all; in fact, I see no reason for it. If real changes are made that work with Saturn opposing Uranus in September especially in the banking and credit card sectors, then when Saturn squares Pluto in November we can put an end to the rabid avarice in the financial institutions and right the economic ship. Financial astrology is not my thing (and thanks for asking but I do not know how to do lottery numbers) but I can perceive reasons for the crisis to abate in a major way by November. To accomplish this though, the same out of control fear mechanisms used by end of the world proponents must not be applied to matters economic.

August provides us with a test trigger for the economic waves to come. Mars moves into Cancer, a sign of security related to food, shelter and domestic matters, and on the 25th opposes Pluto in Capricorn, where the guys in control of the money reign. I don’t know about you, but every time a credit card company changes terms, I write to express my feelings... and if that doesn’t work I write to politicians who may or may not be in the pockets of such enterprises. It makes sense that this aspect predeterminates what lies beyond for Saturn-Uranus and Saturn-Pluto trends. Of course, if the outcome of the Mars-Pluto trigger is not what we want to happen, apply the Mojo of Mars per all of the above to mix it up and create alternate and evolving courses to navigate. Mojo is in the hand of the Mars holder. If you got Mars, you got game.