Mars and Venus Scrimmage with the Dwarves ~ 24 April

Actually, it’s not entirely clear whether it’s scrimmage or skirmish. Regardless Mars and Venus move from Pisces to Aries, preparing to be very busy personal bodies. How about those edgy energies out there? Mars and Venus, now in intrepid and impulsive Aries, square underworldly Pluto and a whole slew of binary, x-ray accreting pulsars. One distinctively helpful thing you can do to reduce stress in this era is to take yourself off the clock. Assign no time curves, accept no firm deadlines, or dates for completion of any task, new, lingering or nagging. Instead, assess how much energy you require to get the job done thoroughly, accurately and competently. Then, commence applying daily energy until the demands of life and tasks at hand move from the “to do” list to “successfully accomplished” status, one by one in their own time.

As well as a collection of potent pulsars Venus, Mars and Pluto bicker over who is the best at entertaining the Solar Apex - a difficult to describe tangential galactic influence. Suffice it to say this point insists that one approach life with good humor and mirth. Ironical humor applies. Often people well connected to the Solar Apex are invited to social soirees and such specifically to issue incisive commentaries about the social event in progress. For instance, they would dryly observe the waste of food at the “End World Hunger” fund raiser. To be clear, the humor must stay above board. Negativity, deprecating humor and meanspirited comedy fall outside the guidelines of the Apex’s influence. Still, the present patterns reflect the need to laugh at laugh at life’s circumstances. One of my favorite personal examples comes from a severely turbulent flight I had over the Nevada desert. As we soared through the worst of the turbulence, the in-flight entertainment system featured dramatic video of tall masted sailing ships pounding their way through heavy seas. Once on land and with baggage in hand, it was pretty funny.

For those wanting to cook up a little magic, try May 4th. That day distinguishes itself as the annual migration of the Sun in opposition to the midpoint of the Galactic-Super Galactic Centers (14+ Scorpio). This point offers up the potential of the alchemy of inclusion. Affirm, intend and act upon your objectives with inclusive articulation. State only what you seek to accomplish instead of what you choose to avoid. Keep in mind that this midpoint remains picky about the point that fastidious action must follow firm intent and fervent affirmation.

Now let’s follow a bit of a dwarf planet parade and see how well these things work. Come May 10th Ceres squares Pluto on the same day that the Sun aligns with Sedna. Ceres brings in mother issues; Sedna surfaces dealings regarding the father. Other than tracking whether Levi Johnston will sue for custody of Sarah Palin’s granddaughter or not, the themes of Ceres and Sedna clearly appear. Ceres seeks to defend those it believes cannot defend themselves and rabidly responds to any sense of injustice. Pretty much she’ll cut off her nose to spite her face just to make a point or insistently secure her way. Since she has “history” and “issues” with Pluto, this should be a potent and testy trend. I’ll be watching President Obama’s effort to reform credit card company greedy and unethical practices - undoubtedly a Plutonian archetype.

Sedna functions with far more subtlety. Sedna reorganizes personal life priorities and with the conscious attention demanded by the Sun, nothing can be ignored. First, come basic life necessities. One must figure how to provide food and protection from the elements for oneself and dependents; even more of an issue this time through in the high volume foreclosure era. Second, Sedna inspires making choices on the basis of the merit the result provides to one’s spirit. As indigenous folks in North America ask, “Does it grow corn?” If an option offers no evolutionary purpose, what’s the point?

The very next day Mars opposes the Hawaiian fertility goddess and dwarf planet, Haumea. Haumea could spin out offspring from her body and quickly heal whatever body loss she endured faster than a lizard can regrow a tail. This year with Makemake, the fertility god of Rapa Nui who knew you cannot breed beyond Earth’s resources joining Haumea in transit patterns, population issues start to appear in the news. This trend grows over the next five months. Personally, however, the theme is that of assessing companions or wannabe companions. In the solar system, Haumea holds two bona fide moons in her grasp, Hi’iaka and Namaka. Beyond the satellite bodies, Haumea travels with seven large chunks of ice in her orbital path. These Kuiper icebergs came to be when an object collided with Haumea eons ago, knocking her surface ice free. As a metaphorical result, an entourage theme appears. Which people traveling with you on your path (and heads up to those of you with “pack” consciousness) contribute to your objectives and feed your spirit? Which followers bleed your energy and impede your progress? Contrary to the consciousness of today’s electronic social networking, more is not better. Mars queues your attention by providing ample incidents that inspire irritation. When irritation occurs, see if resolution can occur or if this is one of those weigh anchor and shed unnecessary ballast times.

The socially-motivated, status-oriented Venus follows Mars’ set up and opposes Haumea on May 19th. The trend of being seen dominates. With whom one is seen and for how long is a big deal. Sure you can buy a ten-second celebrity appearance at your personal proclamation party for a thousand a minute, but it’s clear to all whether that celebrity went inner circle with you or not. This pattern culls out the chaff from the wheat. Actually, if one does not conduct this process voluntarily, given the transformational nature of all the dwarf planets, Haumea will issue cautions and if unheeded, will cull according to her standards. Haumea offers reconstitution, regeneration and regrouping when one has been distracted by things that, in the words of the I-Ching, do not further. With this transit, the further you go, the theme of selection of sameness rises into conscious attention.

The next wave of dwarf planet activity involves Eris, the goddess of discord. Eris, in real life, seems easy to appease. Just invite her to the party. Include a dash of counter cultural spin, social clarity and as with Haumea, resist the temptations of vanity and narcissism. With Eris, if you aspire to a life worth living, all goes well. Investing insane hours into a despised career just to get by in a work environment that fails to honor your effort does not create an idealized Erissian manifestation. Nor do trophy interactions, superficial affiliations and cliche-based alliances. Eris stresses the importance of inner contentment, wellness of being and the fabulous intangible ecstacy of feeling great about what you’re doing with your life. Eris observes that anything less than a life worth living is a discordant occurrence.

So when Mars comes to Eris on May 20th, should status quo fail to render la vida dulce tip that apple cart upside down and reorganize life’s activities. Again, according to dwarf planet agendas, if you don’t do it of your own accord, they’re inclined to do it for you. Include yourself in activities that suit your being. Take on no fight or cause that lacks soulful merit. Let go of unimportant snubs, exclusions and those insignificant moments of social invisibility. This way by the time Venus meets up with Eris on May 27th, things should start to feel like you’re riding a wave of accord.

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