Mercury and 20Y2K12 ~ 12 January 2009

Just a little while ago while fielding comments on forums and the plethora of 2012 e-mails zipping through cyberspace and on the cusp of Mercury going retrograde, it occurred to me to coin a new phrase: 20Y2K12. The natural review cycle of Mercury retrograde and the ongoing “stuff” about the end of the world (EOTW) reminded me of the column I wrote years ago for the Sci-Fi channel’s website entitled YNot2K. Here I was given carte blanche and money to write about the absurdity of the hype and hysteria surrounding Y2K. I knew Y2K was hype because I dared set my computer ahead in time to one minute after the start of 2K and nothing happened.

To honor Mercury retrograde let us aspire to learn from the past. Last week a colleague sent me a chart focused upon the February 1962 stellium in Aquarius. Ah, I remember it well; I was scared stiffless. Maybe the pattern intended to forecast October 1962's last ditch straw grasp for humanity the Cuban Missile Crisis personified. For those who don’t remember, October of that year was a time in which the world damn near annihilated itself via a nuclear holocaust. At that time I lived in Kennedy’s home state of Massachusetts and rumor was they’d nuke us on the top ten list of targets. In the approach leading up to the February Aquarius stellium the media reported that astrologers forecast the world splitting in half because of a gravitational imbalance. It got me. My personal Plutonian functions included the elimination of bricks. In 1994 when all the planets aligned in Capricorn, astrologers made no such forecasts. Prior to that, when Comet Halley came about in 1986 and neared the Sun with a supporting entourage of planets in Aquarius, no such forecasts were made - but did that chart ever pinpoint geo-political activity. It appeared that astrologers and predictive pundits had learned their lessons. Back the present and the parade of predictions, maybe not so much.

Anyway, here we are now with Mercury retrograde, a bunch of planets in Aquarius and for the first time in way too long a spell, a hope for humanity, world relations and health care as suggested by Jupiter, Chiron, Lunar Nodes, Neptune and currently Mercury retrograde in Aquarius, which all support the idea that we might just get this whole thing together. Since the commencement of this year it does seem more 2012-Mayan Calendar-Planet X-Nibiru doom prophecies successfully wormed their way into cyberspace and at some odd substrate level, of consciousness. Recently, a rash of Blue Star Prophecy proponents has sought to tie Comet Holmes and its recent flamboyant appearance to that optimistic prophecy. Though some Hopi Elders have accepted the association, it makes no sense to my logic lines, though I remain a huge fan of the prophecy and wish people would wrap around it more firmly, but without linking it to the already tainted associations of 2012 and all its over-amped superlative hype. I’ll reiterate my view: The day after the Mayan Calendar ends will be just as groovy as the day before. If consciousness shifts away from fear and negativity, it’ll be even groovier.

To be Saturn in Virgo and entirely realistic, in the future, Earth will be struck by wayward space travelers like asteroids and debris that are not Planet X. Astronomers in Arizona actively work on predicting such events and efforts to avert possible catastrophes researched. Meanwhile, we must get on with living our lives and squeezing every last bit of juice from the incarnation we’ve assumed. At least that’s what the goddess of discord, Eris, reports. She urges all of us to create a life worth living instead of one cluttered with worry about status and such. With Mercury retrograde and the planets in Aquarius, why not clear out the sludge and reset personal filtering systems?

In the most recent Galactic Times I spent some time documenting the transits of Jupiter to the black holes in Aquarius. In reality black holes warp space and distend time in all directions. Says Jupiter in Aquarius - and as he gets closer to Neptune expect his dialogue to become more declarative - too much time is spent on past lives and not enough time on future lives and the connection of what’s to come with what’s stewing now. In fact, reports Jupiter, if one focuses upon future lives and the consciousness to be achieved in those lives - which should be brilliant according to the transformative life experiences shouldered now - the future consciousness can be time warped back before the past lives we struggle to sort out presently. That means the negative tinges of past lives can be eradicated and the message of the past harmlessly incorporates into our present, which in turn ensures superlative consciousness in future lives or even tomorrow. Take that premise around the block and infinite number of times and see where you warp-land.

Saturn in Virgo agrees with the mental Möbius Strip above as the Aquarian planets gleefully bob their heads in agreement. Take some time to notice to previous prophecies collectively told and personally conjured to which you had a less than desirable reaction. Note how many times the catastrophe forecast occurred or happened in the promised magnitude. Sure we all have a bit of meteorological prediction attitude: over forecast and get prepared - especially for meteors. But a little perspective, especially as Jupiter in Aquarius comes to join Saturn later this year through a massive angle of adjustment, might work some mental and/or metaphysical miracles. Apply hard core, linear logic in congruency with the equally important logic of the abstract. With Mercury retrograde, what better time to commence getting ahead of the curve?

In the “by the way Mercury retrograde afterthought” category, for those forced into contract signings and such under Mercury retrograde, the day (and only that day) Mercury aligns with the Sun and Earth, you can put ink on paper without typical assumed consequences. This retrograde cycle that day is January 20th.

At the Hacienda here in Tucson, there is a resident roadrunner. And it seems I have befriended one of the many neighborhood coyotes as well. I’ll be checking in with them frequently and reporting their assessments of things. Coyotes were extraordinarily useful in untangling the joke of Y2K. I’m appealing for continued assistance in breaking the code of 20Y2K12 (trademark pending). As the insights appear, I’ll report what the coyote and road runner have to share. One final thought about the coyote as he quests for the road runner: ACME products work. Have you ever seen the coyote read the instructions? “You see,” finger wags Saturn in Virgo, “read the damn instructions... and while you’re at it, follow the real clues of the sky without twisting them around Murphy’s Law and/or fear.”

No doubt the times have some of you primed for a consult and exploration of galactic stuff and the new planets. For the rest of January if you order a Galactic Trilogy CD and schedule a consultation, you’ll receive $41.14 off the total price. Why $41.14? Because it’s an off the wall Aquarian number. E-mail me for details.